Top 5 BEST beaches in County Wexford

Ireland’s sunny southeast has some incredible stretches of coastline; here are the five best beaches in County Wexford, ranked.

Wexford is set in one of the warmest corners of the country, known as the sunny southeast. It is home to many amazing beaches that are so darn beautiful that even Hollywood has chosen to film there on more than one occasion.

Whether it’s a walk along the coast, a day out with the kids, some adventure sports, or some sunbathing, there is a beach for everyone.

Some of these beaches might look mildly familiar, and that’s because you may have seen them in hit movies such as Saving Private Ryan and Brooklyn.

With 250 km (155 miles) of Wexford coastline, there are many beaches to explore. Not only is there an abundance of Blue Flag beaches, but there are 13 Green Coast beaches as well, meaning we are doing something great for the environment in those areas.

This will be a tough one, but let’s take a look at the five best beaches in County Wexford, ranked.

Our top tips for visiting Wexford and its beaches

  • Expect rain even if the forecast is sunny because the weather in Ireland is temperamental! Make sure to pack accordingly.
  • Bring comfortable walking shoes to explore the beaches and surrounding areas.
  • Always check tide times if you plan on going for a swim for safety.
  • Make sure to visit Hook Lighthouse, one of the oldest lighthouses in the world.
  • To learn all about County Wexford and its fascinating history, take a guided walking tour.

5. Ballymoney Beach – two beaches in one

Ballymoney Beach is certainly one of the best beaches in Wexford.
Credit: Instagram / @andreab_geo

If you’re heading to Ballymoney Beach, you’ll have your choice of two local beaches: the north beach and the south beach.

The north is larger and sandier, while the south is smaller and offers shelter, perfect for those with kids or dogs. Not to mention the south beach has a small shop based in the car park, perfect for grabbing an ice cream on a hot sunny day.

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Address: Ballymoney Lower, Ballymoney, Co. Wexford

4. Ballinesker Beach – for excellent water quality

You need to visit Ballinesker Beach.
Credit: Instagram / @joandunleavy

You guessed it; this is the beach just up the road from Curracloe Beach, where Steven Spielberg shot Saving Private Ryan in 1997.

It’s no surprise that this beach is also a Blue Flag beach because of its excellent water quality and many other environmental reasons.

The beach has a backdrop of grassy areas and sand dunes, so it’s ideal for kids wanting to explore. Thus, we had to include it on our list of the best beaches in County Wexford.

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Address: Ballinruan, Curracloe, Co. Wexford

3. Rosslare Strand Beach – a go-to destination in Ireland’s sunny corner

Rosslare Strand Beach is one of the best beaches in Wexford.
Credit: Instagram / @neddser1975

Located just beside the town of Rosslare, this spot is perfect for locals, holidaymakers, and, of course, anyone getting off the ferry from France.

Located in Ireland’s sunny southeast, the area is known to have at least 300 hours more sunshine than the rest of Ireland, and what better place to be to soak up the rays than a huge sandy beach?

Address: Doogan’s Warren, Rosslare, Co. Wexford, Ireland

2. Morriscastle Beach – Europe’s longest unbroken strand

Morriscastle Beach is Europe's longest stretch of sand.
Credit: Instagram / @markpollockphotography

This longest holder of the prestigious Blue Flag title is an absolute gem in the crown of Ireland’s east coast.

In fact, it is actually the longest unbroken stretch of beach in Europe, stretching for a whopping 20 km (12.4 miles). On its day, it is as good as any of the best beaches in Southwest Florida bathed in sun.

This beautiful beach has lifeguards on hand during the summer months, and it is the perfect beach for swimming, making it one of the best beaches in Wexford. As well as this, kids of all ages love exploring the nearby sand dunes.

Address: Tinnacree, Co. Wexford

1. Curracloe Strand – the Hollywood set

Curracloe Strand tops our list of best beaches in Wexford.
Credit: Fáilte Ireland

When people think of Ireland, they sometimes think of rugged wild beaches, which is true for some beaches around the country. But what if we told you that in Wexford, you could find an impressive stretch of white sandy beach good enough for Hollywood?  

This beach is not such a secret, however. In fact, Curracloe Strand, a regular Blue Flag holder, has long since been a popular area with sunbathers, families, dog walkers (there’s a natural forest all along the inner coast), and holidaymakers alike.

Summer is bustling here, but you’ll find fewer people in the offseason. An absolute must-visit in Wexford!

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Address: Coolrainey, Curracloe, Co. Wexford

It’s no wonder people flock from all over the country to holiday in Ireland’s sunny southeast, with its sunshine, beautiful sandy beaches, sand dunes, historic landmarks, and adventure sports.

It’s worth noting that dogs are allowed on most beaches. However, they must be kept on a leash, so check the rules beforehand.

Dogs love nothing better than a good run on the beach, so next time you’re thinking of a nice spot to take the family and the fur babies, don’t forget to check out the 240 km (87 miles) long stretch of Wexford coast and, of course, our five best beaches in Wexford listed above.

For day goers, the beaches are perfect for a stroll, a picnic, or even a nice cold sundowner with the red sky above you. Ah, Wexford is the place to be!

Your questions answered about beaches in Wexford

If you still have questions, we have you covered! In this section, we’ve compiled some of our readers’ most frequently asked questions and popular questions that have been asked online about this topic.

What is the biggest beach in Wexford?

By a large amount, Curracloe Beach is the biggest beach in County Wexford. This stretch of sand runs for about 28 km (17.3 miles) up to the mouth of the River Slaney.

Does Wexford have a beach?

Wexford has numerous stunning beaches! However, the five we have listed above are our favourites.

Is Wexford a nice town?

Wexford is the county town of County Wexford, and it’s absolutely worth visiting! Few counties in Ireland can compare with the beaches Wexford has to offer.

What is the best seaside town in Wexford?

People often attribute Duncannon to being one of the best seaside towns or fishing villages in Wexford. Thanks to its beautiful beach, it is a very popular swimming spot in the summer.

Which Wexford beach was Saving Private Ryan filmed?

Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan was filmed on Ballinesker Beach, just up the road from Curracloe Beach.

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