The 5 Best Bars in West Belfast That Everyone Should Experience

West Belfast is culturally rich and home to traditional Irish culture, language, sport, music and excellent bars.

From the Falls Road to Mount Eagles, West Belfast is sure to have a bar that suits your needs.

While it was no easy task, we have managed to make a list of the five best bars to visit in West Belfast to make the most of your time here.

5. The Andersonstown Social Club PD – for a community vibe

The Andersonstown Social Club PD (Facebook)

The PD, as it is commonly known, is perfect for those who want a taste of the history of West Belfast and a taste of the beer that goes with it.

The club is just off the Andersonstown Road in the centre of West Belfast and once you find it, you are sure to stay the night.

Before you even enter the bar, you will be greeted by people enjoying a drink in the outside seating area. When you do manage to find your way in, you have the choice of three different rooms.

The club itself has regular live music and sports along with snooker and pool tables.

The PD is a real community bar and you will be made welcome from the moment you step in.

The prices of drink in this bar are among the best in Belfast so you won’t be breaking the bank if you stay here all night.

Address: 8E S Link, Belfast BT11 8GX

4. Wolf & Whistle – for cocktails

Wolf & Whistle ( Facebook)

The Wolf & Whistle underwent a transformation a few years ago and since then, it is no wonder it is in the top five bars in West Belfast.

Located on the Andersonstown Road, it is the capital of cocktails in West Belfast. From their very own ‘The Wolf’ and ‘The Whistle’ cocktails to classics such as ‘French Martini’ and mojitos, the Wolf & Whistle has all you need.

It is a bar that attracts a mixed crowd with people of all ages. While you are here, catch a game of football on the TV while you enjoy a pizza or steak. Then take yourself to the bar afterwards for a dance and a drink.

Address: 67 Andersonstown Rd, Belfast BT11 9AH

3. The Felons Club –  for live sports and a beer garden

Felons Belfast (Facebook)

Situated on the Falls Road, The Felons Club is one of the most famous and notable bars in West Belfast.

If you are looking to watch a live sports match in West Belfast, then the Felons Club is a safe bet. Big sports games are usually shown on the big projector screens in the upstairs, especially games when Celtic FC are playing.

It is also an ideal location for a pint in the sun, with a spacious beer garden occupying the front of the bar.

The history of West Belfast is well-represented within the walls of the bar and no doubt you will hear a story or two of the past by the friendly regulars.

And, if you want a wind-down, you can always play a game of pool with one of the regulars while sipping on a pint of your choice.

Address: 537 Falls Rd, Belfast BT11 9AB

2. McEnaney’s – for a cosy vibe and live music

mcenaneysbelfast (Instagram)

You may be in for a tight squeeze in McEnaney’s, but that’s exactly what makes it the bar it is. It is a vibrant and fast-moving setting, where you are sure to interact and meet new people keen for a drink and a bit of craic.

The bar itself is situated in the centre of the room, and all the activity of the bar revolves around it. The food is also top of the range if you are passing by and are looking for a bite to eat.

Make most of the live music throughout the weekend with a cocktail, spirit or pint that makes McEnaney’s what it is.

The bar is also ideal for hosting functions from parties to celebrating birthdays, with the second floor dedicated to this.

Address: 1 Glen Rd, Belfast BT11 8BA

1. The Devenish – for a bit of everything

The Devenish Complex

Situated on the outskirts of West Belfast, The Devenish is probably the most popular bar in West Belfast as it attracts people of all ages.

Much like McEnaney’s, the main bar is placed in the centre of the room and acts as the hub of the place. People fill the area around it while at the back of the room the stage is regularly occupied by a band playing a combination of classic tunes and modern hits.

The venue has a massive function hall which hosts many live events along with a beer garden area and a restaurant. Regular live music and sports are also available here.

The beauty of the Devenish is that it’s a bar that has the distinct feeling of acting as a late bar as well and can also act as your perfect precursor to a night out night in the City Centre.

Address: 33-37 Finaghy Road North, Belfast BT10 0JB

And so our attempt to pick five of the best in the West is finished. Whatever you are looking for in a bar, West Belfast has it! You will leave the place with at least one story to tell from one of these excellent bars.

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