Top 10 reasons why Ireland is the best country to visit

The Emerald Isle draws millions of tourists to its shores every year, and it’s not hard to see why. Here are the top ten reasons why Ireland is the best country to visit.

Ireland truly is a great country to visit.

From its stunning landscape and friendly people, as Ireland is one of the most friendly countries in the world, to its fun-filled towns and bustling cities, Ireland has so much to offer potential visitors.

Whether you want to enjoy its scenic coastline and natural wonders, or its historic buildings and ancient landmarks, it’s certainly safe to say that you won’t be bored on your visit to Ireland.

If you’re thinking of Ireland for your next vacation, keep reading. Here are the top ten reasons why Ireland is the best country to visit.

10. Medieval Masterpieces – Ireland has a wide variety of great castles to explore

Irish castles are some of the best in the world.
Credit: Instagram / @emersonalim

For those of us who wish to get a feel for medieval life, there are plenty of historic castles across Ireland – in fact, there are over 30,000!

Ranging from historic ruins to fully furnished castles, there are plenty of options that are open and ready to explore.

9. Alcoholic delights – the home of Guinness and Irish whiskey

Ireland is the best country to visit if you like your beer and whiskey!

If you are a fan of whiskey or beer, then you will be in heaven in Ireland.

There are multiple whiskey distilleries to visit, as well as the famous Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, where you can sample the drink on site.

8. Ireland has lots of lively cities – full of fun and excitement

Irish cities are so much fun.

Ireland’s cities are bustling and lively, making them the ideal spot for a fun city break.

From Dublin City, which is full of attractions and nightlife, to Galway and Cork, which are known for their culture and thriving music and food scene, you will not be left disappointed.

7. Natural wonders – Ireland is home to many outstanding natural attractions

Ireland is the best country to visit because of its natural wonders.

Ireland boasts many incredible natural attractions to explore, which perfectly demonstrate the power and majesty of nature.

Must-sees include the Cliffs of Moher, the Giants’ Causeway, and the Burren to name but a few.

6. Beautiful scenery – perfect for a scenic road trip

Ireland is the perfect country for a roadtrip.

Sometimes the best way to take in the scenery of a country is through a leisurely drive, and there are many fantastic driving routes in Ireland.

Routes such as the Ring of Kerry and the Wild Atlantic Way are unmissable as they showcase the very best of Irish scenery.

5. An adrenaline junkies dream – Ireland has superb outdoor and adventure activities to enjoy

Ireland is the best country to visit for adrenaline junkies.

Whether you are a hiker, surfer, or any other form of an outdoor adrenaline junkie, then you will be spoiled for choice in Ireland.

The Emerald Isle has many great mountains to explore, as well as beautiful beaches to enjoy, and wild rivers to kayak in.

If you fancy something a bit more structured, there are many dedicated adventure centres, which offer these activities and plenty more.

4. Breathtaking views – there’s nothing quite like the Irish scenery

Irish scenery is unrivalled.
Credit: @lisiecki_ / Instagram

When people think of Ireland, they will most likely imagine stunning green landscapes, and Ireland certainly lives up to this vision.

Ireland is home to a stunning landscape that includes everything from rolling hills to seaside cliffs and lush green countryside.

3. Ireland has a rich heritage – a country steeped in history

One reason why Ireland is the best country to visit is its history.

Ireland is an ancient country with a vibrant and vivid history.

There are many historic buildings and structures to visit across Ireland that will teach you everything you need to know about Irish heritage.

Check out Glencolmcille Folk Village in Donegal, EPIC (The Irish Emigration Museum) in Dublin, and the Aran Islands in Galway.

2. Ireland has a great pub culture – experience the craic to be had at an Irish pub

Head to an Irish pub.

You can’t visit Ireland without going to an Irish pub!

The Irish pub culture is famous worldwide for its atmosphere and the fun that can be had there.

From great food and great drinks to great music and great chats, you will find it all in an Irish pub.

1. The Irish people – the friendliest people in the world

Ireland is the best country to visit because of its friendly people.

In first place on our list of what we believe to be the top ten reasons why Ireland is the best country to visit is the fact that Ireland has come to be known as the home of the friendliest people in the world.

In 2018, three cities in Ireland (Dublin, Galway and Cork) were all featured amongst the top ten friendliest cities in the world.

The Irish people are known all over the world for their warm and welcoming nature.

That concludes our list of what we believe to be the top ten reasons why Ireland is the best country to visit. Are there any other great reasons you can think of as to why Ireland is the best country to visit?

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