Tickets are on sale for A Taste of Dublin, a foodie’s paradise

A Taste of Dublin is the ultimate food lover’s paradise, and you won’t want to miss the festival this June.

Tickets are on sale for A Taste of Dublin, a foodie’s paradise

There’s so much to tell you about this incredible food festival that we don’t even know where to start. Happening this June, A Taste of Dublin is going to be full of amazing complementary activities such as whiskey tastings, cooking demonstrations, food talks, live entertainment, and much, much more.

It sounds like our idea of heaven, and we wish it was on right now. It might be difficult for us to make it through this article without our mouths watering, but we’re going to try our best. 

Read on for all the info you’ll need about this glorious festival and how you can go about getting your tickets! 

Tasty opportunities

Tickets are on sale for A Taste of Dublin, a foodie’s paradise

Toothsome food will be in no short supply at this magnificent festival. With so much on offer, it’ll be nearly impossible to sample everything (but that won’t stop us trying).

At A Taste of Dublin you will find a range of different cuisines to try, as well as the classic homegrown Irish stuff. It promises to be an unmissable foodie haven—visitors will have the chance to source essential ingredients from artisan producers, engage with Ireland’s top culinary talent, and even receive cooking masterclasses from world-class chefs. 

Who could say no to that?

Dublin’s best restaurants on show

Tickets are on sale for A Taste of Dublin, a foodie’s paradise

This will be your opportunity to taste some of the best food available from the finest restaurants in Dublin. 

The number of eateries that showcase their food at this festival is forever growing, due to how popular A Taste of Dublin has become. As we mentioned, there’ll be a range of different cuisines on offer here; some examples will include Korean, Chinese, Caribbean, Spanish, vegan, and, of course, Irish. 

All dishes at Taste will be priced at €5, with each restaurant also offering an “Icon Dish” for the fantastic price of €10. 

We expect we’ll have to roll our way home. 


Enjoy some alcohol tasting with friends

Love a good whiskey and wine tasting? Good, because A Taste of Dublin offers exactly that with their Wine and Spirit Emporium. 

You’ll have the opportunity to sample some of Ireland’s greatest alcohol, from the delicious Móinèir wines that use wild elderberries and blackberries grown from meadows in the Wicklow Mountains, to the Powerscourt Distillery’s smoky Irish whiskey that’ll leave a satisfying burn in your throat. 

Campo Viejo Wine will also be hosting a wine tasting session, so make sure you pace yourself for that! 

Tickets, location, and dates

The festival will be held in the Iveagh Gardens
Iveagh Gardens

The 2020 Taste of Dublin festival will last from June 11 to June 14 and take place in Iveagh Gardens in Dublin

Ticket prices vary depending on which date and time you wish to attend the festival, but you can find all that information here. 

The tickets are worth every penny as you’ll get to indulge in some of the finest food, drink, and entertainment this amazing city has to offer. 

As we said, there’s so much at this festival that we’ve only been able to cover a small part of it in this article. For a full listing of Taste’s events, check out their website.

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