TOP 10 Places You’re GUARNTEED To Get The Shift In Limerick

We have all heard the names and the stories to come out of Limerick. An infamous university city. The home of Paul O’Connell and the Rubber bandits. Limerick is well known for being a great spot for some mighty craic. But when the craic is dry and you have something else on your eye where are you off too? We are going to count down the 10 best spots to get the shift in Limerick.

10. The Library

Shhhhh, keep it down. Well not here, the Library is a nightclub in the middle of the city that is Limericks Resident Stag/Hen party location. With live bands, you can be hopeful for a slow dance and maybe something more.

9. The Lodge

Throwing it back to this lost workhorse of a nightclub. Any former students from UL or Mary I will remember this one. Possibly the only nightclub upon closure to throw an entire city into disarray. RIP. Nonetheless, The Lodge deserves to be mentioned for ruining people’s college lives because of that terrible one night stand or for making it because well you wouldn’t have met that special someone if the lads didn’t drag you for “one more in The Lodge”.

8. Nancy Blake’s

A traditional Irish pub with plenty of character. I’m not sure if the same can be said for the carry on in here. Jager bombs and bodhrans were always an interesting mix. Not where you want to be if you’re looking for a spring chicken but if you’re looking for the mature lemon this where you will find them.

7. Costello’s Tavern

You walk in, your shoes peel off the sticky floors and then someone says “right, come on, we’ll head upstairs”. If you talk to anyone who has ever stepped foot in here, these were their famous last words. Some strange things happen upstairs in Costello’s some best not mentioned but have no fear if you’re on the prowl you won’t go too far wrong here. Aside from the strange things that happen here if you’re a grafter and willing to put in the work outside of the darkness, Costellos is well known for hosting beer pong tournaments and charity events.

6. Crush 87

Well, the name says it all really…

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