Top 10 M50 eFlow Toll FAQs & How to Pay

eFlow is an Irish toll booth which was introduced in 2008 on the M50 motorway, which provides a ring-road around Dublin city.

The eFlow toll system eliminates traditional tollbooths, where you must pay with exact coins or at a cashier. Instead, eFlow manages the collection of toll fees electronically, as cars pass the “virtual toll” point. There is no physical stop-system in place.

The concept behind eFlow is to provide passengers on the M50, the busiest motorway in Ireland, a hassle-free, efficient journey from A to B. And, although it is more functional in many ways, it can be a bit of a head-scratcher for first-time users.

Here is everything you know from how to pay and penalties to exemptions and the app.

1. Where is the M50 Toll?

This “virtual toll” is located on the M50 motorway in Dublin, between Junction 6 (N3 Blanchardstown) and Junction 7 (N4 Lucan). There will be signs indicating the toll on approach in either direction. On crossing the toll, there will be a purple “TOLL HERE” sign and a string of cameras overhead, clocking registrations.

2. How Much Will it Cost?

The cost of the M50 toll depends on the vehicle you are driving (December 2018):

Car/public service vehicle (8 people)€3.10€2.60€2.10
Goods vehicle not exceeding unladen 2,000kg€3.90€3.40€2.90
Bus/coach (more than 8 people)€3.90€3.40€2.90
Goods vehicle between unladen weight 2,000-10,000kg€5.30€4.80€4.20
Goods vehicle exceeding 10,000kg unladen weight€6.30€5.80€5.30
Tractor/articulated vehicle€6.30€5.80€5.30

3. What if I Don’t Pay?

If you are unregistered (and do not have an account with eFlow or a tag provider) you must pay your toll fee before 8pm the following day. If you do not, a €3.00 will be added to your charge. A penalty letter will also be issued to the address registered to the vehicle in question.

After 14 days, an additional late penalty of €41.50 will be added to the penalty, and if the toll charge has not been paid after 56 days an additional penalty charge of €103.50 will be added, on top of that.

If the payment continues to remain outstanding, legal proceedings may be carried out.

4. How Do I Pay?

There are many ways to pay your M50 eFlow toll. Unregistered users can simply pay online (before 8pm the following day) penalty-free. There is also an M50 Quick Pay app available for download on Apple and Android smartphones, too.

The two easiest methods, however, are via the M50 Video Account (eFlow account) and a tag provider (a system to help pay toll charges for frequent motorway users).

M50 Video Account
This auto-pay account manages all of your toll fees. This means that whenever you pass a toll, your account will automatically be charged, and you will not have to pay manually.

Tag Provider
This is another type of auto-pay which is best suited for those who use motorway tolls often. The driver rents a “tag” for €1.23 per month, and this enables the driver to use the “express lane” at any toll in Ireland. It also offers great savings on toll fees, too.

5. How Long Do I Have To Pay?

If you have an auto-pay account (either an eFlow account or a tag provider), you will be charged automatically.

If you are unregistered, you have until 8pm the following day to pay the toll.

6. Who is Exempt from Paying Tolls?

The following vehicles are exempt from paying toll fees:
• Motorcycles
• Vehicles modified for disabled use
• Garda and ambulance vehicles
• Fingal County Council vehicles
• Army vehicles
• Vehicles performing maintenance on the M50

7. What if I am an Electric Vehicle Owner?

As of June 2018, owners of electric vehicles can avail of reduced toll costs. This government incentive is to encourage road-users to invest in more environmentally friendly vehicles.

Electric vehicles can learn more about the Electric Vehicle Toll Incentive (EVTI) online, and sign up for toll refunds today.

8. Who is eFlow?

eFlow is the operator of the electronic toll on the M50. eFlow has a registered business name of Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) and all fares and penalties collected from the toll go directly to TII who use this money for network improvement and road maintenance.

9. Is the M50 privately owned?

No, the M50 is a public infrastructure of the Irish government, managed by TII.

10. Can I “Skip” The eFlow Toll?

Yes, if you do not pass the toll by choosing to exit the M50 motorway, you will not be charged.

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