Top 10 best Domhnall Gleeson movies, ranked

With such an extensive filmography, choosing the ten best Domhnall Gleeson movies was no easy feat!

Domhnall Gleeson is a wildly versatile actor, screenwriter, and short film director known for his mastery of accents and ever-growing body of work.

Teamed with his intelligence, wit, and natural Irish charm, it is no wonder that this Dublin-native is climbing the Hollywood ladder at such an incredible rate.

Here is our list of the ten best Domhnall Gleeson movies, ranked.

10. Unbroken (2014) – an inspiring tale for the ages

Unbroken is first on our list of the best Domhnall Gleeson movies.

This moving war drama details the incredible true story of US Olympian and Air Force Lieutenant Louis Zamperini (Jack O’Connell) who was stranded in a raft for forty-seven days following a bomber crash before becoming a Japanese prisoner of war.

Gleeson stars as fellow pilot, crash survivor, and prisoner of war Lieutenant Russell ‘Phil’ Phillips.

9. Mother! (2017) a movie with infinite interpretations

Mother! is a must watch.

This psychological horror/thriller sees Jennifer Lawrence’s character receive an unexpected guest at the countryside Victorian mansion she is renovating with her writer husband (Javier Bardem).

Things intensify as more characters appear with the action ramping up upon the arrival of the ‘Oldest Son’ (Domhnall Gleeson) and ‘Younger Brother’ (Brian Gleeson). 

8. The Little Stranger (2018) – a ghostly gothic drama

The Little Stranger is one of the best Domhnall Gleeson movies.

Gleeson plays Dr Faraday who, upon tending to a patient in the house his mother once worked, soon surmises that the current inhabitants – and, ultimately, the place itself – are haunted by an ominous entity.

This dark drama also stars Charlotte Rampling, Will Poulter, and Ruth Wilson.

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7. Goodbye Christopher Robin (2017) – a biographical tear-jerker

Goodbye Christopher Robin is a tear-jerker.

Gleeson stars as children’s author (and former soldier) A.A. Milne in a story that examines the relationship between the Winnie the Pooh writer and his son, Christopher Robin (Will Tilston). 

This British biographical drama, also starring Margot Robbie and Kelly Macdonald, simultaneously warms and breaks hearts.

6. About Time (2013) an uplifting rom-com

About Time is one of the best Domhnall Gleeson movies.

Opposite Rachel McAdams, Bill Nighy, and Tom Hollander, Gleeson stars as time-traveller Tim whose decision to alter the past and improve his future produces a knock-on effect on the lives of those around him.

A sincere tale about appreciating the cards you are dealt, this is easily one of the best Domhnall Gleeson movies out.

5. Peter Rabbit (2018)a firm family favourite

Peter Rabbit is a family favourite.

This live-action version of the beloved Beatrix Potter classic stars Gleeson as Thomas McGregor, nephew of iconic antagonist Mr McGregor (played by Northern Irish born Sam Neill).

Gleeson admirably flexes his comedic chops in this funny and uplifting film alongside James Corden and Rose Byrne.

4. Star Wars Episodes VII, VIII, IX (2015-2019)space opera royalty

Some of the best Domhnall Gleeson movies are the Star Wars films.

Gleeson made his debut in a galaxy far far away playing the role of General Armitage Hux, a ruthless and fearsome officer of the First Order.

Flaunting an impeccable English accent so befitting of the Machiavellian sociopath he reprised for three films, Gleeson’s portrayal was positively received by most.

3. Brooklyn (2015) – an Irish favourite

Brooklyn is an Irish favourite.

This period drama follows Eilis’ (Saoirse Ronan) struggle to choose between her new life in Brooklyn and romance with Italian-American Tony (Emory Cohen) or her life back in Ireland with love interest Jim Farrell (Gleeson).

2. The Revenant (2015) a riveting watch

The Revenant is one of the best Domhnall Gleeson movies.

This movie follows the real-life plight of legendary frontiersman Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) as he seeks revenge on the hunting crew that left him for dead.

Gleeson plays Captain Andrew Henry, a fellow frontiersman, army officer, and trapper.

Despite the movie delivering DiCaprio’s long-awaited Academy Award, the Irish star’s stellar performance makes it hands-down one of the best Domhnall Gleeson movies.

1. Ex Machina (2014) – a robotic romance

Ex Machina is a robotic romance.

Before landing their respective Star Wars roles, Gleeson and Oscar Isaac starred together in this Academy Award-winning sci-fi thriller.

Gleeson’s talented programmer Caleb is chosen by his CEO (Isaac) to administer the ‘Turing Test’ to robot Ava (Alicia Vikander), the peak of synthetic intelligence.

Honourable mentions include Anna Karenina (2012), Never Let Me Go (2011), Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Parts 1 and 2 (2010-2011), and True Grit (2010).

Gleeson is also famed for his television work (namely Run and Black Mirror), as well as theatre stints including The Lieutenant of Inishmore (2006) for which he received a Tony Award nomination.

Appearing opposite brother Brian in Dublin Indie band Squarehead’s ‘2025’music video, Gleeson has worked alongside his famous thespian father Brendan and brothers Brian, Fergus, and Rory in a multitude of projects including the comedy skits Immatürity For Charity.

Furthermore, every 2015 film Gleeson appeared in received Academy Award nominations (Brooklyn, Ex Machina, The Revenant and Star Wars: The Force Awakens).

Impressive, right?

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