10 things to consider before moving to Ireland

While relocating to the Emerald Isle can be an exciting adventure, there are many practical things to consider before moving to Ireland to ensure your move goes smoothly.

There are many things to love about Ireland as it has so much to offer, from its stunning natural beauty and rich culture to its friendly people and the quality of life it provides.

Many people who aren’t from Ireland naturally wish to move there to experience the life they always dreamed of. However, relocating to another country is anything but simple. So, before you make the big move, you should first consider and be aware of some things.

In today’s article, we will reveal some top tips and advice when it comes to things to consider before moving to Ireland.

10. Irish history – a troubled and contentious past

Be careful when broaching the topic of Irish history.
Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

It’s fair to say that while Irish history is fascinating, it is also quite tragic and controversial.

While nowadays Ireland is a peaceful and prosperous country, it’s advised that, similar to talking about politics, this topic of conversation is best left avoided.

9. The language barrier – understanding the slang

The language barrier is one of the things to consider before moving to Ireland.
Credit: Tourism Ireland

Irish people predominantly speak English. However, you may still face a language barrier when it comes to slang and local phrases, especially when out in the more rural parts of Ireland, where the accents tend to be stronger.

Luckily Irish people are friendly and understanding, so they won’t take offence if you don’t understand everything straight away.

8. The Irish weather – wildly unpredictable

The Irish weather is wildly unpredictable.
Credit: Tourism Ireland

The weather is always a common topic of conversation in Ireland. So, get used to talking about it if you are planning to move here.

Typically, Irish weather can be wildly unpredictable, with the sun shining one moment, and then the heavens opening up with a torrential downpour the next.

Overall, Ireland has quite a temperate climate, with extreme weather events being rare.

7. Moving your belongings to Ireland – making a move as easy and successful as possible

One of the things to consider before moving to Ireland is about moving your belongings.
Credit: Pexels / Ketut Subiyanto

Next on our list of the top ten things to consider before moving to Ireland is how exactly you will practically and efficiently move your belongings.

Suppose you’re planning to move to Ireland from the United States. In that case, you should consider using the services of a company such as SDC International Moving, which is undoubtedly the best international moving company USA has to offer.

Moving your belongings through a shipping method is far more efficient and much less expensive than using Air Freight.

With 99.99% of containers arriving safely at their destination, you can rest assured that your prized possessions will be protected on their journey across the ocean.

6. Safety – an extremely safe country

Ireland is an extremely safe country.
Credit: Tourism Ireland

Like any country, Ireland has parts that are safer than others. Still, Ireland is generally regarded as an extremely safe country for locals and visitors alike, with the caveat of using common sense to take precautions when in busy places and at night.

5. The Irish Healthcare System – quality care

The Irish Healthcare System is one of the things to consider before moving to Ireland.
Credit: Pexels / Павел Сорокин

The Irish Healthcare System is generally well-equipped with modern equipment and excellent staff. However, it should be noted that you can expect delays in A&E response times and GP appointments due to shortages in funds.

While costly, private healthcare is always an option for those who can afford it and want to be seen more quickly.

4. The Irish public transport system – lacking in rural areas

The Irish public transport system is lacking in rural areas.
Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

Ireland’s public transport network works quite efficiently in the country’s most prominent cities, such as Dublin and Cork. Still, it leaves a lot to be desired in rural areas as many of these locations lack regular transport connections.

Ownership of a private car is recommended if you live in one of these rural areas.

3. Quality of life – excellent quality of life

Quality of life is one of the things to consider before moving to Ireland.
Credit: Pexels / Pressmaster

While moving to Ireland can be quite a daunting thought at first, it’s a move that you won’t regret as Ireland’s quality of life is considered excellent.

In 2019, the annual Human Development Index Ranking listed Ireland as having the third highest quality of life in the world!

2. Purchasing or renting property – not a straightforward task

You need to decide whether you're buying or renting.
Credit: Instagram / @lottas.sydneylife

Most people who move to Ireland tend to rent property instead of purchasing it.

This is because, while not impossible, it can be a challenging task for those who move to the country to buy land in Ireland, thanks to the fact that there are many restrictions on it.

1. Ireland is an expensive country – not a cheap place  

The cost is one of the things to consider before moving to Ireland.
Credit: Flickr / Images Money

While Ireland offers an excellent quality of life, it comes at a price, as Ireland is a very expensive country to live in. It has the second-highest price level for consumer goods and services in the European Union, at 34 percentage points above the average.

Some places in Ireland are cheaper than others, with the most expensive being the capital city of Dublin.

So, that concludes our list of top ten things to consider before moving to Ireland. Have you moved to Ireland, and if so, how did you find the experience?

If you haven’t moved to Ireland, did this article make you want to finally take the leap and move to the Emerald Isle once and for all?

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