Top 10 weirdest Irish slang words used every day, RANKED

Slang can make having a conversation very confusing. Here is a list of the top ten weirdest Irish slang words used every day that will do just that.

We all know the Irish have the gift of the gab, a way with words if you will. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that we always say things that make sense.

Sometimes people from abroad may nod and smile when we are chatting their ears off with our wise words, but in reality, they probably have no idea what we are talking about.

We Irish tend to use many slang words, which set us apart from other native English speakers, but it also means that many people don’t have a clue what we are talking about.

Many words we use either make no sense or mean the opposite to what they typically mean, leaving people very confused.

So, we are here to settle this slang topic by breaking down the ten weirdest Irish slang words used every day, and tell you what they REALLY mean.

10. PICTURES − the Irish movies

Pictures is one of the weirdest Irish slang words used every day.
Credit: / @onkelglocke

This literally means movies or the cinema. It is a very old Irish slang word that is used almost all the time in Ireland. We just love having our own slang.

9. GAS − funny not flatulence

Gas means funny, not flatulent.

This is one of the weirdest Irish slang words used every day, and despite what you might think, it has nothing to do with flatulence. It innocently means ‘funny’ or ‘hilarious’.

Find out about more slang in ourarticle on 25 Irish slang words you need to know.

8. FAIR PLAY − an Irish compliment

Fair play is one of the weirdest Irish slang words used every day.

‘Fair Play’ is a casual compliment that is like a pat on the back, a ‘well done’ if you will. It is used by everyone multiple times a day in lots of different scenarios in Ireland.

It is one of the weirdest Irish slang words or expressions because it makes no sense to anyone but us, but trust us that it is, in fact, a very positive thing.

7. CRAIC − it is all about the craic

The craic is what it's all about.
Credit: Vanity Fair

Craic in Irish culture literally means fun, and it is a word that we use every day.

However, it might sound a little odd because, of course, it can appear to others that we are saying ‘crack’. We assure you, this is an innocent Irish slang word used all the time.

6. CULCHIE – someone from the sticks

Culchie is one of the weirdest Irish slang words used every day.

The word ‘culchie’ is a word used all the time in Ireland to describe people from the countryside.

It is used to differentiate between people from the country and people not from the country, basically.

5. EEJIT − an Irish idiot

Eejit is an Irish idiot.
Credit: Flickr / Loren Javier

Almost every Irish person uses this word every day, making it one of the weirdest Irish slang words, which just means ‘idiot’.

4. CHANCER − the risk-takers of Ireland

Chancer is one of the weirdest Irish slang words used every day.

We all know a chancer, and at one time or another, we have used this word either in jest or in all seriousness, but what does it mean?

Saying that someone is a ‘chancer’ might sound weird, but to us Irish, it is a completely normal slang word that means someone who tries to fool another person or a ‘risk taker’. We reckon it comes from the expression ‘chance your arm’.

3. BLACK STUFF − our beloved stout

Black stuff is Guinness!
Credit: Flickr / Zach Dischner

One of the weirdest Irish slang phrases used every day in Ireland is someone asking for or describing a pint of the ‘black stuff’, which is, of course, a pint of Guinness, our beloved Irish stout.

It is not like the word Guinness is hard to say, but for some reason, we love to describe it rather than call it what it is. Anyway, next time you hear this weird Irish slang, you will not be confused by it.

2. SCOOPS − pints not ice cream

Scoops is one of the weirdest Irish slang words used every day.

In Ireland, going for a few scoops does not mean heading to the Teddys for a few scoops of ice cream. It means a few pints or a few drinks in general.

We completely understand how this can sound weird to other people, and considering we use this word a lot every day, it is good to solve the misunderstanding now.

1. ‘I WILL YEAH’ − the Irish ‘No’

'I will yeah' really means 'No'.
Credit: Pixabay / Alexandra_Koch

This sarcastic way of saying ‘No’ is something that we use almost all the time. However, it can leave the person we are talking to rather confused.

It can eventually end up with a huge miscommunication on our hands, especially if planning is the topic. If someone says I will yeah’, take that as ‘You must be joking, I definitely won’t’.

We have certainly established that talking to an Irish person can be tricky at times, especially if they are using these ten weirdest Irish slang words, which can completely throw you off.

However, we hope understanding Irish slang in conversations just got that little bit easier.

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