THIS IS IRELAND: Viral video showcases Ireland to the world

A land of scenic natural beauty, fascinating culture, and friendly locals. This viral video has got the world interested in Ireland.

Showcasing Ireland’s amazing people, unique landscape, and inspiring culture, a brand new video entitled ‘This is IRELAND’ by has taken the internet by storm.

The incredible video shines a light on all the best of the Emerald Isle. From its wealth of culture and creativity to its fascinating heritage and stunning scenery, this video would make even the sceptical tourist want to set foot on Irish shores.

A breathtaking viral video – showcasing the best of the Land of Saints and Scholars

A breathtaking viral video.
Credit: YouTube Screenshot / Creative Ireland

Over 600,000 people have viewed ‘This is IRELAND’ on YouTube. Thus, it is no surprise that it has inspired many people to travel to the Emerald Isle. Visitors want to experience the country’s unique culture for themselves.

The video opens with a stunning shot of the wild Atlantic waves crashing along the coast. In the distance, we can see the magnificent Skellig Michael poking through in the background.

Even more reasons to visit – an inspiring video

This is IRELAND showcases the best of the country.
Credit: YouTube Screenshot / Creative Ireland

‘This is IRELAND’ is an inspiring video that showcases some of the most amazing things the island has to offer.

Posting the video to social media, said they wanted to capture “the Irish spirit and the rich diversity of our culture, at home and abroad.”

They continued, “Showcasing the people of Ireland and ​​our​ unique landscape, the video This is IRELAND eloquently expresses the wealth of ​​culture​, creativity and heritage​ that make​s​ Ireland such a great place to live, ​to visit, to study and to ​​invest​.”

The video also features cameos from big Irish names such as Brendan Gleeson, making it that little bit more special.

The best of the Emerald Isle– a fairytale land

Magnificent sites abound.
Credit: YouTube Screenshot / Creative Ireland

‘This is IRELAND’ turns the Emerald Isle into a fairytale land, with its whimsical backing track of ‘So Naïve’ by Villagers.

The video gives viewers a glimpse into what the country is really like. From its busy cities like Dublin and Cork to its world-class beaches and stunning natural attractions, there is so much to discover on a trip to the island.

Interviews with Irish people working in several different sectors give a flavour of what life here is like. A short section is even spoken in Irish, bringing to life the island’s native tongue.

What is the Emerald Isle really like? – here’s your answer

This is IRELAND shows life on the Emerald Isle.
Credit: YouTube Screenshot / Creative Ireland

It displays several parts of everyday life on the Emerald Isle. Highlights include GAA matches, a fisherman out on his boat, Irish dancers showing off their skills, crowds enjoying a music festival, and more.

One of the most inspiring things about this video is how it displays the diversity of Ireland’s landscape and culture; the historic to the modern, the young to the old, the cities to the countryside, the coasts to the mountains.

So, have you ever wondered what the Land of Saints and Scholars is really like? Well, now you have your answer: This is IRELAND!

You can watch the amazing video below:

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