This ADORABLE gypsy wagon on Airbnb is like something from a fairy tale 😍

This gypsy wagon for rent on Airbnb is like something from a fairy tale

If you’re looking to escape the humdrum of everyday life and enjoy a weekend break like no other, we have got just the ticket for you.

This unique stay in Ireland is available via Airbnb—an online marketplace where homeowners can rent out their properties—and it’s sure to be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

This gypsy wagon is as alternative as they come and offers a certain sense of enchantment seldom seen at the Travel Lodge or Ibis.

Customer ratings are five stars across the board, so let us have a look and see what all the fuss is about.

The property

This gypsy wagon on Airbnb is like something from a fairy tale

This gypsy wagon on Airbnb and offers a welcome change from the usual homestays and city chic apartments that are so synonymous with the booking site.

The wagon lives on a family farm called Chez Shea in Lauragh, County Kerry, on the Beara Peninsula. Surrounded by the wild nature of the West of Ireland, this location makes for a great base to explore all the wonders Kerry has to offer.

Whether you’re eager to take to the trails or swim at Kerry’s stunning beaches, exploring ancient forests or meandering along scenic mountain passes, there are tonnes of things to do in the locale.

The property is also home to an array of farmyard animals, including ponies, donkeys, chickens, ducks, cats, and dogs who love to get friendly with the guests.

Chez Shea in County Kerry is a property full of friendly animals

The farm is also home to another listed Airbnb, which is well worth a look: the Chez Shea Vintage Glamping Caravan.

According to the Airbnb listing, the property was named by The Irish Times as one of 100 of the best places to stay in Ireland. And with its dreamy remote setting and stunning renovated stays, we can see why.

The storybook wagon has been renovated to the highest standards, with love and creativity funnelled into each and every aspect of its design.

As if something from a fairy tale, the dainty property has been “carefully restored, featuring very different interiors.”

Although hosts Marie and Ger respect guests’ privacy during their stay, they are on hand to provide any assistance, information, or anecdotes on life in the Irish countryside, as desired.

The fine details

This adorable gypsy wagon can be rented on Airbnb

This property is small in size, so pack accordingly and don’t expect hotel comforts. What is offered instead is a quirky and unique “glamping” (essentially five-star camping) experience that is bound to leave lasting memories.

The wagon is painted pastel shades of pink, blue, yellow, purple, and orange, and offers vintage décor that only enhances the overall concept.

A double bed that sleeps two, a couch for comfort, and a kettle for tea and coffee make up the wagon. Equally atmospheric toilet and shower facilities can be located at a nearby block that is shared by a maximum of four guests at a time.

This gypsy wagon on Airbnb is like something from a fairy tale

With the sound of nature and silence to fill the air, the purpose of such an alternative stay is to switch off from the outside world. With this in mind, there is no Wi-Fi or TV on-site.

Entertainment is provided at your own will, and a selection of board games and things to do are also in the wagon at your convenience.

As if all of that isn’t wonderful enough, the price includes a vegetarian breakfast dropped off to your door each morning in a charming basket!

The reviews

This gypsy wagon on Airbnb is like something from a fairy tale

Airbnb reviews are based on the following six aspects: accuracy, communication, cleanliness, value, check-in, and location.

For Chez Shea’s gypsy wagon on Airbnb, the reviews are five stars all around.

One previous guest shared their positive experience: “Marie has an amazing place to stay. It’s like a getaway from the world, no internet, no reception (at least for me), just peace and quiet and a cute little doggy that looks a lot like an Ewok. Will most definitely come back. If you don’t mind being cut off from the world while staying with Marie, absolutely go for it. The views are great too!”

This quirky wagon in County Kerry has a storybook quality

Another guest shared their take on this Airbnb: “Marie and Ger’s gyspy wagon is an oasis of relaxation. It’s decorated so so beautifully and the detail is stunning. Breakfast on both mornings was divine and we felt so spoiled. This place is so good for your soul and I was heartbroken to leave.”

It sounds like this gypsy wagon on Airbnb is in high demand, so you might want to book your stay at Chez Shea sooner rather than later.

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