Top 10 Irish podcasts you need to listen to before you die

Podcasting is taking over the world, and thankfully, there are some great Irish podcasts to keep us all entertained.

We are a nation of storytellers, and the amount of excellent Irish podcasts available to listen to proves just that.

While visiting a country is a great way to soak up the culture, we feel there is enormous importance in listening to the stories of our nation. Podcasts are a great way to discover those stories on a budget.

But where to begin? Type in “Irish podcasts” to your streaming service, and you’re sure to be overwhelmed with the number of results that come back to stare at you.

Don’t worry, though; we have you covered. We’ve made a list of our favourite podcasts, covering all angles, so there’ll be something here for everyone.

Read on to discover our top ten picks for Irish podcasts you need to listen to before you die.

10. Friends of Dorothy – for your dose of LGBTQIA culture

Friends of Dorothy is a must-listen.
Credit: Facebook / @friendsofdorothypod

Hosted by the queen of Cork, Candy Warhol, and Galway’s one and only Kiki St Clair, Friends of Dorothy is a podcast full of humour while covering topics of LGBT+ culture.

They host an array of queer talent and allies, and the topics covered are always aimed to inspire.

9. Shite Talk: An Irish History Podcast – for easy-access history

Shite Talk is one of the Irish podcasts you need to listen to.
Credit: Facebook / @shitetalkhistory

This history podcast provides fun information on various Irish interest topics in a language that is easy to understand for all.

Hosted by Kevin Larney and Jason Brennan, these two friends make learning interesting, with topics including Ireland’s famous Tayto crisps and the history of Irish collar wrestling.

8. West Cork – for true crime lovers

West Cork deals with a harrowing story.

West Cork was a podcast made back in 2018 that still stands the test of time, and that’s why it’s on the list of top Irish podcasts you need to listen to.

This year has shown increased interest in the Sophie Toscan Du Plantier case, with two documentaries released in the past months.

While the podcast is only 13 episodes long, it’s well worth the listen to get more insight on Sophie’s unsolved case.

7. Phoning It In – for improvised humour

Phoning It In is one of the Irish podcasts you need to listen to.
Credit: Facebook / @PhoningItInPod

Phoning It In is an improvised podcast performed in the style of a phone-in talk show (think Joe Duffy). Hosted by Dave Coffey, Dave’s ‘callers’ never know what they’re calling in to talk about.

Dave feeds them a line, and the chaos unfolds from there. Expect to hear cameos from some of Ireland’s best comedians.

6. The Laughs of Your Life with Doireann Garrihy – for conversations about laughter

The Laughs of Your Life will have you cracking up.
Credit: Facebook / @DGarrihy

2FMs Doireann Garrihy hosts this podcast, where she interviews influential Irish people, from comedians to politicians, about their experiences with laughter.

Her interview style enables her guests to unveil a layer of themselves that allows for well-cultivated intimacy that we wouldn’t otherwise see.

5. The Irish Music Industry Podcast – for music fans

The Irish Music Industry Podcast is one of the Irish podcasts you need to listen to.
Credit: Facebook / Mark Graham

Mark Graham’s podcast brings the listener through all the ins and outs of the vast Irish music industry.

It’s tailored to have something for everyone, from seasoned music professionals to people who don’t play music but have an interest in it.

Expect to learn a lot about the industry while also discovering many new bands to add to your Spotify playlists.

4. Murder Most Irish – for lovers of the macabre

Murder Most Irish is a great true crime podcast.
Credit: Facebook / Colin, Cut This Out! (Murder Most Irish)

Murder Most Irish is hosted by friends Sarah Jane and Emma and guides the listener through some of Ireland’s most iconic and lesser-known murder cases.

Think My Favourite Murder but Irish – the winning combo for Irish podcasts you need to listen to. You can never beat a good true-crime podcast.

3. Dreamgun Film Reads – for film buffs

Dreamgun Film Reads is one of the Irish podcasts you need to listen to.
Credit: Facebook / @dreamgunandsons

This is a must-listen for any film fan. The Dreamgun team takes original movie scripts and re-writes them to include lots of silly jokes.

They then present them to a group of actors to read for the first time in front of a live audience. Expect full belly laughs with this one.

This is a unique listening experience, easily landing it in the top three category for Irish podcasts you need to listen to.

2. Tony Cantwell’s Hit Show – for intimate laughs

Tony Cantwell's Hit Show is a must-listen.
Credit: Facebook / Tony Cantwell Comedy

If you haven’t heard of Tony Cantwell yet, you’re doing everything wrong. Tony’s podcast is intimate because it feels like he is talking to you and only you.

From film reviews to Eurovision themed shows to personal stories about his family, this show will make you laugh while making you feel less alone in yourself.

1. My Therapist Ghosted Me – for outrageous humour

My Therapist Ghosted Me tops our list of Irish podcasts you need to listen to.

Hosted by the iconic Joanne McNally and Vogue Williams, these two friends cover various topics while maintaining blunt, brutal, yet utterly hilarious honesty with each other.

This one gets us laughing every single time. Get listening now!

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