Things only people from Belfast will understand

29. You and your mates used to drink in a park when you were teenagers


30. You have used the phrase “will you see me/my mate”


31. When your Da needs some time alone after being stressed he says “I’m away to get my head showered”

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32. You have been “de-begged” at least once in your life


33. You have met people who believe “anyone who doesn’t have a 1 back and sides is a hippy”


34. You have had a telling off from your Da which began with the phrase ´Listen Sonny Jim…´


 35. When some millie’s annoyed she says, “Oh mummy!! What are you like!!?”


36. In school you were asked to “meet” a girl/boy round the back of the mobiles.


37. When you’ve ordered drink after hours from ‘dial a drink’

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38. You’ve said ” I’m gonna get my Da/Big Brother for ye!”


39. If you want to buy something semi-legal like a dope pipe or martial arts weapons (ninja star, nunchucks that sort of thing) you go to Smithfield market/In Shops


40. Someone has been “after you” for something you did

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