Top 10 Places To Visit For A Digital Detox In Ireland

We often spend more time on our phones and smart devices than we do with our loved ones. People document their lives on social media. We need to put the phone down and experience life for ourselves. Ireland is a breathtaking country. It’s time to take time out and make unfiltered memories. In this article, Wendy McGlone compiles a list of places to visit to spend quality time with a significant other or perhaps more importantly, yourself.

10. Grand Canal Walk, Co. Dublin

This tour starts in Lucan, Co. Dublin and continues for 117kms to Shannon Harbour. Parking facilities and public transport are available throughout the trail. A map of the trail is available from

9. Paddle Your Own Canoe, Co. Carlow

Perfect for those who love adventure. Spend up to 6 days paddling a canoe down the River Barrow while spending the nights camping. Canoes and camping equipment are available to hire. Packages start from €35 per person per day. Visit for more information.

8. Bere Island, Co. Cork


With a population of fewer than 230 people, Bere Island sits off the coast of Castletownbere, Co. Cork. The island is accessible by ferry only. Phone signal can be temperamental on this picturesque island so this is the perfect place to ditch your phone. The island hosts a meditation and Healing Retreat from 17th September – 23rd September.

7. Cottages for Couples, Co. Cork

Located just outside Skibbereen, County Cork, Cottages For Couples combines the simplicity of a tree house with the luxury of your own private hot tub. Do you really need any more convincing than that? Prices are from €149 per night mid week and usually subject to a minimum 2-night stay.

6. Ballyhoura Nature Trail, Co. Limerick

Perhaps the thoughts of being without your phone for an extended period of time gives you major FOMO. Taking just an hour a day can have huge health benefits. Check out Ballyhoura Nature Trail for their Yoga Walks to get you started on your digital detox.


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