Top 10 best restaurants in Cork City

As the foodie capital of Ireland, Cork is a must-visit for great food. Here are the best restaurants in Cork City you need to check out.

The beautiful city of Cork is by far one of the most popular places to visit while touring Ireland. A city rich in culture and excitement, it’s easy to work up an appetite while exploring the streets.

But once the tummy starts rumbling, you need to plan, lest you want to stumble into any old place that may leave you disappointed.

Lucky for you, Cork has a wealth of delightfully decadent restaurants waiting for you. Read on to discover the top ten best restaurants in Cork City. Your tourist trip will quickly become a foodie trip, trust us.

10. Scoozi! – for generous portions and family-friendly dining

Scoozi serve generous portions of delicious food.
Credit: Facebook / @scooziscork

This family-run restaurant is very accommodating to children and adults alike, making it one of the best restaurants in Cork City for all.

They provide generous portions at affordable prices and are open every day of the week, so you’ll never get caught out.

Address: 2/5 Winthrop Ave, Centre, Cork

9. Orso – for an intimate atmosphere

Orso is one of the best restaurants in Cork City.
Credit: Facebook / @OrsoKitchen

We love the ambience in Orso. Their Mediterranean menu boasts unique flavours, and they’re very accommodating to people with dietary requirements.

Are you looking to impress a date? Take them here.

Address: 8 Pembroke St, Centre, Cork, T12 YY90

8. Loving Salads – for healthy food made fun

Loving Salads make healthy food fun.
Credit: Facebook / @LovingSalads

Sometimes healthy food can fall somewhat short. You won’t need to worry about that in Loving Salads.

Imagine a salad that you both enjoy eating and completely satisfies your hunger; who’d have thought such a thing could exist? Well, it does here.

We think they might be witches, but don’t tell them we told you. They’ve certainly put a spell on us, and that’s why they’re one of our favourite restaurants in Cork City.

Address: 15 Academy St, Centre, Cork, T12 PW02

7. Koto – for divine Asian food

Koto is one of the best restaurants in Cork City.
Credit: Facebook / @KotoCork

In our honest opinion, Koto is hands down the best Asian restaurant in the city. We recommend their Yaki Soba; you will be dreaming of it for weeks afterwards.

They cater for vegans and coeliac, too, so they are a great all-rounder for a group with different dietary needs.

Address: 6 Carey’s Ln, Centre, Cork, T12 FH27

6. The Oliver Plunkett – for a hearty meal, music, and a bit of craic

The Oliver Plunkett is perfect for a hearty meal.
Credit: Facebook / @TheOliverPlunkett

The Oliver Plunkett is your go-to spot if you want to soak up some Irish culture alongside your meal.

The Oliver Plunkett will sort you out from breakfast through to lunch and is always a great spot to hear some music.

Address: 116 Oliver Plunkett St, Centre, Cork, T12 P957

5. Jacobs on the Mall – for good honest food

Jacobs on the Mall is one of the best restaurants in Cork City.
Credit: Instagram / @susanlandrews

Situated mere steps away from the iconic English Market, Jacobs on the Mall serves up delicious meals made from locally sourced ingredients.

The restaurant is located in what once was the Cork Turkish Baths, full of history in its own right. With something for everyone, this is certainly one of the best restaurants in Cork City.

Address: 30 S Mall, Centre, Cork, T12 NY22

4. Elbow Lane – for their iconic drinks menu

Elbow Lane offers an iconic drinks menu.
Credit: Facebook / @ElbowLaneBrewhouse

Not only is Elbow Lane a smokehouse, but they’re also a nano brewery, serving excellent beers alongside their mouth-watering food.

Many come to Ireland to sample the alcohol and the food, so Elbow Lane is not one to miss on your food and drinks list.

Address: 4 Oliver Plunkett St, Centre, Cork, T12 YH24

3. Quinlans – for gorgeous seafood

Quinlans is one of the best restaurants in Cork City.
Credit: Facebook / @QuinlansCork

It is a straight-out sin and a crime if you visit a coastal county and don’t try fish. We’re ordering you to go to Quinlans Seafood Bar, which has the freshest fish in the city, sourced from local Cork fishers.

They also do a sound chip. We also feel it best to inform you that it’s another sin if you don’t order chips with your fish in Ireland. You’ve been warned.

Address: 14 Princes St, Centre, Cork, T12 K2HW

2. Cornstore – for excellent steak

Cornstore is a top spot for excellent steak.
Credit: Facebook / @cornstore.cork

Cornstore is pricier, but trust us, it’s worth it. They have the most amazing steak in Cork city, in our opinion.

Their dry-aged steak on the bone will leave you salivating. Not in the mood for steak? They also serve lush sourdough pizzas.

Address: 41-43 Cornmarket St, Centre, Cork, T12 R886

1. Greenes Restaurant – for a Michelin star meal

Greenes Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Cork City.
Credit: Facebook / @hotelisaacscork

If you’re looking for a luxurious experience, then Greenes Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Cork City for you.

Offering seasonal menus from renowned chefs, you will feel pampered to the maximum in Greenes. This dining experience will satisfy every one of your senses from start to finish.

Address: Greenes Restaurant, 48 MacCurtain Street, Victorian Quarter, Cork, T23 F6EK

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