Top 20 hottest modern Irish girl names right now

It’s a girl – congratulations! If you are still looking for a new name for your new-born, have a look at our list of the twenty hottest Irish girl names below. 

Names are going to stick forever, so you better choose a good one for your offspring. And what better way to cherish your roots (and make your baby girl stand out from the crowd) than a trendy Irish first name?

Irish first names often derive from Gaelic or the Irish language and have a beautiful meaning behind them. What’s more, they just roll off the tongue in an elegant and captivating way – once you have learnt how to pronounce them. 

Thanks to celebrities such as Oscar-winner Saoirse Ronan, Irish girl names have experienced a massive revival. Have a look below at our list of the top twenty hottest modern Irish girl names right now.

20. Áine – phonetically: awn-ya

Number twenty in our list of Irish girl names is Áine.

This beautiful Irish name can be translated as “splendour, radiance, and brilliance” in English.

Áine was the Irish goddess of wealth, summer, and sovereignty, and her name is linked to fruitfulness and prosperity. 

19. Bláthnaid – phonetically: blaw-nid

Bláthnaid is such a nice name.

The Irish version of Florence, Bláthnaid is believed to mean “flower” or “little flower”.

Blánaid and Bláthnat are two popular variations. 

18. Cliona – phonetically: klee-un-ah

Cliona is next on our list of Irish girl names.

One of the most typical Irish girl names, Cliona is linked to the Gaelic word “clodhna”, which can be translated as “shapely”.

According to Irish legend, Cliona was a stunning goddess who fell in love with a mortal called Ciabhan. 

17. Dearbhla – phonetically: der-vil-eh

Dearbhla means truth and loveliness.

Dearbhla is a combination of two Gaelic words: “Dearhb”, meaning “truth”, and “ail”, meaning “loveliness”.

There are quite a few variations of the name including Deirbhile, Deirbhle, Dervla, Derbhail, and Doirbhle. 

16. Clodagh – phonetically: clo-da

Clodagh is number sixteen on our list of Irish girl names.

Clodagh refers to both a character in Irish mythology, Lady Clodagh Anson, daughter of John Beresford, Marquess of Waterford, and the River Clodagh, which flows through their private estate.  

15. Deirdre – phonetically: deer-dra

Deirdre has been a popular name for decades.

Deirdre has been on the list of popular Irish girl names for decades and its origin is thought to be the Gaelic word “der”, meaning “daughter”.

Deirdre was one of the most tragic characters in Irish mythology – she died of a broken heart after the king of Ulster forced her to be his bride and killed her lover. 

14. Eimear – phonetically: e-mer

Eimear is definitely one of the hottest modern Irish girl names.

Derived from Old Irish, Eimear means “swift, ready, or fast”.

Eimear was the legendary wife of Cuchulainn in Irish legends, possessing the six gifts of womanhood: beauty, voice, speech, chastity, wisdom, and needlework. 

13. Aisling – phonetically: ash-ling or ash-lin

Aisling is liked to the Gaelic word for dream.

The Irish version of Ashlyn can also be spelt Aisling, Aislin, or Aislinn.

It’s linked to the Gaelic word for “dream” or “vision” and refers to aisling, a poetic genre that developed in the late 17th-century. 

12. Fionnoula – phonetically: finn-ooh-la

Fionnoula is one of the nicest Irish girl names.

According to Irish legend, Fionnoula (or Finola), was turned into a swan as a child by her stepmother.

The direct translation would be “white shoulders” in English. A common nickname is Nuala. 

11. Maeve – phonetically: mave

Maeve is a great name for a girl.

Maeve can be translated to “she who intoxicates” in English.

According to legend, she was a warrior queen of Connacht who organised the death of a rival hero. 

10. Caoimhe – phonetically: qwee-vuh or key-vah

Caoimhe is one of the most popular Irish girl names.

One of the most popular Irish girl names in recent years, Caoimhe comes from the Gaelic word “caomh”, meaning “graceful, noble, or beautiful”.

9. Oonagh – phonetically: oooh-nah

There are lots of theories about where the name Oonagh comes from.

There are different theories about where the name Oonagh comes from.

One theory says it could derive from the Gaelic word “uan”, meaning “lamb”, another one links it to the Latin word for “one” or “unity”.

Either way, in Irish mythology, Oonagh was the Queen of the Fairies. 

8. Orlaith – phonetically: or-la

Orlaith is number eight on our list of Irish girl names.

Orlaith is a combination of the Irish Ór (“golden”) and Flaith (“princess”), making it a very popular Irish first name.

It can also be spelt Orla or Orlagh. 

7. Niamh – phonetically: ni-ev

Niamh is a very popular name at the minute.

According to the Irish language, girls called Niamh are bright and radiant.

The anglicised version would be Neve, Naive, or Neave. 

6. Róisín – phonetically: roe-sheen

Róisín is one of the most beautiful Irish girl names.

One of the most beautiful Irish girl names, Róisín means “little rose” in the Irish language.

Popular variations are Roisin or Rosheen. 

5. Sadhbh – phonetically: sigh-ve

Sadhbh is such an elegant name.

This ancient Irish name can be translated to “goodness” and has experienced a massive revival in recent years.

Besides the original spelling, you will also find Sadb, Saibh, Sadhb, Sadbh, Sive, or Saeve.

4. Sinéad – phonetically: shin-aid

Sinéad is one of the most popular Irish girl names around the world.

Popular around the world thanks to Irish singer Sinéad O’Connor, this is the Gaelic version of the English name Janet, meaning “God’s gracious gift”. 

3. Aoife – phonetically: ee-fa

Aoife is a great name for a girl.

Aoife, also spelt Aífe or Aeife, is thought to be derived from the Gaelic word “aoibh”, meaning “beauty” or “radiance”.

In Celtic mythology, Aoife rocked the world as a goddess of war. 

2. Saoirse – phonetically: sur-sha

Number two on our list of Irish girl names is Saoirse.

When Saoirse Ronan first conquered Hollywood, she spent a good deal of her time explaining how to pronounce her first name correctly.

Saoirse means “freedom” in the Irish language.

1. Fiadh – phonetically: fee-ah

Fiadh tops the list.

The third most popular girl name in 2019, just after Emily and Grace, derives from an Old Irish word meaning “wild”, in the sense of a wild animal, and particularly a deer.

In our opinion it’s the perfect name for a future independent, confident woman, making it number one on our list of the hottest Irish girl names.

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