Top 10 Most Famous Pubs In All Of Ireland

Ireland is renowned for its pubs: friendly, often lively, public houses where alcohol is served. Some have inspired artists and appeared as the backdrop to works of literature, film, music and song. The design and layout of the Irish pub is replicated the world over. Here, Marion McGarry discusses some of the more famous and iconic Irish pubs.

10. Tigh Neachtain’s, Galway City

Tigh Neachtain’s was established in 1894 and offers good Guinness and over 100 whiskeys. This is an old world pub and like any good Irish pub has a dimly lit interior and open fire, with cosy areas to sit at. The pub has a reputation for supporting local cultural festivals and groups and host regular traditional music sessions.

9. The Stag’s Head, Dublin City

The Stag’s Head is a landmark pub in Dublin with an interior characterized by the typically urban Irish Victorian pub interior. The main area is a long, spacious room with a bar of polished mahogany and walnut, with Connemara marble with a highly decorated ceiling above.

8. Mutton Lane Inn, Cork City

Near the famous English Market, this tiny but inviting pub is one of Cork city’s oldest. Characterized by its distinctive mural and beer kegs on which to sit, this is a quiet, dim and candle-lit pub that lends itself to a conversation.

7. The Temple Bar, Dublin City

There is never a dull moment at Dublin’s Temple Bar. Situated in the heart of Dublin’s Temple Bar district near the banks of the River Liffey, this brightly painted pub is beloved by tourists. It is always busy and lively, and visitors can try the traditional combo of oysters and Guinness here.

6. The Crown, Belfast City

One of Northern Ireland’s best known pubs, the Crown Liquor Saloon is said to be one of the last Victorian gin palaces on the island. Most of all it is noted for its lavish design, inside and out. There are some elements typical of the Irish pub interior in the form of cosy snugs, richly decorated ceilings and a red polished stone bar top. The rest is an example of Victorian lavishness, with ornate wood carving, polished brass, glass, polychromatic tiles and period gas lights which were all at the height of fashion when it was refurbished in 1885. It all combines to create a vivid atmosphere that is worth experiencing.

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