Top 10 places you need to visit in Ireland after lockdown

Thinking of the post-lockdown period and what to do? Check out the places we think you should visit if you come to Ireland.

While under lockdown, we are deprived of partaking in many of the activities that we love to do. Travel and tourism have been put on hold as the world unites to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, so we won’t see many visitors in Ireland until after lockdown for a few months.

However, hopefully, sooner rather than later, travel will be deemed safe again and the Emerald Isle’s most-prized possessions can be populated once more.

Here are the ten places you need to visit in Ireland after lockdown.

10. Benbulben Mountain, Co. Sligo – an experience in Yeats’ Country

Another top place to visit, Benbulben Mountain is a unique structure in the coutnryside.

Kicking off our list is the majestic Benbulbin Mountain in County Sligo, part of the Darty Mountains. It is known as Sligo’s ‘Table Mountain’.

Reaching the height of 526 metres, it is one of the highest and most unique mountains in all of Ireland and was often the focus of acclaimed poet W.B. Yeats making this one of the coolest sights to see and things to do in Sligo.

9. Skellig Michael, Co. Kerry – drift off to the Atlantic

Skellig Michael is a picturesque island off the coast of Kerry.

Part of the Skellig Islands just 12km off the coast of County Kerry, Skellig Michael is a natural attraction incomparable to any other on the Emerald Isle. It is reachable via a boat tour.

The isle towers 218 metres over the Atlantic Ocean and is equipped with a well-preserved 6th-century monastic site. At the same time, it is also the second-largest gannet colony in the world.

8. Mourne Mountains, Co. Down – the northern peaks

The Mourne Mountains are the most northern peaks that breach the clouds in Ireland.

One of the top places to visit in Ireland after the lockdown are the Mourne Mountains, laced with walkable paths and armed with exceptional views and scenery.

Its highest peak is Slieve Donard, which stands at an incredible 853 metres, making the Mourne Mountains the highest in the north of Ireland.

7. Glendalough, Co. Wicklow – the valley of two lakes

Glendalough in Wicklow is a great place to visit, especially the monastic site.

The Glendalough Valley is a beautiful destination located in the Wicklow Mountains National Park. It is easily accessible via the capital of Dublin.

Glendalough is part of Ireland’s ‘Ancient East’ thanks to its vast armoury of centuries-old monastic sites. It is also home to diverse wildlife, parks, and peaceful lakes.

6. Croagh Patrick, Co. Mayo – Ireland’s holy mountain

Croagh Patrick is another of the top places to visit in Ireland after lockdown.

Nicknamed ‘the Reek’, the exceptional Croagh Patrick mountain in County Mayo is 764 metres tall and is one of Ireland’s most prominent sites of pilgrimage. It is considered the nation’s holiest mountain.

Ireland’s patron saint, St. Patrick, is said to have fasted on this site for forty days and its sharp peak offers unrestricted views of Clew Bay.

5. Connemara National Park, Co. Galway – lose yourself in the Connacht parklands

In Ireland after lockdown, you need to visit Connemara National park, lose yourself in the nature.

Covering some 2,000 hectares of mountain ranges, bogs, woodlands, and parklands, the Connemara Park in the west of the country is a must-visit in Ireland after lockdown.

Some of the park’s most imposing mountains form part of the Twelve Bens range, which provide views of surrounding areas. The park is lined with numerous walking trails.

4. Giant’s Causeway, Co. Antrim – walk in the footsteps of mythology

In Ireland after lockdown, be sure to visit the Giant's Causeway.

One of Ireland’s most ancient and historical sites to visit is the Giant’s Causeway, which toys with the north-Antrim coastline.

It was the north’s first UNESCO Heritage Site, composed of 40,000 basalt stone columns, and is the topic of the mythological story of Fionn MacCumhaill.

3. Ring of Kerry, Co. Kerry – the drive of a lifetime

Driving the Ring of Kerry is another of the top places to visit in Ireland after lockdown.

Before taking this trip, make sure to fill the tank as you are about to embark on a 179-km-long trail of picturesque paradise encircling the Iveagh Peninsula in County Kerry.

Take the day to drive around, stopping at Killarney town while marvelling at the beautiful sites along the Wild Atlantic Way. 

2. Glenveagh National Park, Co. Donegal – the park that has it all

Glenveagh National Park is another of the top places to visit in Ireland after lockdown.
via Sinead McCarthy

Ireland is blessed with a litany of national parks, and the premier pick of the lot is Glenveagh National Park, situated in transcendent County Donegal.

Glenveagh has it all; pristine lakes, waterfalls, accessible walkways, an engulfing lake, and the famous castle. What more could you need?

1. Cliffs of Moher, Co. Clare – the top place to visit in Ireland after lockdown

Visit the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland after lockdown, it's well worth it.

It is no surprise that the Cliffs of Moher in County Clare are Ireland’s most visited natural attraction. It is the number one place to be in Ireland after lockdown.

Hugging the west coast of Ireland, the daunting cliffs stretch 8 km long and reach a peak of around 509 feet. They are, without doubt, one of Ireland’s most awe-inspiring natural phenomenons that are well worth a visit.

There you have it; the top ten places to visit in Ireland after lockdown. Sitting in is hard, but the feeling of seeing any one of these attractions up close will surely be worth it.

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