The 10 Most Influential Irish Blogs On The Net

Blogs have created their own strong niche in today’s internet world, and provide some of the most personalized and highly curated content on the web.

Ireland, in particular, has seen a boom in blogs and a good number of individuals have started to come up with their own unique content relating to food, beauty and fashion, travel trends, sports, etc. To promote the culture of blogging, several Awards are also being given to the creators, which is proving to be highly motivating for the blogging community. To know some of the best Irish blogs, have a look at our Top 10 list.


Arseblog is the single go to destination for all Arsenal fans wanting to catch up with the latest news and updates from the football club. It was started by Andrew Mangan in 2002, who is a podcaster and a voice-dubbing artist. The blog is updated almost daily and has a variety of content like videos, podcasts, etc. You can register yourself as a member and become a part of this amazing Arsenal community.


This blog was started by the famous model Pippa O’Connor Ormond as a fashion hotspot. Over the years it has grown by manifolds into a full-fledged fashion website. She is one of the most influential people in the Ireland fashion industry and has contributed to the success of the denim company POCO.

So Sue Me

Suzanne Jackson started her blog So Sue Me back in 2010 as a single hub of all fashion talks, influential stories, travel, etc. Having been associated with brands like L’Oreal and Pretty Little Thing, her influence in the Irish fashion world is often compared to that of Kate Middleton’s.

Dolly Dowsie

Dolly Dowsie is a family blog where you can find intriguing content related to travel, motherhood, home décor, health, food recipes, etc. It was started as a scrapbook by Fiona Naughton-Sulej for capturing her family’s moments, and has grown into one of the most liked blogs in Ireland today.


Started by Niall Byrne in 2005, Nialler9 is a music blog that focuses on contemporary and modern Irish music culture. Users can stay updated with the latest music scene in Ireland and know about musical events and their venues. The blog also runs the Nialler9 and Loose Joints podcasts.

Journalist on the Run

Motivated by a story in the Chicken Soup for the Soul, Janet Newenham started Journalist On The Run as a personal record of about 127 goals that she had set for herself to achieve before 60 years of age. You can find a number of interesting travel tips and discussion forums for your journeys.

An Sionnach Fionn (ASF)

ASF is a news and opinion blog which was created in 2011. Majority of content on this blog is on the politics and governance of Ireland from an Irish Republican perspective, but it also contains some sub-categories for TV, mythology, culture and so on.

The m0vie blog

The m0vie blog is a personal blog of Darren Mooney where he shares his likings and dislikings with regard to movies. It won the “Best Pop Culture Blog” by the Irish Blog Awards 2011. Users can also buy movies’ books from the website.

Lovely Girlie Bits

Lovely Girlie Bits is “one of the Ireland’s most trusted beauty blogs” that informs its readers about the latest trends in the world of fashion. It was created by Karen Constantine in 2010 and now also has a YouTube channel.

Phil Mac Giolla Bhain

This blog is another good website for football related information. Phil Mac, who runs the blog, is a journalist whose contribution increases the quality and authority of the blog. It mostly contains content relating to the Scottish football, for which it had won the 2016 Football Blogging Award.