Top 10 facts about Annie Mac you didn’t know

It’s hard to imagine BBC Radio 1 without the legendary Irish broadcaster. We bid her farewell with ten fun facts about Annie Mac that might surprise even die-hard fans.

Irish broadcaster Annie Mac left the BBC and her dance radio show after 17 years. The D.J., broadcaster, and writer hosted her first BBC Radio 1 programme on 29 July 2004 and quickly became a household name among music lovers.

On 20 April 2021, Annie announced that she would leave the station to spend more time with her family. Her final ‘Dance Party’ show aired on 30 July 2021 – probably the saddest of the facts about Annie Mac we can think of!

10. Annie Mac isn’t her real name – but everyone calls her by it

Annie Mac is not actually her real name.
Credit: Instagram / @anniemacmanus

Annie was born as Annie MacManus on 18 July 1978 in Dublin. However, she thought the name was too long to remember, so she shortened it to Annie Mac.

These days, most people just call her by her nickname, another of the great facts about Annie Mac.

9. She studied English Literature – but reading has remained a hobby

One of the facts about Annie Mac you might not know is that she studied English Literature.
Credit: Tourism NI

While Annie always dreamt of getting everyone dancing, she had a plan B just in case. Before conquering the world as a D.J., she studied English Literature at Queen’s University Belfast.

8. Her brother was a rockstar – he was a well-known name in London’s indie scene

Davey MacManus was a successful rockstar.
Credit: Instagram / @rilex_musik

The love for music seems to run in the family: Annie’s brother Davey MacManus was quite a well-known face in the scene.

He was the lead singer and guitarist in British indie bands The Crocketts and The Crimea.

7. Her favourite interview was with Kendrick Lamar – she is also a huge fan

One of the facts about Annie Mac you might not know is that she is a big fan of Kendrick Lamar.

Another of the facts about Annie Mac is that she has interviewed thousands of stars during her radio career.

But as with most show hosts, there’s one or two that are especially stuck in her head. When asked about her all-time favourite interviewee by Refinery29, she named rapper Kendrick Lamar.

“He’s one of my favourite artists around and the most low-key, generous, kind-spirited person I’ve ever interviewed,” she said. “There are people who are egoless and just incredible, and they blow your mind.”

6. Annie hosts her own festival – it takes place in Malta

Annie hosts her own festival.
Credit: Instagram / @amplostandfound

In 2015, the D.J. first organized the Annie Mac Presents: Lost & Found Festival in Malta. It has become an annual event attracting music fans from all over Europe.

The four-day event takes place in late May/early June and is a mix of day and night parties held at different venues across the island. This is one of the facts about Annie Mac that every fan should be aware of!

5. She has two children – and they are her number one priority

One of the best facts about Annie Mac is that she has two children.
Credit: Instagram / @anniemacmanus

Annie is married to Tom Bell, better known as D.J. Toddla T. The record producer and songwriter from Sheffield also hosted a show on BBC Radio 1 for 11 years.

The pair have two kids, born in May 2013 and January 2017.

4. She is currently writing a novel – and we can’t wait to read it

She is currently writing a follow-up novel to Mother, Mother.
Credit: Instagram / @anniemacmanus

In May, Annie Mac published her first book, Mother Mother, a coming-of-age novel about a teenager whose mother disappeared out of the blue. She describes it as “a love letter” to her hometown Belfast.

The novel became an instant hit, so it comes with little surprise that the broadcaster is already working on a follow-up. While there’s not much detail about it yet, Annie seems determined to make writing a permanent second career path.

3. Annie loves football – she supports Tottenham

One of the fun facts about Annie Mac is that she loves football.
Credit: Instagram / @anniemacmanus

It’s not hard to guess who Annie Mac supported in the EURO final: The D.J. is a massive football fan and supports North London team Tottenham Hotspur F.C.

She also goes to the occasional match, so keep your eyes peeled when you are in the stadium.

2. She has her own podcast – give it a listen

She has her own podcast.
Credit: Instagram / @anniemacmanus

While we are mourning Annie’s BBC departure, we are glad we won’t have to live without her celebrity interviews as she hosts her own podcast called ‘Changes with Annie Macmanus’.

Here, she interviews public figures about life-changing events and here previous guests include Beth Ditto, Robyn, and Katie Price.

1. Annie still loves a party – as long as it’s over by midnight

One of the fun facts about Annie Mac is that she loves to party.
Credit: Instagram / @anniemacmanus

Since becoming a mother, Annie’s priorities have shifted with DJing and partying being special occasions these days rather than her day-to-day life. While she still D.J.s at clubs occasionally, she tries to avoid the “party jetlag” caused by too much sleep deprivation.

Annie prefers festivals, as she explained in an interview: “I can be home by 11 PM and go straight to bed”.

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