Things only people from Belfast will understand

A compilation of things people from Belfast have sent into the site. Here are the best.

1. You’re never cold but sometimes Baltic.

0104-Cold-Weather_full_600 (1)

2. You have owned a pair of Nike Air Max at some stage.


3. Hearing there is a bomb scare near by and not be the slightest bit worried…just frustrated that traffic is diverted


4. Knowing a ‘barrick buster’ or ‘barrick’ means a 2 litre bottle of cider…and it was your most consumed drink at one stage when you were younger


5. Drinking so hard before you go out that sometimes you don’t get in


6. Being late for work because a few buses in a row didn’t come…then 3 came at once


7. Being used to people spending their hard earned money on cherry pickers…to put flags up on lamp posts


8. Crisp Sandwich being a common thing


9. Goths are more dedicated than Flag Protesters to City Hall every Saturday! Never missed a Saturday in years!


10. Smicks love Buckfast


11. Pastie Suppers is Belfast’s signiture dish


12. Anyone who isn’t from Belfast is automatically deemed a Culchie


13. Knowing that the whole world is missing out on Sukie!


14. McDonalds in town after a night out is always rocking!

15. We feel like we know Benny, especially after a few..

fcking change

16. Weatherspoons for cheap booze…nothing else.


17. Cringing when a club in town closes and you hear the chant “East, East, East Belfast!”


18. Always have a memorable conversation with a Belfast Taxi man!

19. You ended up in Emerald Chinese on the Dublin Road after a night out…on numerous occasions!


20. Everyone knows someone who can get you a dodgy cable box with all the channels

21. You’ve fallen out wi’ yer mate ‘cus he went til a Grammar school n’ now he’s a snob, so he is.

images (2)

22. You know what the words ‘space-cadet’ and ‘rocket’ really mean.


23. You know at least one person called Mackers/Smickers/Jaunty…and he probably has a car like this:


24. Ballycastle was once your most frequented holiday destination.


25. Your Granny had a framed picture of the Pope or the Queen in the living room but not both.

Queen Pope John Paul II

26. You can tell what religion somebody is by the side of the road they walk on/what side of the bridge they live.


27. You are 27, married with 2 kids, a dog and have a mortgage. However, if your parents are away for a couple of days you still think: ‘Sweet, free house!’


28. You remember armed soldiers on the streets



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