10 Ways Being Irish Will Help You in Life

Without sounding too arrogant: people love the Irish. It’s a strong hand of cards to hold and often when travelling an Irish person will receive positive recognition just for having this ancestral background.

Lucky for us, yes! But, why, you may ask. Here are the top 10 ways which being Irish will help you in life.

10. The Home of Penneys (Primark)

Ireland is the home turf of Penneys (or Primark), a colossal “fast-fashion” retailer that exists in numbers in the Emerald Isle. Over time, alongside potatoes, Tatyo (chips), Ballymaloe Relish and Bosco, Penneys has become synonymous with our fair island and a shared passion amongst most locals.

Any foreign visitor is bound to come across this super-store, and once you get a taste of the good stuff, you’ll be hooked. Being Irish (aka being from the land of Penneys) is just one of the reasons us Irish are so widely accredited.

9. We’re Friendly as Hell

Being from Ireland means you’re likely to be friendly as hell. In fact, Ireland is one of the most welcoming countries in the world. Most recently Condé Nast Traveler’s annual reader survey resulted in Irish cities accounting for three of the top 10 friendliest places in the world. Cork came in third place, Galway was number five and Dublin came in eighth place.

Being friendly is a majorly positive human characteristic, and one us Irish have down to a tee.

8. A Land of Inventors

There are many positive qualities to being Irish that seem to work in our favour. Another has got to be that we come from a land of significant inventors – and for such a small island! Impressive stuff, we have to admit.

Ireland was where whisky was founded (although ask the Scottish and they’ll challenge you there). It was where the guided torpedo was invented (Louis Brennan, 1877), the ejector Seat (Sir James Martin, 1946) and colour photography (John Joly, 1894).

7. The Slang

One reason we seem to make such an impact is for our colloquial slang which makes us lovable. Granted half the time no one knows what the hell we’re on about, it seems to make a good first impression and a lasting one at that.

Check out our article on mad Irish phrases to give you some further insight!

6. Guinness

One aspect of Irish culture that positively works in our favour is that Irish people come from the much-loved land of Guinness. You could even argue that the “Black Stuff” (aka Guinness) runs through our veins.

This claim to fame gives us major brownie points when meeting out-of-towners or travelling overseas.

5. Our Roots

Our tragic past and historical tales of defiance and courage make us a much-loved nation worldwide. To top it off, the Irish are widely thought to be a humble bunch, and when you put the two together, you got a terrific marriage of personal qualities.

4. Luck O’ the Irish

The term “Luck O’ the Irish” didn’t come from nowhere. We’re not only a superstitious bunch who have been brought up on tales of black cats heralding darkness or rainbows paving the way to Leprechauns’ pots of gold, but we also are just considered a lucky bunch of lads and lasses.

3. The Craic

The craic is mighty in Ireland. Now, for all you people out there who may have not yet come across this word, “craic” means fun, enjoyment or news in Irish slang. It does not mean the illicit drug crack cocaine.

It can be used in a myriad of ways. Examples include:

What’s the craic? = how are you / what’s up / any news?

Was it any craic? = was it fun / did you enjoy yourself / what happened?

No craic last night = nothing happened last night / last night was not fun

Being Irish and having the craic is what it’s all about. It’s a major part of our slang and culture and is native to Ireland.

2. Gift of the Gab

You’re not Irish unless you’ve got the gift of the gab. It is almost a birthright if hailing from the Emerald Isle and is part of the tapestry of our culture and community.

The “gift of the gab” mainly refers to one who can speak charismatically and eloquently, without hesitation. Tied in with our love of tall tales, myths and superstition, you have non-stop entertainment. A major bonus of the Irish.

1. Banter

Banter is the ultimate Irish quality which we are known and loved for. It is one of our defining traits and is recognised worldwide.

Banter is essentially our form of humour. It is dark, sarcastic and symbolises camaraderie with the person you have having banter with. Often it can be misconstrued as being mean or mocking, but remember it’s in good humour. Once you get the hang of it, there’ll be no stopping you.

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