Top 10 best Irish coffee roasters

Craving a delightful cup of coffee? Read on to discover Ireland’s ten best coffee roasters.

It’s true that the Irish have drunk tea for centuries, but the heart of modern Ireland has room for both tea and coffee.

If you’re a coffee lover in search of the best, tastiest, and most ethical coffee around, look to our list of the top ten best Irish coffee roasters.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect morning brew or a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, we’re sure there will be something to tickle your fancy.

10. Warbler and Wren – tasty Dublin-based coffee

Warbler and Wren is one of the best Irish coffee roasters.
Credit: Facebook / Warbler & Wren

This sustainable coffee brand, whose name is based on two special bird species, features as one of our top ten best Irish coffee roasters.

Coffee farmers rely on warblers and wrens as a natural form of pest control to manage borer beetles. They play a key role in protecting the award-winning drink that we enjoy today.

9. Cloud Picker Coffee – for delicious coffee that helps our planet

Cloud Picker Coffee is the perfect pick-me-up.
Credit: Facebook / @cloudpicker

Coffee is hand-roasted weekly by the Cloud Picker coffee roasters of Dublin City. Famous for “going where no one has gone before”, they enjoy sourcing their coffee from new and interesting places.

Cloud Picker Coffee exceeds the standards of sustainability with its compostable packaging, reusable drums, and electric van for deliveries.

Cloud Picker Coffee is brewed on Sheriff Street and they even have a coffee shop in the Science Gallery on Pearse Street.

8. Silverskin Coffee Roasters – another Dublin-based company on our list of the top ten best Irish coffee roasters

Silverskin is one of the best Irish coffee roasters.
Credit: Facebook / @SilverskinCoffeeRoastersLimited

Silverskin prides itself on sourcing Arabica beans that are freshly roasted in small batches every day.

If you’re looking for something different like honey or whiskey flavours in your coffee, then Silverskin is for you.

7. McCabe’s Coffee – speciality coffee roasted in Wicklow

McCabe's is brewed in Wicklow.
Credit: Facebook / @McCabeCoffee

McCabe’s coffee plays a hand in protecting the environment with its recyclable materials and involvement with HomeTree, an Irish charity whose goal is to conserve the native woodlands of Ireland.

What’s more, this coffee is roasted daily and then left to rest before delivery so that you can enjoy a fresh and high-quality taste in every cup.

A firm favourite amongst coffee drinkers, McCabe’s have gained an impressive reputation for their excellent coffees.

6. Red Rooster – ‘made by a family, not a factory’ in County Sligo

Red Rooster is one of the best Irish coffee roasters.
Credit: Facebook / @tiscoffeetime

Red Rooster is a one-of-a-kind choice on our list of the top ten best Irish coffee roasters. They roast and blend their coffee to ‘hold the milk’.

This means that fans of lattés and cappuccinos can enjoy a light creamy flavour alongside that full, rich coffee taste that Red Rooster is known for.

With Red Rooster, there are tons of different coffees to choose from. Stay safe with an everyday blend, or get your caffeine boost on with one of their stronger options.

5. Belfast Coffee Roasters – one of our favourite Irish coffee roasters

Belfast Coffee Roasters is one of our favourites.
Credit: Instagram / @belfastcoffeeroasters

For high-quality, ethical coffee beans sourced from around the world, look no further than Belfast Coffee Roasters.

One of the top sellers from this Belfast-based coffee brand, Brazil Swiss Water Decaff, tastes just like the real deal while refraining from keeping you up all night.

This nutty, syrupy coffee presents an organic, 100% chemical-free option for decaffeination. What’s not to like?

4. Carrow – committed to environmental sustainability and paying farmers a fair price

Carrow is undoubtedly one of the best Irish coffee roasters.
Credit: Facebook / @carrowcoffee

Coffee enthusiasts Paola and Andrew run their boutique roastery on a family farm in County Sligo.

Before settling in the west of Ireland, these two coffee experts spent four years in Colombia. Here, they travelled from farm to farm, learning all they could about coffee production and different processing methods.

For scrumptious coffee blends of cocoa, walnut, and a hint of spice, add Carrow to your list of must-try Irish coffee roasters.

3. Velo Coffee – for some of the richest coffee in Ireland

Velo Coffee offer some of the richest coffee you'll ever taste.
Credit: Facebook / @velocoffeeroasters

The ethos of Velo values transparency. Velo Coffee works closely with their green bean merchants, securing a direct line of traceability back to the farm.

This Irish roaster has several award-winning products in its repertoire. Our favourite, however, has to be the India Ratnagiri Estate coffee for its yummy mixture of toffee and milk chocolate.

2. Bell Lane Coffee – multi-award-winning coffee from County Westmeath

Bell Lane Coffee is one of the best Irish coffee roasters.
Credit: Facebook / @BellLaneCoffee

The sleek design of this speciality coffee’s packaging mirrors the high quality-taste that’s on offer. Bell Lane offer a wide range of quality coffee, so you’ll have plenty to choose from.

Choose this Westmeath coffee roaster for full-bodied coffee paired with fruity undertones. Some of the popular blends also contain dark chocolate to satisfy the sweet tooth.

1. Badger & Dodo – Ireland’s best coffee roasters

Badger & Dodo takes the crown as the best Irish coffee roaster.
Credit: Facebook / @badgeranddodo

This boutique coffee roaster from Fermoy, County Cork, has perfected the science and technology of coffee roasting.

Established by Australian-born Brock Lewin in 2008, Badger and Dodo has grown to become one of Ireland’s most-loved coffees.

The range of coffee in question has received stellar reviews online, which comes as no surprise to us. Choose from a unique range of flavours, whether it’s a smooth Colombian brew you’re after or a Brazilian blend of chocolate, lemon, and almond.

Notable mentions

Ariosa is another one of the best Irish coffee roasters.
Credit: Facebook /

West Cork Coffee: No prizes for guessing where West Cork Coffee are based! Known across the Irish coffee scene, you can expect to see this fantastic fresh coffee all across Ireland.

Ariosa Coffee: Ariosa is a Meath-based coffee roasters who specialise in a slow approach to roasting, sourcing single origin beans at a time in small batches.

3fe Coffee: 3fe Coffee is a Dublin-based roasters that is well-known for its fresh roasted coffee. You can even visit the various 3fe Coffee Shops throughout Dublin City.

Imbibe Coffee Roasters: Imbibe Coffee is a well-known Dublin roasters, with a 90% organic output. For fresh roasted coffee and a perfect balance of taste, this is a must.

FAQs about the best Irish coffee roasters

What is the most popular brand of coffee in Ireland?

In 2021, Frank and Honest ranked as the most popular coffee brand in Ireland.

Does Ireland have coffee beans?

Coffee beans are not grown in Ireland. Roasters often import beans from various African, American, Asian, and Caribbean countries.

Does Ireland have good coffee?

Yes! With countless fantastic Irish coffee roasters and even more popular coffee shops, you won’t struggle to find great coffee in Ireland.

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