Top 10 facts you didn’t know about Brian O’Driscoll, REVEALED

BOD is one of the most successful and respected sports stars of Irish history, but do you know all about him? Here are ten facts about Brian O’Driscoll you didn’t know.

Ireland has been lucky to call upon the services of several world-class and hugely talented sportsmen and women over the years, covering all sports and fields, and competing in national, continental, and international competitions.

But chief among them and up there with the most successful, talented, and influential of sports stars is Brian O’Driscoll, the former Irish rugby captain who achieved it all with Leinster, Ireland, and the Lions.

However, whilst hugely popular and respected, there may be a few blindsides to people’s knowledge of the Dublin man. Here are ten facts you didn’t know about Brian O’Driscoll, revealed.

10. He is Ireland’s all-time record try-scorer – answering Ireland’s call

He is Ireland's all-time record try-scorer.

O’Driscoll played as a ‘centre’ for Ireland throughout his career, and this often left him in attacking position where he could hurt his opponents.

Across a 15-year international career and a total of 133 test matches, O’Driscoll scored 47 tries, a total of 235 points. He also converted five drop goals.

9. He is married to a talented Irish actress – a successful family

One of the facts about Brian O’Driscoll is he is married to a talented actress.
Credit: Instagram / @amy_huberman

One of the first facts about Brian O’Driscoll is that he is married to Irish actress Amy Huberman.

The pair were wed in 2010, and Huberman starred in her role as Daisy in the RTÉ series Clinic. O’Driscoll even revealed that he often helps Huberman with her lines when she is learning a script.

8. He is a Manchester United fan – one of the interesting facts about Brian O’Driscoll

He is a Manchester United fan.
Credit: / @MulaMiszczu

What football team someone supports is often one of the first questions asked, and if you ever asked Brian O’Driscoll who he supported, then he would tell you Manchester United.

He spoke with the United website in 2016, where he revealed that when he was four or five, his cousins from England convinced him to support United despite the fact the majority of people around him supported Liverpool.

7. He once played Gaelic football – what could have been in Croke Park

One of the facts about Brian O’Driscoll is he used to play Gaelic football.

While Ireland did, for a brief period, play at Croke Park as the Aviva Stadium was being built, BOD could have been playing at Ireland’s iconic stadium for entirely different reasons.

As a child, O’Driscoll played Gaelic football before he moved to rugby, and we are left questioning what could have been had he lined out for Dublin and not Ireland in Drumcondra.

6. Hall of Famer – amongst the rugby greats

He is a Hall of Famer.

Brian O’Driscoll was inducted into the Rugby Hall of Fame on 17 November 2016, just reward and recognition for his immense professional career and contribution to the game of rugby.

5. Top try-scorer in Six Nations history – overcoming Europe’s best opponents

Number five on our list of facts about Brian O’Driscoll.

Among the many remarkable facts about Brian O’Driscoll is that he holds the record for the most tries scored in the Six Nations, which is an annual competition including Ireland, England, France, Scotland, Wales, and Italy.

O’Driscoll finished his Six Nations career with a total of 26 tries.

4. He led Ireland to their first Grand Slam in 61 years – changing the tide of history

He led Ireland to their first Grand Slam in 61 years.

In 2009, under Declan Kidney’s management, Ireland had faced a challenge that no Ireland side had overcome in just over six decades; lifting the Grand Slam, a feat achieved when you defeat all five teams in the Six Nations.

O’Driscoll scored the most tries (four) and won Player of the Tournament as Ireland swept past France, Italy, England, Scotland, and Wales on the final day to lift the trophy in Cardiff.

3. He has won an incredible amount of trophies – plenty of prizes

Number three on our list of facts about Brian O’Driscoll.
Credit: Instagram / @brianodriscoll

One of the best facts about Brian O’Driscoll is the number of trophies, both individual and collective, that he has won over his glittering career. For Leinster, he won four Celtic Leagues and three European Cups.

For Ireland, he won two Six Nations Championships, a Grand Slam, and four Triple Crowns, while he was part of the victorious British and Irish Lions series in 2013.

Individually, BOD won the Six Nations Player of the Tournament three times, was Lions captain in 2005 (and toured an incredible four times with them), and made the Rugby World Magazine Player of the Decade in 2010.

2. He is the second-most capped player in Rugby Union history – a long and esteemed career

He is the second-most capped player.
Credit: Instagram / @brianodriscoll

One of the more remarkable facts about Brian O’Driscoll is that he is the second most-capped player in Rugby Union history.

In total, BOD played 141 test games, which included 133 for Ireland and a further eight for the British and Irish Lions.

1. A true Irish leader – leading his country into battle

Number one on our list of facts about Brian O’Driscoll.
Credit: Instagram / @brianodriscoll

One of the traits that made O’Driscoll the player that he is were his leadership qualities, and this led him to the captaincy of the Irish team.

Over his career, BOD became the player to captain Ireland the most times, a total of 83 games between November 2002 and June 2012.

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