Top 10 facts about Bob Geldof you never knew

Sir Bob Geldof has many interesting aspects to his life, including what we already know, but here are some facts about him that you might not have known.

Bob Geldof is a name you may all recognise, but how much do you REALLY know about this popular Irish figure?

We all know him as the leading member of The Boomtown Rats and for being the man behind Live Aid, Band Aid, and Live 8, but there are some facts about Bob Geldof that may surprise you.

Many of us would be familiar with hit songs written by the man himself, or may have watched his charity events as they happened, but perhaps these ten facts about Bob Geldof will outline a few other parts of his life you didn’t know about before.

This legendary rock star has been a prominent figure in the world of charity, international social peace, and of course in the music industry.

He is certainly an icon and legend among the Irish nation. So, let’s learn a little more about the man that is Sir Bob Geldof.

10. His birthday − born in the baby boomers generation

One of the facts about Bob Geldof is he is a Libra star sign.

One of the facts about Sir Bob Geldof is that he was born on 5 October 1951. This means that he is 70 years old with a Libra star sign.

9. He has multiple awards − well-deserved achievements

He has won multiple awards.

We all know he has had many awards for his music, including a Brit Award for his outstanding contribution to music. He and Bono have shared the stage, as well as their passions for philanthropy.

However, did you know he has received the ‘Man of Peace’ title for his outstanding contribution to international social justice and peace?

8. His previous jobs − it wasn’t always about the music

One of the facts about Bob Geldof is he used to be a pea canner.

After graduating and before landing a fantastic music career, Geldof worked as a pea canner and a slaughterman until he finally got his foot in the music industry door by landing a job as a music journalist in Vancouver, Canada.

7. His net worth − a hell of a number

He net worth is huge.
Credit: Flickr / Images Money

Sir Bob Geldof has had a lot of success throughout the years. He has a net worth, as of 2022, of a whopping €150 million.

6. His heritage − a mix of cultures

One of the facts about Bob Geldof is he has a mix of cultures as his background.
Bob Geldof by Roger Woolman

One of the facts about Bob Geldof you never knew is that according to himself, he is one-quarter Jewish, one-quarter Catholic, one-quarter Protestant, and one-quarter nothing, to which he has said, “The nothing won”. Take that as you will!

5. His full name − a true rockstar name

One of the facts about Bob Geldof is his full name is Robert Frederick Zenon Geldof.
Credit: Steven Toole

Believe it or not, Bob Geldof is not his full name. In fact, he has a pretty cool string of names – Robert Frederick Zenon Geldof.

Zenon is the name of his paternal grandfather, a Belgian immigrant! His name was one of the reasons he was bullied at school, but we think it’s a pretty cool rock star name.

4. He’s a Southsider − Dublin man at heart

Bod Geldof is a southsider and a Dublin man at heart.

This rock legend hails from Dún Laoghaire in County Dublin, a place famous for its pier, its ice cream, and its relaxing coastal vibe. Next time you find yourself here, maybe you’ll spot him walking down the street.

Check out our list of the best things to do in Dún Laoghaire here.

3. Movie star − he loves a cameo

One of the facts about Bob Geldof is he has made several cameo appearances in films.

Although he isn’t an actor, he has cameoed in various movies, including Bernard and the Genie (1991), Being Mick (2001), Spiceworld (1997), and Bad Girl (2012).

Apart from this, he has acted as a guest TV presenter on the Canadian children’s show, Switchback.

2. I Don’t Like Mondays − the making of a hit song

I Don't Like Monday's has a dark story behind it.

He wrote the hit song ‘I Don’t Like Mondays’ following an attempted massacre in San Diego, USA, by a young girl who, when asked why she did it, replied she didn’t like Mondays.

1. He is knighted − when he became a Sir


In 1986, Bob Geldof became a Sir when he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for his admirable charity work in Africa.

Geldof, who turned 70 years old as of the 5th of October 2021, has undeniably achieved a lot in his lifetime, much more than many others of his era, and for that, we are all very proud.

We’re just eager to know what he has in store next, but whatever it is, we’re sure it’ll be brilliant.

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