Top 10 scariest Halloween films of all time, Ranked

All Hallows’ Eve is, once again, creeping closer, and what better way to soak up that autumnal atmosphere than with these ten scariest Halloween films of all time.

As the days grow shorter and the leaves start to fall, Halloween looms. It’s the one day (31 October) where spirits, according to pagan customs, are believed to walk the earth amongst the living.

In Ireland and modern tradition, we carve and light pumpkins, candles, and bonfires, as well as dressing up to ward off these wayward spirits.

However, if you’re in the mood for channelling the darkness, these ten scariest Halloween films of all time are bound to keep you awake in the dead of night.

10. Halloween (1978) – the Halloween cult classic

Halloween is a great movie to watch this October.

While it may not be as bone-shakingly scary as some of its other comrades on this list, Halloween is an ultimate All Hallows’ Eve classic which need not be overlooked.

A healthy dose of suspense is tied with a slow-walking serial killer, oodles of atmosphere, and a musical score to unnerve you like no other.

9. The Exorcist (1973) – the supernatural horror which set the standards

The Exorcist is one of the scariest movies for this spooky season.

Whether you’re a horror film fan or not, you’re sure to have heard of The Exorcist. It is deemed to be one of the greatest cinematic masterpieces in the horror genre ever, and it certainly will not disappoint.

Sure, it was made it in the 1970s, so it may not be a CGI marvel, but it is reported that viewers actually fainted during this film – so, you can expect a bloody good scare!

8. The Ring (2002) – the Japanese horror story that will shock

Looking Japanese horror? The Ring is the best pick.

Are you looking to cower under the covers with a truly terrifying plotline? Look no further; The Ring is undoubtedly one of the scariest Halloween films of all time.

The story revolves around a search for answers when a young girl dies after viewing an ominous videotape.

7. Rosemary’s Baby (1968) – the psychological horror

Rosemary's Baby is a great flick to watch this season.

Rosemary’s Baby is another classic horror that will have you on the edge of your seat.

What could be more darling than a newborn baby? Think again. This film boasts bucketloads of suspense and darkness looming with the dawn of each scene.

6. Candyman (1992) – the urban legend

Candyman is based on an urban legend.

Exploring urban legends against the backdrop of a horror film, Candyman is a fright show that is sure to leave you sleeping with one eye open this Halloween.

Take one sceptic student, her worst nightmare, and a terrifying boogeyman, and we have Bernard Rose’s Candyman.

5. It Follows (2004) – for a fresh take on the horror genre

It Follows is another of the top picks for scariest Halloween films.

It Follows is a newer kid on the block in terms of our top ten scariest Halloween films of all time round-up. Still, it deserves a due mention for a good reason – this film is frightening to no end.

The story is fresh, too: a dark curse that it passed to its unknowing victims by sexual intercourse. Sounds cheesy? See for yourself! But be warned, this is the type of film to keep you up at night.

4. The Strangers (2008) – the one that hits too close to home

Another of the top scariest Halloween films include The Strangers.

The Strangers isn’t a bloodbath, nor is it a film in which much particularly happens. However, its scare-factor lies in the fact that the story is entirely plausible, and with that, it hits close to home.

With an ever-ominous atmosphere and suspense to have your heart racing throughout, this is undoubtedly one of the scariest Halloween films of all time.

3. Us (2019) – the one to keep you awake

Us is another of the best scariest Halloween films you need to check out.

We’ve all heard the term “doppelgänger”, meaning someone that looks identical to you. And, while most of us are yet to meet our real-life stand-in, Us follows the story of the Wilson family who are, in fact, terrorised by their body doubles.

If this summary doesn’t convey the sheer scariness of the plot, all we can do is urge you to see for yourself. Beware though; this one will keep you awake!

2. Blair Witch Project (1999) – the indie-horror hit

Another of the top scariest Halloween films is Blair Witch Project.

With a budget of just $60,000, no one could have known this indie-horror film would have gone on to be such a sensation – it grossed nearly $250 million in the box office.

Following three unassuming students into the Maryland backwoods, sinister forces come to play and lead the amateur filmmakers into frightful scenarios that will have you ducking for cover.

1. Hell House LLC (2015) – the haunted house tour gone wrong

Hell house LLC is one of the top scariest Halloween films.

Perfectly suited for the time in question, this story of a haunted house tour gone wrong makes for one of the scariest Halloween films of all time.

The documentary-style footage adds a sense of realness as crew members investigate the cause of the fatal disaster which took 15 lives. Thought your Halloween couldn’t get any scarier? Think again.

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