TOP 10 Places You’re GUARNTEED To Get The Shift In Waterford

For those of us looking for a night out in Waterford which includes the shift, you’ve come to the right place. After reading this article, you’ll be guaranteed success! Here are ten best places you can expect to find love or at least a bit of kissing in Ireland’s oldest city.

10. The Reg

A favourite spot for those looking for a bit of romance. This is a trendy, friendly spot for socialising and talking to the opposite sex. A particular recommendation for those entering their late twenties who wish for mature scenery than those frequented by younger clientele.

9. Kazbar

Club tripped and ready, this is a steady joint for weekenders, club trenders and college contenders. A decadent bar, this waygoing, socialite growing plateau is a stately home for late night flirting and number inscribing hurdling. A contender for the tribal rights of the Saturday night.

8. The Tap Room

Situated at the side of Ballybricken, this is a favourite waterhole of intellectuals and Friday night concert-goers. This is a cosy walk away from The Forum Theatre, a recommended hangout for a post-gig pint. Cosied in one of the cities more indelible streets, The Tap Room is a tidy pub of postmodern design. Marked by an effervescent flame from a cornerstone fireplace, the TapRoom is the perfect place for the shift!

7. Treacy’s Hotel

What’s better than a shift in a hotel foyer? This is a go-to place for international students and weekenders looking for a flirtatious conversation and end with a trip to a bedroom (perhaps upstairs). With a variety of beers appearing in front of the bar, this place has an amazing choice of drink. You’ll have a great time even if you don’t get the shift.

6. The Foundry

What better place for the shift than a good old nightclub? As with any club with music blazed and social crazed, this is a perfect point to meet your future lover on a Saturday night. Only a walk away from the Waterford Institute of Technology, it’s a haunt for students celebrating life’s sweet moments.

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