Top 10 reasons why vanlife in Ireland is a dream

Travelling by camper van has never been so appealing. Here are ten reasons why vanlife in Ireland is a dream.

Vanlife in Ireland is becoming very popular. We have all come to know the term ‘vanlife’ in recent years. More and more people have decided to convert vans and old buses into their dream tiny house on wheels.

Some may live fulltime, or some may use them for the weekends as a way to explore with freedom.

Still, whatever vanlife means to you, we can safely say that Ireland is ranked as one of the best places to explore in your home on wheels.

Not every country can say this, but considering the many factors about Ireland, you’ll soon see why it’s such a popular spot for Irish and international vanlifers.

Let’s take a look at ten reasons why vanlife in Ireland is a dream, and you may be swayed to try it out for yourself.

10. It’s safe – we’re a friendly bunch

Ireland is safe to travel in a van or other forms of transport.

Ireland is a relatively safe country, but obviously being streetwise is essential no matter where you go in the world.

Ireland, however, is full of friendly people who are keen to help you if you find yourself in a sticky situation or need to get the lowdown on a specific area.

9. Van maintenance – always someone to help

Van maintenance is something you need to keep on top of when travelling.

Breaking down is something you may not have to deal with, but chances are it could happen at some point.

The good thing is that Ireland has a garage in almost every decent-sized town, so you’re never too far away from professional help.

Most garages will have a mechanic on hand or know of one close by who can come to the rescue, which isn’t always possible in larger countries.

8. Rural park ups – beachside views

Rural park ups are great for beachside views and lakes.
Credit: @shan_the_van / Instagram

Although it is recommended to park at campsites, it is tolerated in Ireland to park at a quaint location, given you don’t leave any trace, intrude on anyone’s private land, and disrupt any wildlife or nature.

Ireland has an advantage over other countries of having so much countryside and coastline to choose from. If you chat to locals, they will guide you in the right direction.

7. Driving distances – more time to explore

Driving distances during vanlife in Ireland is a great way to see the country.

In Ireland, the distances are relatively short in comparison to some larger countries or even the UK. Getting from place to place can be so short, giving you more time to explore your surroundings.

6. Route options – the hardest decision of all

There are some many routes when living through vanlife in Ireland.
Credit: Instagram / @wildatlanticcampers

With so many routes to choose from, you will have a tough time deciding where to start your trip.

You can take a trip along the famous Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland’s Ancient East, or discover the beauty of West Cork, the choice is yours.

5. Country roads – discover Ireland off the beaten track

Country roads are one of the top reasons why vanlife in Ireland is great.

You can leave behind the multi-lane motorways and head for the classic old country roads to get a real feel for Ireland.

It’s along these roads that you’ll discover most of the history, like old ruins and castles, as well as finding those local pubs to stop for some trad music or a roast dinner.

4. The sunsets – the west is the best

Vanlife in Ireland is great, especially the sunsets, and the west is best.
Credit: @biddy.the.bus / Instagram

Ireland’s west coast has to be the ideal stretch of road to park up and watch the sunset over the wild Atlantic.

You can sit back with a hot chocolate or a glass of wine, and watch from inside your van or take it alfresco and sit on a cliff like the movies.

Either way, you’ll probably agree that the sunsets are second to none, once you’ve seen them, another of the great reasons to live vanlife in Ireland.

3. It’s affordable – you can live like a king

Vanlife in Ireland is affordable, you can live like a king.
Credit: Instagram / @lazycampers

Although some aspects of life in Ireland can be expensive, necessities such as toiletries, groceries, and alcohol are very affordable considering we have Lidl, Aldi, and Tesco to shop at.

You’ll be able to eat healthily and enjoy good wine and great Irish food in Ireland without breaking the bank, and we have some of the best tea, butter, chocolate, and craft beer in Europe.

2. Campsite options – community camping spirit

Another of the top reasons why vanlife in Ireland is great is because of campsites you can stop at.
Credit: Instagram / @flitzemork

If ‘wild’ park ups aren’t your thing and you prefer the comfort of having facilities and some people around you, then you can avail of the hundreds of campsites around the country.

Most of these are in top spots along the coast as well as lake or mountains, and if not, they’re generally not far from some fantastic attractions.

These are also very affordable compared to hotels, so you’ll still find vanlife very inexpensive in Ireland.

1. The landscape – the top reason why vanlife in Ireland is a dream

The landscape is one of the top reasons why vanlife in Ireland is great.
Credit: @leonie_conway / Instagram

But of course, need we say any more? This is why vanlife in Ireland is a dream.

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