Top 10 essentials for an Irish Road Trip

Ireland is best discovered by road. So, pack your bag and brush up on your knowledge; here are ten essentials for an Irish road trip.

Maybe you’re planning a trip along the Wild Atlantic Way or are looking for a fun day trip from Dublin. Whatever you’re planning, we are here to give you the lowdown on essentials for an Irish road trip.

There’s nothing worse than setting off before realising you’ve forgotten something important. Not only can this be a waste of time and money, but it can also put a dampener on your trip.

To avoid this happening, read on to find out how to be prepared for your road trip in Ireland.

10. Comfortable shoes – an absolute must for a pleasant journey

Wearing comfortable shoes is so important.

Uncomfortable driving shoes will not only prove annoying but could also be an unnecessary, dangerous distraction.

When you’re spending hours on the road, you want to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible, and this starts with your feet.

So, kicking off our list of essentials for an Irish road trip is a comfortable pair of shoes.

9. A great playlist – for some carpool karaoke

One of the essentials for an Irish road trip is a good playlist.
Credit: Anton Murygin / Unsplash

A lively playlist is a must for a road trip around Ireland. Whether you go old school with a CD, curate your own Spotify playlist, or tune into a local radio station, who doesn’t love singing while driving?

When the road seems to go on forever, everyone’s getting tired, and spirits are low, a great song can work wonders to lift the mood.

8. A reliable vehicle – one of the most important things

A reliable vehicle is so important.
Credit: / C Michael Hogan

You want your Irish road trip to be as safe and hassle-free as possible, so making sure you’re travelling in a reliable vehicle is imperative.

If you’re flying in, you can book a car rental at Dublin airport to suit your needs. There are plenty of rental companies operating at the airport, so you’ll have plenty to choose from here.

7. Snacks and drinks – you might not pass a shop for a while

Snacks and drinks are among the essentials for an Irish road trip.
Credit: Instagram / @rachelburden_radio

Stocking up on snacks and drinks is essential for an Irish road trip. Travelling along rural country roads, you may not pass a shop for quite a while.

So, before you head off, stock up on enough food and drinks to keep you going for a good while, at least. Why not take the opportunity to try some traditional Irish food and snacks on the go?

6. A plan – best to be prepared

Make sure you're prepared before heading off.
Credit: Pixabay / ErikaWittlieb

Having an idea of where you want to go will prove invaluable when you’re on the road. This is particularly important if you’re working within time or budget constraints.

Having a rough plan of places you want to see, things you want to do, and where to stay will help save you lots of time and money when you’re travelling about.

5. A phone and charger – one of the essentials for an Irish road trip

A phone and charger are two essentials for an Irish road trip.

Nowadays, phones are peoples’ pocket companions. They are a little hub of everything you need, from important documents to GPS, Spotify playlists to reams of Google knowledge.

We also recommend packing your charger. Most modern cars accommodate phone charging, so you can plug your device in when the battery gets low.

4. Euros and sterling – don’t get caught out

Make sure to bring euros and sterling.
Credit: Flickr / Dean Shareski

While there is no physical border between the north and south of Ireland, they are, in fact, split into two separate jurisdictions: Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

The two countries use different currencies, so if you’re planning on travelling between them, make sure you have the correct cash for both. Plus, many roads in Ireland are operated by tolls, so make sure you have cash on hand to pay for these.

3. Sensible clothing – for Ireland’s unpredictable weather

Sensible clothing is one of the essentials for an Irish road trip.
Credit: Pixabay / Free-Photos

Ireland’s weather is known to be unpredictable at best, so you’re better off packing clothes for all eventualities.

Pack layers so you can layer up when it gets cold or strip some off if it gets warm. Plus, with anywhere between 150 to 250 days of rain per year, it is also a good idea to pack some clothes suited to wet conditions.

2. Insurance – a legal requirement

Make sure you sort your insurance.

One of the most important things to check before heading off on an Irish road trip is proper documentation. This is essential on any travel or road trip packing list.

Make sure you are properly insured to drive in Ireland, with all the proper documentation to prove it. You don’t want your holiday ruined by forgetting these!

1. An open mind – for a change of plans

An open mind tops our list of essentials for an Irish road trip.
Credit: Tourism Ireland

While it’s good to have an idea of where you want to go and things you want to see, some of the best things can be found unexpectedly.

Therefore, one of the essentials for an Irish road trip is an open mind. Be open to unexpected stops, discovering hidden gems, and making last-minute changes!

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