10 UNUSUAL Irish girl names, RANKED (2024)

Looking for something a little bit different? Check out our list of the most unusual Irish girl names around!

Thanks to the ancient Gaelic language, traditional Irish names are among some of the most beautiful in the world. It seems like even those outside of the Emerald Isle have fallen in love with them, with first names like Kerry and Shannon proving increasingly popular all over the globe.

If you’re searching for something a bit different for a baby name, look no further. There are still plenty of Irish girl names that have yet to reach the masses. Check out our list of the top 10 unusual Irish girl names below.

Ireland Before You Die’s overview of facts about the most unusual Irish girl names

  • The name Líadan translates as ‘grey lady’, and it is said in Irish mythology that Líadan was a poetess who later became a nun.
  • The name Sheelin took its inspiration from Lough Sheelin in central Ireland, which means ‘lake of the fairies’.
  • Etain is another Irish girl name with roots in Irish mythology. Etain was a beautiful fairy who was turned into a butterfly!
  • The beautiful Irish girl name of Dorieann means ‘tempestuous’ or ‘stormy’ and can be pronounced as either ‘Dor-en’ or ‘Dear-an’.
  • Iseult was a mythological Irish princess who consumed a love potion which caused her to fall in love with the nephew of King Mark of Cornwall, who she was on her way to marry!

10. Sadb/Sadhbh

A strange one to try and pronounce, Sadhbh is definitely a top unusual Irish girl name.

In late medieval Ireland, this unusual girls name once held the title of the second-most-popular in the land. Although it has long since fallen out of fashion, you could choose to revive it.

The name is said to mean ‘sweet’ and is pronounced ‘sive’.

9. Líadan

Líadan is a great Irish mythological name meaning "grey lady", as unusual as it is beautiful.

Meaning ‘grey lady’, this name is pronounced ‘Lee-uh-din’.

Another unusual Irish girl name steeped in Irish mythology, Líadan was a poetess who chose to switch things up in her life and become a nun.

8. Caireann

Caireann is a name to watch out for, some day soon it'll be the biggest name around for it's beautiful and unique.

This name, which has already begun to catch on in certain parts of the U.S. and Canada, is commonly pronounced ‘Kay-reen’, or ‘Kay-ren’.

Said to mean ‘little beloved’, it is an increasingly popular diminutive of ‘Cara’, the Irish word for friend.

7. Sheelin

Sheelin is a pretty name that means "fairies", why not give it to your little girl, just another unusual Irish girl names.

Many Irish first names take inspiration from place-names. As Ireland has a long history of superstition, many places that have been associated with supernatural events or sightings have been named accordingly.

Lough Sheelin, meaning ‘lake of the fairies’, is no exception. Harness the power of the fae and choose this mysterious name for your baby girl.

6. Cliodhna

Cliodhna is a name steeped in Irish mythology, it's magical and beautiful, another unusual Irish girl name.

Although an increasingly popular name in Ireland, most people who live beyond the Emerald Isle will be new to this beautiful name.

Cliodhna is well remembered in ancient Irish mythology as one of the most important goddesses. The story goes that she made the courageous journey from Tir Tairngaire (The Land of Promise) to meet her mortal lover. The tale ends tragically, with a wave sweeping her away as soon as she lands.

5. Etain

Etain is another unusual Irish girl name, delicate and beautiful.

This unusual Irish girl name is pronounced ‘E-tane’. Like many names, it is richly steeped in ancient Irish mythology. Legend has it, Etain was a beautiful fairy who reached the unfortunate fate of being turned into a butterfly.

That is, until she accidentally fell into a queen’s glass of wine and was reborn a beautiful young woman.

4. Ailbhe

Alibhe is a strange and unusual Irish girl name but it's still beautiful and pretty.

Pronounced ‘Al-va’ or ‘Ale-va’, this name comes from the old Irish word meaning ‘bright’.

In Irish mythology, Ailbhe Gruadbrecc was a famed and powerful warrior-woman.

3. Doireann

An odd name to pronounce but also a beautiful one, a very pretty unusual Irish girl name.

If you’re a fan of an unusual name, then Doireann may be the one for you.

As opposed to more floral and meek name meanings, this one means ‘tempestuous’ or ‘stormy’.

This strong name is shared by the mythological daughter of Bodb Derg, who poisoned Fionn Mac Cumhaill. When it comes to pronunciation, the jury is pretty much out on this one, but it’s commonly pronounced ‘Dor-en’ or ‘Dear-en’.

2. Mealla

Mealla is a pretty name for a girl, as well as a unusual Irish girl name.

Another name with a strong meaning, Mealla is said to mean ‘lightning’.

Despite its beauty, it’s not often used in today’s world. It was once a common name in Ireland, with several holy women throughout Irish history sharing it.

1. Iseult

Iseult is beautiful and unusual Irish girl names, it'll set any girl apart.

If you really want to get experimental with a name for your Irish girl, try this one out for size. According to legend, Iseult (pronounced ‘Ee-sult’), was a mythological Irish princess who fell victim to a love potion while on her way to marry King Mark of Cornwall.

This magical concoction sent her head over heels in love with the King’s nephew, Tristan.

Other variations of this name include Isolde and Yseult.

Whether you choose one of the more popular girl names for your baby, or go for something a bit different like those on this list, you can rest assured your child will carry her Irish heritage with her wherever she wanders. Just don’t expect everyone to be able to pronounce it!

Your questions answered about the most unusual Irish girl names

Read this article on the most unusual Irish girl names but still have some questions? Then you are in luck! Below, we outlined the most frequently asked questions about this topic from our readers and online.

What is the rarest Irish girl name?

There is no definitive answer to this, but one of the rarest Irish girl names would be Líadan, pronounced as ‘Lee-uh-din’.

What is the prettiest Irish girl name?

Again, there is no definitive answer to this, but one of the prettiest Irish girl names would include Sorcha, which means ‘bright’ and ‘radiant’.

What is a classic Irish name for a girl?

Some of the most classic Irish names for a girl would include Siobhan, Saoirse and Roisin.

What Irish name means flower?

This would be Blathnaid. The word ‘blath’ in Irish means flower or blossom.

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