Top 20 HOTTEST Irish Girl Names Right Now

Irish girls name often derive from the Irish language or Gaelic, giving them a great sense of place, tying them to their culture and remembering the Irish language, which (shamefully) can be often forgotten in modern times.

With all pleasantries aside, they can also be hard as hell to pronounce! Saying that they link the past, present and future.

Here’s the top 20 Irish girls names on the go right now!

1. Aine

Aine is an Irish goddess of Summer, wealth and sovereignty. She is represented by a red mare and often depicted alongside the midsummer’s sun.

Phonetically: awn-ya

2. Aoife

This name comes from the Gaelic word “aoibh” which translates into English as “beauty”. In great Irish legend, Aoife was a goddess of war and a hero, at that!

Phonetically: e-fah

3. Aoibheann

Aoibheann derives from the Gaelic language. In English, this name would translate to mean “pleasant” or “of radiant beauty”.

Phonetically: e-veen

4. Bláthnaid

This name, which is interpreted to mean “flower” or “little flower” can also be spelt as Blánaid or Bláthnat.

Phonetically: blaw-nid

5. Bronagh

Unfortunately, this name has darker undertones than the previous lot of names which mean flowers and goddess warriors. Instead, the classic Irish name Bronagh means “sorrow” or “sadness”. An interesting choice for a new-born, we must admit.

Phonetically: brone-ah

6. Caoilfhoinn

This Celtic girls name is made up of the marriage of “caol” (which means “slender”) and “fionn” (which means “fair”). Together this is to be the name of a girl who is slender and fair, at least according to the Gaelic language.

Phonetically: key-lin

7. Caoimhe

This popular Irish girls name derives from the Gaelic word ‘caomh’ which can have a variety of splendid meanings, such as “graceful, gentle or beautiful”.

It can look like quite the tongue twister but it is actually quite an easy one to pronounce!

Phonetically: qwee-vuh or key-vuh

8. Cliona

Cliona – also spelt as Clíodhna – is a common Irish girls name. Its roots are found in the Gaelic word “clodhna” which could mean “shapely”. In Irish myth, she was a beautiful goddess who fell in love with a mortal named Ciabhan.

Phonetically: klee-un-ah

9. Dearbhla

There are many variants of Dearbhla. It can be spelt like Deirbhle, Deirbhile, Derbhail, Dervla and Doirbhle. The name derives from the Irish language and is made up of two parts. The first is “Dearbh”, which means “truth”, whilst “ail” means “loveliness”.

Phonetically: der-vil-eh

10. Deirdre

This extremely popular Irish name has a curiously unknown meaning. Some suggest it derives from the old Gaelic word “der” which means “daughter”, although exact meaning remains unclear.

Phonetically: deer-dra

11. Eileen

This Irish name is actually an English variant of the French name Aveline. In Irish Gaelic spelling, it is Eibhlín, a name which actually derives from the older Gaelic names Aibhilín or Eilín.

Phonetically: eye-leen

12. Eimear

Eimear is a common Irish girls name which derives from old Irish and means “ready, fast or swift”.

Phonetically: e-mer

13. Fionnoula

This interesting Irish girls name can also be spelt as Finola. The meaning of this name is “white or fair” and the direct translation of this name into English means “white shoulders”.

Phonetically: finn-ooh-la

14. Grainne

Although most out-of-towners immediately pronounce this name as “granny”, it is far from that! This name derives from Celtic mythology, where Grainne was the goddess of harvest and fruitfulness.

Phonetically: grawn-yah

15. Maeve

Translated from the old Irish language into English, the name Maeve means “she who intoxicates”. She was – in Irish mythology – a warrior queen of Connaught. The name can also be spelt as Maebh or Meadhbh.

Phonetically: mave

16. Oonagh

Oonagh (or oona), could derive from the Gaelic word for “uan” meaning “lamb” or has been considered to be based on the Latin word for “one”. According to Irish legends, Oonagh was the Queen of the Fairies! Not a bad title, if you ask us!

Phonetically: oooh-nah

17. Orlaith

Orlaith can also be spelt as Orla or Orlagh. The translation of this Irish girls name is “gold” and the general understanding is that the name means the “Golden Princess” (also a fine title!).

Phonetically: or-la

18. Róisín

This popular Irish girls name derives from Irish and means “little rose”. The name can be anglicized as Roisin or Rosheen, also.

Phonetically: roe-sheen

19. Sadhbh

This name has a hoard of spellings, including Sadb, Saibh, Sadbh, Sadhb, Sive or Saeve. The name is often thought to mean “goodness”

Phonetically: sigh-ve

20. Sinéad

This classic Irish girls name goes back donkey’s years. It is the Gaelic version of Jane which means “God is gracious”.

Phonetically: shin-aid