Titanic Belfast is all lit up for Christmas, and it looks stunning

The most iconic sight from Belfast, The Titanic Belfast, is all lit up for Christmas and it looks absolutely fantastic.

Titanic Belfast is all lit up for Christmas and it looks amazing.

With its four corners each shaped like the hull of a ship, the Titanic Belfast building undoubtedly is one of the most incredible architectural structures in Ireland and should be added to your Ireland itinerary.

Standing at 90ft, it replicates the true size and scale of the Titanic herself, inspiring awe to those who see it up close.

However, the building looks even more striking with its festive illuminations at Christmas. On the 24th of November, Santa arrived to turn on the Christmas lights, and it looks absolutely stunning!

The switch-on

For the big switch-on, Father Christmas needed a helper or two. A few weeks earlier, Titanic Belfast’s Chief Executive Judith Owens said: 

“We want to add sparkle to someone’s Christmas by giving them the opportunity to lead our celebrations. If you know a special child who would be dazzled to start the countdown to Christmas by turning on Titanic Belfast’s twinkling lights, let us know and enter now!”

Two sisters from Glengormley, Caitlin (7) and Frankie-Rose (3) were the lucky winners selected to help Santa turn the Christmas lights on at the official illuminating ceremony on November 24th.

They welcomed him as he arrived with his reindeer and sleigh, and were the first children to enter into Titanic Belfast’s very popular A Magical Christmas Experience this year.

The festivities include walking through the Enchanted Forest, joining the Elves in the workshop, listening to Mrs Claus tell Christmas stories in her cosy kitchen and enjoying many more fun and games.

The bright red exterior

Titanic Belfast is all lit up for Christmas!
@gyanwick / Instagram

Titanic Belfast was very impressed with the work of two particular photographers who captured the iconic building all lit up for Christmas, tweeting:

Taken from a perfect angle, this photo shows the majestic building illuminated by bold red lighting, signifying that Santa is in town for The Magical Christmas Experience. The effect of the light when it hits the thousands of asymmetrical aluminium shards is “a bit like a cut diamond” according to Titanic Belfast, and it is definitely a sight to behold.

Crafted from a steel plate, one similar to those used in the Titanic’s construction, the TITANIC sign at the front has its letters embellished with bright white lighting, adding to the festive feel.

More sparkling lights

Credit: knockstar / Instagram

Knockstar captured this wonderful image that displays the Titanica brass sculpture located at Titanic Belfast’s main entrance.

Representing hope and positivity, Irish sculptor Rowan Gillespie created it in the inspiration of the female figurines that were placed on the bows of ships throughout history.

This work of art complements the spectacular geometrics of the building behind it, and in this photo, adds a lovely contrast with the sparkly white curtain lights draping down the windows.

The glittery interior

The inside of the Titanic Belfast is all lit up for Christmas.
@gyanwick / Instagram

The interior décor is equally as dazzling and certainly makes the place feel more magical for the festive season.

Marking the heart of Titanic Belfast, the magnificent sparkly chandelier is no doubt the centre of attention in the atrium. The Christmas theme continues upstairs, with glittery lights adorning the railings.

@gyanwick / Instagram

Titanic Belfast really comes to life at Christmas, with families coming together for The Magical Christmas Experience that is underway until December 23rd, the Christmas parties selling out, and the stunning festive illuminations that can be seen by anyone passing by the Titanic Quarter!

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