Top 5 places you’re guaranteed to get the shift in Waterford

On the lookout for some action in Ireland’s oldest city? Here are our top five places to get the shift in Waterford.

Waterford is well-known for its crystal, beaches, and the famous blaa roll. What you may not know about the city and the county, though, is that it’s a pretty smashing place to get the shift.

Whether you’re on the lookout for the love of your life, or just some quick mouth-to-mouth rejuvenation, we’ve got you covered on places you’re bound to get some quality shifting action in and around Ireland’s oldest city.

Here are they are: our top five places to get the shift in Waterford.

5. Tully’s – if you fancy shifting an actor

The 5 best places to get the shift in Waterford include Tully's Bar
Credit: @tullysbarwaterford / Facebook

Tully’s bar is famously good craic, and its location opposite Garter Lane theatre means it’s the obvious spot for after-parties when a show has wrapped. Time your visit with a closing night, and you’re bound to run into a glamorous cast out celebrating or commiserating their run. Either way, the drinks will be flowing, and they’ll be out for the night.

A good ice-breaker would be to ask your theatrical tryst buddy if they’re expecting a nomination in Pat McEvoy’s Green Room Awards. If they’re local, they’ll know exactly what you’re talking about. Once the conversation is flowing, there are plenty of intimate snugs to slip into, away from the eyes of the craft-beer-sipping crowds.

Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be able to say you shifted the next big Irish actor before they were famous!

Address: 37 O’Connell St, Waterford

4. The Parlour Vintage Tearooms – for a shift with a touch of class

The 5 best places to get the shift in Waterford include the Parlour Vintage Tea Room
Credit: @theparlourvintageteamrooms / Facebook

The Parlour and its accompanying bar, The Tipple Rooms, give the feeling of stepping back in time. Imagine yourself drinking gin from a mason jar while lounging on a chaise longue with a silent movie playing in the background, and you’ve got a fairly accurate picture of what a night there is like.

From time to time, the Parlour hosts themed nights—everything from a Peaky Blinders dance club to New Orleans jazz bands. These events are known for attracting only the classiest and snazziest specimens of the county, and they always come in their Sunday best.

The Doris Day of the Déise could well be waiting for you behind those iconic gates—and if not, at least you can lock lips with one of the best pizzas you’ve ever tasted. Check the Parlour’s social media accounts to stay up to date with the latest events, but pounce quickly, because tickets sell like hot cakes.

Address: 2 George’s St, Waterford

3. One the Waterfront, Tramore – for an Instagram-worthy shift

The 5 best places to get the shift in Waterford include One the Waterfront
Credit: @onethewaterfront_tramore / Instagram

A short bus ride away from the city centre lies the beach resort town of Tramore. New kid on the block One the Waterfront, which opened its doors in summer 2019, is the best seat in town for sea views.

Cocktails and live music in an outdoor seating area with a walkway straight to the beach? Doesn’t get much more romantic than that. Find yourself a South-East surfer and get the shift in Waterford while feeling like you’re getting the shift in Thailand.

Address: Gallwey’s Hill, Tramore West, Tramore, Waterford

2. Kazbar – for catching eyes across the dance floor

Kazbar is great for a night out

Late-night bar and nightclub Kazbar is located slap-bang in the middle of Waterford’s Applemarket, the city’s nightlife hub. If it’s the guaranteed shift you’re after, Kazbar is always a good bet.

The combination of flowing drinks, throwback tunes, and the packed-to-capacity crowd means the odds are ever in your favour. To experience the famous Irish shift-and-drift with a Déise twist, slap on your fake tan and get yourself straight to Kazbar.

Address: 57 John St, Waterford

1. Hillbilly’s – for the last-ditch attempt

Hillbilly's is great for a bit of shifting
Credit: @stinkylulu / Twitter

So you’ve trawled around town looking for a bit of romance to no avail. Don’t be despondent; there’s still the final hurdle to cross. As the bars begin to call last orders, flocks of revellers hurtle themselves towards Hillbilly’s Family Restaurant.

This late-night fast-food joint churns out chicken burgers, chips, and fizzy drinks like there’s no tomorrow—and their wares are in such high demand that they even have security on the doors to manage the queues. Many a love story has blossomed over a bucket of fried chicken or a borrowed gravy dip while trekking around the corner to the taxi rank. Now that would be a story to tell the grandkids!

Address: 25 John Street, Waterford

So there you have them—the top five places to get the shift in Waterford. Work your way through this list on a long weekend break to the Déise, and we guarantee you’ll have beard rash on the bus home. Good luck and happy smooching!

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