The top 5 best walks and hikes in Armagh, RANKED

Characterised by dramatic landscapes and stunning scenery, there is no better place for a leg stretch than County Armagh. For those who love to hit the trails, these are the best walks and hikes in Armagh.

Armagh is a scenic little slice of Ireland located in the north of the country.

With breathtaking backdrops bound to make you weak at the knees, it comes as no surprise that nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts favour Armagh.

Indeed, adventures in Armagh have been on pause for a period of time. Although, as Ireland begins to resume a certain sense of normality, there is no finer time to lap up all that Armagh has to offer.

These are the best walks and hikes in Armagh to get you started on your next adventure.

5. The Mall – the city escape

The Mall is one of the best walks in Armagh.

Located in the heart of Armagh, The Mall is a key attraction for anyone who loves to enjoy an oasis in the city centre. 

Over generations, this grassy expanse has been the staging ground for many activities. It was once the site of horse-racing, cock-fighting and bull-baiting, but today it is predominantly designated for cricket and general recreation. 

The Georgian, landscaped park is a top spot for those looking to picnic in the heart of this thriving city. Offering a welcome retreat from the hustle and bustle outside its walls, The Mall is a firm favourite, boasting some of the best walks and hikes in Armagh and Northern Ireland

Address: The Pavilion, The Mall W, Armagh BT61 9AJ, United Kingdom

4. Navan Fort Walk – for ancient Ireland

Navan Fort Walk is a great option for history buffs.

Armagh is known as the religious capital of Ireland. And, if you are interested in intertwining history along with a hike, Navan Fort Walk is the one for you.

The impressive earth mound offers fantastic views over Saint Patrick’s city, should you wish to climb it. Although for those less able, there’s a charming woodland walk that circles its base. 

Navan Fort is believed to be a site of pre-Christian significance. Its Gaelic name, Eamhain Mhacha, gives reference to Irish mythology and Navan Fort is said to have once been the headquarters of the Red Branch knights of the king of Ulster, Conchobar mac Nessa. 

Address: 81 Killylea Rd, Armagh BT60 4LD, United Kingdom

3. Gosford Forest Park – for enchanting forest trails

One of the best walks in Armagh has to be Gosford Forest Park
Credit: Instagram / @ieva_strelciunaite

Not far from the village of Markethill is Gosford Forest Park. Rich in wild, rugged beauty and abundant in flora and fauna, it offers some of the best walks and hikes in Armagh.

With multiple enchanting forest trails to choose from, visitors will be spoiled for choice and enamoured by this park’s beauty.

There is a mountain biking and horse-riding trail too. And, with over 590 acres of woodland to explore, we have no doubt you will fall in love with the outdoors at Gosford Forest Park.

Address: Gosford Forest Park, Markethill BT60 1GD, United Kingdom

2. Lurgan Park – for Northern Ireland’s largest park

Lurgan Park is one of the best walks in Armagh for everyone
Credit: Instagram / @nicolehaughiann

Spanning over 259 acres, it probably comes as no surprise that Lurgan Park offers some of the best walks and hikes around.

Expect winding woodlands and manicured lawns that dance their ways around forest trails. 

With thriving native wildlife and tonnes of activities, including tennis courts, rowboat hires, and fishing spots, this is a great place to enjoy with family and friends alike. 

Address: Windsor Ave, Lurgan, Craigavon BT67 9BG, United Kingdom

1. Saint Patrick’s Way – the pilgrim’s pursuit

St Patrick's Way isn't for the faint-hearted, but it comes top as the best hike in Armagh.
Credit: Facebook / @visitarmagh

For those of you who are keen to experience a walk to remember, we suggest Saint Patrick’s Way: The Pilgrim Walk – the pilgrim’s pursuit is one of the best walks and hikes there is.

Starting in Armagh and ending in Downpatrick, this trek is indeed sizable at some 131 kilometres (82 miles) in length.

The route begins at the Navan Centre and travels through key heritage sites associated with Ireland’s Christian heritage and Saint Patrick. 

The endpoint is the resting place of the man in question. And, along the route, you can expect to see some of Ireland’s most stunning scenery. 

A pilgrim’s passport system is in place to bring an added dimension to your experience. Stamp your “passport” along the route and walk away (excuse the pun) with a souvenir that documents your journey.

Address: 81 Killylea Rd, Armagh BT60 4LD, United Kingdom

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