Top 10 traits of a typical Irish mammy

There’s something so special about Irish mammies, so here are ten traits of a typical Irish mammy.

The term Irish mammy is something every Irish person knows. It’s a phrase that instantly gives you images and flashbacks or has you remembering phrases from your childhood – the ones you heard far too many times.

You see, the Irish mammy is not like any other mammy around the world; she is a character if anything.

We have compiled a comical list of traits that we are probably all too familiar with if we have a typical Irish mammy. Of course, there are many more, but there’s only so many we could list.

Anyone who is familiar with Brendan O’Carroll’s hit series Mrs Brown’s Boys will know that it didn’t come from nothing, it was based on the entertaining one-liners and legendary personalities of the many Irish mammies out there, and that’s why we love it.

So let’s start with this, the ten traits of a typical Irish mammy and let’s see how many of you can relate.

10. The wooden spoon is her sidekick – the scariest kitchen utensil ever

The wooden spoon is her sidekick.
Credit: / @zhivko

Sure didn’t we all hear, “You just wait till I get the wooden spoon on ya”.

Not that she actually did, but it did have us scared enough to behave. In reality, the wooden spoon was her ultimate sidekick.

9. Fretting over the washing on the line – she never trusts the weather

Fretting over the washing is one of the traits of a typical Irish mammy.
Credit: / @lesbarkerdesign

God forbid the rain starts to pour if the washing is on the line because you’ll never hear the end of it with the Irish mammy, especially if she can’t get home quickly to take the clothes in.

8. She loves to feed the visitors – ah, sure you’ll have some, won’t you?

Irish mammies love to feed the visitors.

Think Mrs Doyle from Father Ted with her tea.

The Irish mammy is just the same when visitors come over; she will offer them all kinds of everything until they oblige and accept, perhaps against their will.

7. The blessed holy water – the magical water to be taken everywhere

Holy water is one of the traits of a typical Irish mammy.
Credit: Instagram / @okayjaytee

Irish mammies always have a bottle of holy water somewhere in the house, and sure enough, if you are heading away, she will most likely give you some to keep you safe.

6. Sunday dinner is a big deal – the long process

Sunday roasts are a big deal.

Sunday prep starts early.

You can hear the chopping and boiling and slam of the oven door, just knowing mammy is putting her blood sweat and tears into the Sunday dinner.

And if anyone is late to the table or sloppy, god help them.

5. Being a busybody – it’s just neighbourhood watch really

One of the traits of a typical Irish mammy is they're all busybodies.
Credit: / @Candid_Shots

Irish mammies love a good gossip, even if they don’t call it that.

They always know everyone’s business and the latest news before anyone else, it’s like they’re in some sort of Irish mammy community club and they get the information first.

4. She loves to nag – mammy knows best

Irish mammies love to nag.
Credit: / @RobinHiggins

You know it comes from the goodness of her own heart, but it’s hard to remember that when she’s nagging you.

We all know this one because it drives us absolutely mad and we almost know it’s coming like we develop some kind of nagging radar, so somehow we try to avoid it, but the Irish mammy gets there first.

3. Worrier – she’ll worry about almost anything

One of the traits of a typical Irish mammy is they're all worriers.
Credit: / @silviarita

She has a million concerns with anything that you do. “What if this” and “what if that”, are common words from an Irish mammy’s mouth, but sure look it’s only because she cares and is being protective of her flock.

2. Tea is drunk in all situations – tea solves everything

Tea is drunk in all situations.
Credit: / @jsbaw7160

The kettle always seems to be boiling when the Irish mammy is around.

When the visitors come over there is certainly tea to be drunk, when mammy wakes up in the morning she has tea, and of course, if there’s a serious conversation that needs to be had, it must be had over a cup of tea.

1. She has the ultimate one-liners – we’ve all heard a few of these

One-liners tops our list of traits of a typical Irish mammy.
Credit: / @ParentRap

Growing up, we’ve all probably heard our mammies say things like, ‘Those biscuits are for the visitors’, ‘You’re not going out dressed like that’, or ‘I brought you into this world I can take you out of it just as easy’.

Ah the one-liners, we could go on and on about these, but maybe just watch Mrs Brown’s Boys if you want to know more!

By now you’ll most definitely know if you grew up with a typical Irish mammy, or maybe you only realise it now.

Some day you may even catch yourself repeating one of these behaviours or phrases without even knowing, and you can thank Irish mammy for that.

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