Top 10 Derry Girls filming locations you can visit

We don’t know about you, but we’re not quite ready to bid farewell to Derry Girls just yet. If you’re a fan of the hugely successful comedy series, here are ten Derry Girls filming locations you can actually visit.

In April, the hit Channel 4 comedy series made its long-awaited return for season three.

Delighting fans with its witty quips, hilarious plot lines, and even emotional scenes, Derry Girls has been a hit with fans from all across Northern Ireland and further afield.

Following the lives of four teenage girls, Erin Quinn, Michelle Mallon, Clare Devlin, and Orla McCool, and a wee English fella, James Maguire, set against the backdrop of political unrest in Northern Ireland, Derry Girls struck a chord with many who grew up in 1990s Northern Ireland.

So, if you’re a fan of the show and aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to it yet, here are ten Derry Girls filming locations you can actually visit. When you’re here, make sure to check out the best pubs in Derry.

10. Orchard Row, Derry City, Co. Derry – where the gang chase Toto, the dog

Overlooking the city’s Bogside area, Orchard Row features in Derry Girls season one, episode three of the hit comedy show.

The street features when the girls are seen chasing Toto the dog, who they believe to be dead, down the street and into St Columba’s Church.

Address: Orchard Row, Co. Derry

9. Smithfield Market, Belfast, Co. Antrim – where the girls find their prom dresses

The girls shop for prom dresses at Smithfield Market.

Located in Belfast City Centre, one of the most iconic Derry Girls filming locations you can visit is the Smithfield Market shopping centre, which also has some spooky ghost stories.

Located close to the city’s iconic Cathedral Quarter, Derry Girls fans will recognise this spot as the place where the girls go shopping for prom dresses.

Address: Belfast, County Antrim, BT1 1JQ

8. Downpatrick Railway Station, Co. Down – hop aboard the Downpatrick and County Down Railway

Downpatrick Railway Station is one of the Derry Girls filming locations you can actually visit.

In the third and final season, we see the gang and the Quinn family head off on a day trip to Portrush. They hop aboard the train in what is meant to be Derry but is actually County Down.

The scenes at the supposed Derry train station were actually filmed at the Downpatrick and County Down Railway.

Address: Market St, Downpatrick BT30 6LZ

7. John Long’s Fish and Chip Restaurant, Belfast, Co. Antrim – home to Fionnuala’s chippy

Grab a bite to eat at John Long's.

Chip shops are one of our favourite parts of Northern Irish culture, and anyone who has watched Derry Girls knows how much the characters look forward to their chippy.

Fionnuala’s iconic chip shop in season one, episode two, was actually filmed at John Long’s Fish and Chip Restaurant in Belfast. If you visit, why not get yourself a bag of chips to takeaway?

Address: 39 Athol St, Belfast BT12 4GX

6. Limewood Street, Derry City, Co. Derry – one of the most iconic Derry Girls locations

Limewood Street is one of the Derry Girls filming locations you can visit.

Limewood Street is where the gang can be seen in their uniforms walking up the steep hill to school, with the view of Derry City in the background.

When you think of this iconic show, this is certainly one of the Derry Girls filming locations you’ll recognise.

Address: Limewood St, Co. Derry

5. St Augustine’s Church, Co. Derry – the heartbreaking funeral scene

Perhaps one of the most heartbreaking scenes from the entire series sees the gang accompany Clare out of the church following her father’s funeral.

Despite all the hilarious scenes and witty lines throughout the rest of the show, this tear-jerking scene is certainly one of the most memorable.

Address: Palace St, Derry BT48 6PP

4. St Mary’s University College and Hunterhouse College, Belfast, Co. Antrim – the homes of the fictional school

St Mary's University College is one of the Derry Girls filming locations you can actually visit.

The girls (and James) attend a convent school in Derry. However, many of the school scenes were actually filmed in St Mary’s University College and Hunterhouse College in Belfast.

One of our favourite scenes is in the very first episode is when James is told to attend the all-girls school for his own safety…

Address (St Mary’s): 191 Falls Rd, Belfast BT12 6FE

Address (Hunterhouse College): Upper Lisburn Rd, Finaghy, Belfast BT10 0LE

3. Barry’s Amusement Park (now Curry’s Fun Park), Portrush, Co. Antrim – for an unforgettable day out

Stop off at Barry's Amusements in Portrush.

Anyone who grew up in Northern Ireland will have fond memories of days out at Barry’s Amusement Park in Portrush.

Now known as Curry’s Fun Park, this iconic amusement park features in season three when the gang enjoy a day out at the seaside.

Address: 16 Eglinton St, Portrush BT56 8DX

2. The Guildhall, Derry City, Co. Derry – the heart of Derry City

The Guildhall is one of the Derry Girls filming locations you can actually visit.
Credit: Tourism Ireland

One of the most iconic parts of Derry City is the Guildhall in the city centre. This historic building features numerous times throughout the series.

However, perhaps the most memorable is when the gang attend a Halloween party in season three, episode six.

Address: Derry BT48 7BB

1. Derry City Walls, Co. Derry – discover this historic walled city

Check out the iconic Derry City Walls.

Topping our list of iconic Derry Girls filming locations is the Derry City Walls. Derry is known as the Walled City, so the walls are one of the city’s top attractions.

One of the most memorable episodes that feature the City Walls is the finale episode of season two when President Clinton visits Derry.

Address: The Diamond, Derry BT48 6HW

Notable mentions

There are plenty of Derry Girls filming locations you can actually visit.
Credit: Tourism Northern Ireland

Derry Girls Mural: Painted on the side wall of Badger’s Bar and Restaurant on Orchard Street, the iconic Derry Girls Mural doesn’t feature in the series but is worth a visit for any fans of the show.

Dennis’s Wee Shop, Bogside Shops: Unfortunately, Dennis’s Wee Shop in the Bogside area of Derry is no longer open. However, we had to mention it as this corner shop was such an iconic spot in the series.

St Columb’s Hall and Magazine Street: Halloween is one of the biggest nights of the year in Derry. Many of the scenes for the Halloween episode of season three were filmed in St Columb’s Hall and on Magazine Street.

Pump Street: To fully immerse yourself in Derry Girls, we recommend a visit to Pump Street, where Granda Joe buys himself a cream horn.

County Donegal: Various scenes throughout Derry Girls are filmed in locations around County Donegal, which is just across the border from Derry.

FAQs about Derry Girls filming locations

What part of Derry is Derry Girls filmed in?

Derry Girls is filmed all across Derry and other locations in Northern Ireland, such as Belfast.

Is Derry from Derry Girls a real place?

Yes! Derry is the second-largest city in Northern Ireland.

Does Derry Girls take place in the 90s?

Yes. Derry Girls is set between 1994 and 1998.

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