Top 10 great Christmas gifts to get if you didn’t win the lottery

Christmas is the season of giving. So, if you’re stuck for what to get your friends and family, here are some great Christmas gift ideas to suit all budgets.  

We all dream of winning the lottery, but we also all know that we’d require Lady Luck’s greatest blessing to pull off such a feat.

For the rest of us, Christmas gifts are about doing the best we can with what we have. With that in mind, we are sharing some brilliant suggestions for Christmas gifts (in no particular order) to hopefully inspire a direction to explore for the people you love.

Here are ten great Christmas gifts to get if you didn’t win the lottery this year.

10. E-book reader – a handheld library

E-book readers are great for avid readers.
Credit: Pixabay / tablethelpline

We know most of us prefer the feel of paper between our fingers, but once you try out the convenience of an e-book reader for yourself, the benefits become impossible to ignore.

Systems like the Kindle Paperwhite are light, have long-lasting batteries, and can fit hundreds of books on a single device.

Even better, there are a lot of legal and free full books websites to get readers started.

9. Vouchers – let them pick their own present

Vouchers are one of the great Christmas gifts.
Credit: Flickr / Matt@CKG

It’s difficult to know exactly what a person wants, even if they’re an enthusiast in a certain realm.

To this end, if you know somebody who shops somewhere but are unfamiliar with the particulars of what they want, then vouchers can be great Christmas gifts.

8. Battery bank – the useful present idea

Battery banks are a useful gift.
Credit: Pixabay / LYOO_JW

If you know somebody constantly running out of mobile battery when out and about, then purchasing a battery bank can both help them and eliminate frustration for you.

Just be aware that if they travel by plane a lot, then you won’t want to go over a 27,000mAh capacity as most airlines ban these.

7. Wireless charging pads – a modern-day necessity

Wireless charging pads is one of the great Christmas gifts.
Credit: Flickr / Adafruit Industries

Building on the mobile battery idea is wireless chargers. If supported by the right build of phone, this can give users a permanent place where they can simply lay their phone down to have it charge.

If somebody you know constantly loses their charging cables, this can be a godsend.

6. Chromecast with Google TV – upgrade your old TV set

Chromecast with Google TV is great for TV or movie-lovers.

Family time over Christmas means a lot of hanging out, where sharing funny videos on systems like YouTube can be a great time.

It can also be frustrating, however, as old and slow smart-TV functionality drags the experience down.

The latest generation of Chromecast sidesteps this problem by essentially giving fast, modern smart-TV functionality to any device that accepts HDMI input.

5. Bluetooth earphones – one of the great Christmas gift ideas for this year

Bluetooth earphones are one of the great Christmas gifts.
Credit: Pixabay / vinny1987

Speaking of TVs, Bluetooth adapters and earphones can be fantastic gifts if someone in your house tends to watch at full volume.

With this modern tech, they can watch as loud as they want without disturbing anyone else.

4. Galaxy projector – explore the night sky

A galaxy projector will light up your room.
Credit: Instagram / @my_tiny_kingdom

More than just a nightlight, systems like the NOOK Galaxy Projector can be powerful tools in assisting people to gain a pleasant night’s sleep.

With built-in speakers that can also project white noise, these can give your bedroom the appearance of the stars to help you into dreamland.

Plus, if you get lucky in the New Years Eve draw, you might be able to buy a real trip to space on something like Virgin Galactic.

3. Mixed chocolates – perfect for the friend with a sweet tooth

Mixed chocolates are one of the great Christmas gifts.

Not the most original suggestion, but classics are classics for a reason.

A simple surprise mystery box of mixed chocolates and sweets is impossible to turn down. Plus, they won’t break the bank. Just try not to eat them all at once.

2. Personalised mug – something they can keep forever

Everyone loves personalised mugs.
Credit: Flickr / Personal Creations

Another cheap and low-tech suggestion is getting somebody a personalised mug for tea or coffee. It can be a great way to let your loved ones know you care.

1. Slippers – the perfect Christmas gift idea for everyone

Slippers top our list of great Christmas gifts.
Credit: Flickr / Kerri Lee Smith

To round out our list of great Christmas ideas, we’re going with the most comfortable suggestion – a nice warm pair of slippers.

Useful year-round slippers may be simple, but some of the best things in life are.

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