Top 10 things ALL Irish children WANTED to do in the 90s

Ah, the 1990s. A simpler time, before iPhones and social media took over our lives. If you were a kid growing up in the 1990s, you might remember these ten things that you always dreamed of doing.

Top 10 things all Irish children wanted to do in the 90s.

A time of Furbys and Talkboys, playing outside, and watching The Den, the 90s really were a cultural reset in recent Irish history. If you grew up in one of the greatest decades of all, you’ll certainly remember these things that all Irish children wanted to do in the 90s.

Our dreams were pretty humble back in the day. We didn’t have access to all the gizmos and gadgets that the kids have these days. Give us a bouncy ball or a jelly alien, and we’d be entertained for hours.

Ah, how we miss the 1990s sometimes. Feeling nostalgic? Let’s take a trip down memory lane to reveal the ten things all Irish children wanted to do in the 90s.

10. Watch cartoons and classic kids’ TV shows – we had some cracking shows back in the day

A still from The Magic Roundabout.

First up on our list of things all Irish children wanted to do in the 90s is watch our favourite TV shows. With classics like Bosco, The Den, Wanderly Wagon, and The Magic Roundabout gracing our screens, we really were spoilt for choice.

Getting up earlier at the weekend was all the easier knowing we had a great roster of epic TV to watch.

9. Go to the disco – a true coming-of-age moment

A mirror ball reflecting onto a dark background. Going to the disco was one of the things all Irish children wanted to do in the 90s.
Credit: Pexels/ NEOSiAM 2024+

Ah, the moment we all waited for: a chance to show off your moves and maybe even get a dance with your crush before the night was out. Oh, and not forgetting all the sugary snacks from the tuck shop.

The school disco was a big event, one we never wanted to miss.

8. Sit in the back row on the bus – that’s when you knew you’d made it

The stop button on a bus.
Credit: Pexels/ Will Mu

Only the cool kids (and normally the older ones, too) got to sit in the back row of the bus. We all dreamt of the day we’d graduate from our boring middle-row seats to those sacred seats at the back.

Really, we didn’t mind that they were the most bumpy and uncomfortable seats the bus had to offer. The social standing was worth it.

7. Play Tamagotchi or Gameboys – the height of technology

A cream Gameboy resting on a white surface. Playing on the Gameboy was one of the things all Irish children wanted to do in the 90s.
Credit: Pexels/ William Warby

Long before the days of PlayStation 5s and fibre optic broadband internet connection, the height of technology in Ireland was our handheld gaming devices like the Tamagotchi and Gameboy.

During rainy days, we could spend hours on end upgrading our Tamagotchi’s life or levelling up in Mario Bros. on the Gameboy.

6. Visit Mosney Holiday Centre – the ultimate summer adventure

A photo of Mosney Holiday Centre in County Meath.
Credit: Ww2censor, Wikipedia Commons, CC BY-SA 2.0 DEED

Mosney Holiday Centre in County Meath was, at one time, the ultimate family getaway for kids across the island.

Established all the way back in the 1940s, the complex featured a huge array of entertainment, recreational activities, workshops, and dining facilities. With a fun community atmosphere, you always left Mosney with new friends for life.

Though, realistically, you’d probably never see them again…

5. Go outside and play – how we spent our evenings and weekends

Two kids playing on a swing set at a sandy park. Playing outside was one of the things all Irish children wanted to do in the 90s.
Credit: Pexels/ cottonbro studio

Next up on our list of things all Irish children wanted to do in the 90s was simply go outside and play.

Particularly during the summer, we’d rush to get our homework finished so we could head outside and enjoy the grand stretch in the evening, playing games with our friends.

Ah, those really were the days.

4. Go on a cruise – bonus points if it was a Disney Cruise

A cruise ship at sea.
Credit: Pexels/ Matthew Barra

Cruise holidays were a big thing back in the 90s, but only the kids whose families had a bit of extra cash to spare could afford to go on one.

From Caribbean cruises that visit the iconic Paradise Island to Mediterranean adventures that stop off in places like Greece and Italy, the options are endless. However, the ultimate dream for most 90s kids was to get to go on a Disney Cruise!

3. Feature on The Late Late Toy Show – a common dream for generations

Okay, so this one isn’t exclusive to kids of the 90s. For as long as The Late Late Toy Show has graced our airwaves, kids across the island have dreamed of having a chance to feature.

Irish icon Gay Byrne hosted the show for most of the 90s, bringing his lighthearted and charming nature to our screens. Ah, the festive memories are flooding back.

2. Get a mobile phone – little did we know

A Nokia mobile phone on a wooden surface. Getting a mobile phone was one of the things all Irish children wanted to do in the 90s.
Credit: Pexels/ Masood Aslami

Mobile phones were just beginning to gain popularity across the island of Ireland in the 1990s, and most of us dreamed of the day we’d have our own.

Back then, it was a novelty to send your friend a text laboriously typed out by pressing the numbers one to nine up to four times per button. Oh, and not forgetting the chance to play the classic Snake game.

1. Meet Fungie the Dolphin – Ireland’s greatest celebrity

Fungie the Dolphin jumping out of the water at Dingle Harbour. Meeting Fungie was one of the things all Irish children wanted to do in the 90s.
Credit: Flickr/ Dream Ireland Holiday Homes, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 DEED

Topping our list of things all Irish children wanted to do in the 90s is meet the legend that is Fungie the Dolphin.

Dingle’s most beloved resident made the town’s harbour his home in 1983, attracting people from all across Ireland and further afield who were keen to meet this famous dolphin.

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