10 NURSERY RHYMES we all sang as kids in Ireland

Prepare to feel some nostalgia as we run through ten nursery rhymes we all sang as kids in Ireland.

Top 10 nursery rhymes we all sang as kids in Ireland, RANKED

You may listen to artists such as Dua Lipa, Dermot Kennedy, Justin Bieber, and the likes, but there was once a time when “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” was one of the nursery rhymes we all sang as a kid in Ireland.

Nursery rhymes acted as a great weapon for parents and still do. If you had a baby or a child that refused to stop crying, no problem, just put on or sing a nursery rhyme (we’re aware it isn’t always that easy).

However, the soft tempo and calmness of these songs could even put some adults to sleep.

We’re going to take you back in time to relive your childhood through some famous nursery rhymes we all sang as kids in Ireland. The memories will all start flowing back once you hear the sweet sounds.

If you’re having a stressful day and need some gentle background noise, why not stick some of these on. We won’t tell anyone, don’t worry.

Ireland Before You Die’s top facts about nursery rhymes in Ireland

  • A lot of Irish nursery rhymes have come from an oral tradition that were passed down between generations by singing as opposed to writing down.
  • You can sing Irish nursery rhymes in both English and Irish, showing Ireland’s bilingual history and continuing indigenous influence.
  • The great thing about Irish nursey rhymes are that they can also be used as a tool for teaching young kids in a fun and interactive way!
  • This also feeds in to telling fun and engaging stories about Ireland’s history and past, making it more receptive to children in nursery.
  • A lot of Irish nursery rhymes also focus on nature, animals and farming, showing Ireland’s strong rural tradition and way of life.

10. Hot Cross Buns − the first song anyone learns on an instrument

Hot Cross Buns was one of the nursery rhymes we all sang as kids in Ireland.
Credit: commonswikimedia.org

If you don’t recognise this song from your childhood, you clearly never learned to play an instrument.

As well as this being a popular nursery rhyme to sing along to, it was the unofficial first song anyone who was learning an instrument would be tasked with. Mozart probably even started with this tune.

9. Jack & Jill − a warning to never go up a hill if your name is Jack or Jill

Jack and Jill was a cautionary tale.
Credit: commonswikimedia.org

We all know the story of Jack and Jill going up that cursed hill to fetch a pail of water, only for disaster to quickly strike.

The nursery rhyme cleverly disguised the trauma of the two of them falling down that hill with their catchy tune. Thankfully we have running water now and don’t need to go near any hills.

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8. Humpty Dumpty − a reminder to not sit on walls

Humpty Dumpty was one of the nursery rhymes we all sang as kids in Ireland.
Credit: commonswikimedia.org

These nursery rhymes were great at warning us against the dangers of life, weren’t they? Did we listen? More than likely not.

“Humpty Dumpty” is another classic nursery rhyme that we all sang as kids in Ireland. Ironically, we probably sang it as we sat on a wall.

7. Ring-a-ring-a-Roses − one to get everyone involved

Ring a ring a roses got everyone involved.
Credit: pixabay.com

Who didn’t love swinging their friends around in a circle to this song? Especially when it came to the part when you would all have to fall down.

Great times were had on the playground to this nursery rhyme. This song was easily the cause of a lot of cuts and bruises on kids, depending on who you were beside when it came to the fall down part.

This nursery rhyme allegedly originates from the Great Plague. The falling down came from people dying!

6. Row Row Row your Boat − one of the top ten nursery rhymes we all sang as kids in Ireland

Row row row your boat was one of the nursery rhymes we all sang as kids in Ireland.
Credit: commonswikimedia.org

If there ever was a more calming nursery rhyme, it’s this one. Except if you’re a parent who has to listen to it 50 times a day (we sympathise).

One of the most optimistic nursery rhymes out there might we add. The fun really began when you tried to sing this in rounds.

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5. Old MacDonald Had a Farm − Ireland’s version of Noah’s Ark

Old MacDonald got was Ireland's Noah's Ark.
Credit: pixy.org

We would like to imagine this nursery rhyme was most farmers’ first inspiration to choose a career in farming.

One of the more educational rhymes out there as we brought through all of the farm animals and their sounds.

If you grew up in an Irish household, you’ll definitely know this one. Are the memories starting to resurface yet?

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4. How Much is that Doggie in the Window? −  always ready for the barking bit

How much is that Doggie in the Window was one of the nursery rhymes we all sang as kids in Ireland.
Credit: pixabay.com / @LUM3N

Did we ever find out how much that dog in the window cost? Although we do think that he was never actually for sale (spoiler).

The child in this nursery rhyme made it very clear that they were not interested in any other animal other than that dog. They wouldn’t have been too impressed by Old MacDonald’s farm.

3. Baa Baa Black Sheep − we hope this sheep was charging for the wool

Baa Baa Black was a popular nursery rhyme.
Credit: Flickr / Tony Hammond

The story of a sheep offering three bags of his own wool is a very famous nursery rhyme. We hope that this sheep in question was well compensated for his wool.

It seems that they were giving it to everyone. This is another one of the top ten nursery rhymes we all sang as kids in Ireland.

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2. Mary Had a Little Lamb − the reason every little girl wanted a lamb

Mary Had a Little Lamb was one of the nursery rhymes we all sang as kids in Ireland.

Many little girls asked their parents for a little lamb after hearing this nursery rhyme. Now how do you get around that one?

Another classic first tune for piano and recorder beginners to master as well.

1. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star − the mecca of all Irish nursery rhymes

Twinkle Twinkle is one we all know.
Credit: commonswikimedia.org

You’re definitely singing this as you read it, aren’t you? A much-loved classic that has been around for decades. It’s so catchy, what’s not to love?

Every child at one stage or another has performed this nursery rhyme.

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Your questions answered about nursery rhymes we all sang as kids in Ireland

Have a read of our article and still have some questions? You’re in the right place. Here are the most frequently asked questions about nursery rhymes we all sang as kids in Ireland.

What is the translation of Dilin o Deamhas?

Dilin O Deamhas is an Irish nursery rhyme and an English version people sang as kids would have been called ‘She Didn’t Dance’.

What is the oldest surviving nursery rhyme?

The French nursery rhyme ‘Sur le Pont d’Avingnon’ has been sang from the 1400s.

What is the oldest English nursery rhyme?

The oldest recorded nursery rhyme in the English language is called ‘Ding Dong Bell’. It was recorded in 1580.

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