Top 10 best pubs and bars in Waterford that everyone needs to experience

Looking for a top-class watering hole in the southeast? If so, read on to discover the top ten best pubs and bars in Waterford.

Waterford has a wealth of pubs and bars to explore. Just take a walk through the centre, and you’ll walk past a whole host of places to wet your whistle.

We’ve made a list of the best pubs and bars in Waterford to help you figure out where the best place to drink is, depending on what you’re in the mood for.

So sit back, relax, and let us guide you through the best pubs that Waterford has to offer.

10. Itty Bitty’s – top-class cocktails

Itty Bitty's serves delicious cocktails.
Credit: Facebook / itty bittys

Located just off The Mall, Itty Bitty’s is a cosy spot pumped full of attitude. They have the best cocktails in town.

A Jammie Dodger cocktail? Excuse us while we clean up our drool. They also have a great terrace area upstairs that’s great for the summer months.

Address: Bank Lane, Waterford City, X91 F91 FPN2

9. Tully’s – best snug in town

Tully's is one of the best pubs and bars in Waterford.
Credit: Facebook / @tullysbarwaterford

The snug in Tully’s is definitely the best snug in the whole of Waterford City. The only problem is nabbing a space in it.

This pub has great vibes and is located in the middle of Waterford’s cultural quarter.

Address: 37 O’Connell St, Waterford, X91 AY62

8. Geoff’s – greatest beer garden in Waterford City

Geoff's has a great beer garden.
Credit: Twitter / @WestSideBlazer

Geoff’s is definitely one of the most popular spots to grab a pint and a bite to eat in the city. Their chefs cater for everyone, and their food is delicious.

They have a huge beer garden out the back, lots of indoor seating, and a nice front space outdoor where you can people-watch at the Apple Market.

Address: 9 John St, Waterford, X91 WP98

7. The Market Bar – the best craic

Market Bar is one of the best pubs and bars in Waterford.
Credit: Facebook / The Market Bar

You’re always in for a good night in The Market Bar. There’s never a dull moment with the staff members in here.

The king of barmen, Shero, will concoct the most amazing shots for you to enjoy and ensure you’re laughing the night away with his behind the bar antics.

This place always plays the best of rock music, too, making it one of the best pubs and bars in Waterford.

Address: 11 John St, Waterford, X91 NNY2

6. The Fat Angel – for a civilized sip

Enjoy a civilized sip at the Fat Angel.
Credit: Instagram / @ailinomaille

The Fat Angel is located right beside the Bishop’s Palace and is a gorgeous place to enjoy a quiet glass of wine.

They have a wide variety of wines on their menu, so if you’re a connoisseur of the finer things, this is the place for you.

Address: 1 & 2 Cathedral Square, Viking Triangle, Waterford

5. Uisce Beatha – great music

Uisce Beatha is one of the best pubs and bars in Waterford.
Credit: Facebook / @AnUisceBeatha

Uisce Beatha always has the best of Waterford musicians playing on any given night, so you’re always in for a night of fun.

They have a lovely little set up down the back of the pub, including a pool table and a stove. This is the perfect place to cosy out.

Address: 8 Merchants Quay, Waterford, X91 PR27

4. Downes – for their whiskey

Enjoy a whiskey at Henry Downes.
Credit: Instagram / @pandakacks

Henry Downes & Co. was established in the 1700s, and you never know what kind of night you might walk in on in here; a vinyl night, spoken word, comedy, they cater for all.

But the real deal is in their whiskey: Downes No. 9, bottled in-house for us to enjoy. Definitely one of the best pubs and bars in Waterford from where we’re standing.

Address: 8-10 Thomas Street, Waterford, X91 P959

3. Davy Macs – a fab little gin bar

Davy Macs is one of the best pubs and bars in Waterford.
Credit: Facebook / Davy Macs

You wouldn’t think it, but down a little side alley off Waterford’s Apple Market is one of the most unique little gin bars you’ll ever have the pleasure of visiting.

With over 70 gins (YES, 70 GINS), and a really cosy interior, Davy Macs is a great place to explore your options in the gin-drinking world.

Address: 7 John’s Ave, Waterford, X91 V3YR

2. Phil Grimes – the best selection

Phil Grimes has a great selection.
Credit: Facebook / Phil Grimes Pub

No matter what your tastes, Grimes will have something to suit your needs. They have one of the largest selections of craft beers we have ever seen.

The leading man, Tom, was even happy to guide the cider drinker among us through his recommendations.

This is not a place to get a run of the mill pint; Grimes is a place to go to try something unique and expand your tastes. We love this spot, and that’s why it’s made it onto the list of best pubs and bars in Waterford.

Address: 60 Johnstown, Waterford, X91 AF10

1. Jordans American Bar – for the best Guinness and music sessions

Jordans American Bar is one of the best pubs and bars in Waterford.
Credit: Instagram / @jordansamericanbar

You will feel at home as soon as you enter Jordan’s pub on the quay. They have the best pint of vitamin G in the whole county, as well as the best music session of a Tuesday night.

This family-run Irish bar has been an establishment in Waterford for generations, and we hope it continues that way. The building is oozing with history; just ask anyone behind the bar, and they’ll be happy to regale you with tales of its past.

Address: 123 Parade Quay, Waterford

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