The new Dublin hotel that sells pints for €2.95 in 2022 (honest review)

Located on Camden Street in central Dublin, the new Wetherspoons Dublin hotel is home to the cheapest bar menu in the city. But is the hotel any good?

JD Wetherspoons spent a whopping €33.4 million buying and developing their new Keavan’s Port Hotel on Camden Street. The company said the Dublin hotel, which opened its doors in August 2021, was the single biggest investment it has made in its 40+ year history.

I’ve been to numerous Wetherspoons on my travels around the UK and Ireland. Some bars have been better than others, but ‘spoons’ is always a decent place to go if you are looking for a reasonably priced city centre pint.

Yes, Wetherspoons is known for its cheap boozers around the UK and Ireland. Yes, it is a massive pub chain that has a homogenous feel. And yes, it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

In spite of all of this, it is hard to argue with €2.95 for a pint in central Dublin. So, when I heard that Wetherspoons was opening a hotel here, I immediately added it to my list of hotels to check out in Ireland.

So, without further ado, let’s see what all the fuss was about!

First impressions – it used to be a nunnery

This Dublin hotel used to be a nunnery.

The Keavan’s Port Hotel is located on the bustling Camden Street, which is an excellent area to stay in Dublin. This road is filled with places to eat, drink, and be entertained. It is also within walking distance from popular tourist areas such as St Stephen’s Green.

We drove down to Dublin from Belfast, so we needed somewhere to park. It wasn’t clear on the booking page if they had a car park, and as it turned out, they didn’t.

The receptionist told us over the phone that the recommended car park was a ten-minute walk away, and the price was €20 for the night. We didn’t factor in this cost, so be sure to add it into your planning if you choose to stay here.

Walking into the Dublin hotel, you are greeted by a statue of Jesus Christ beside a Wetherspoons breakfast menu with breakfast muffins on offer. It appears that the hotel and pub used to be a nunnery.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by a statue of Jesus alongside a Wetherspoons breakfast menu.

Wetherspoons are famous for turning the unlikeliest buildings (such as churches) into pubs. So, it was hardly the biggest shock. Still, I found it quite comical.

The hotel staff were friendly and helpful. After check-in, we were given a slightly confusing map that guided us to our hotel room.

To get to our room, we had to navigate through hallways, the main bar, a glass door, and another hallway. This journey was an adventure in itself.

The rooms – exceeded our expectations

The rooms were cosy and spacious.

Our room was everything you would expect from a hotel. The room was clean, modern, and cosy. The bathroom looked brand new!

The only downside to the room was the beer garden/smoking area, which was just below our window. You could hear the sounds of drinkers having a night out. However, the bar closed at about 11:30 pm, so this area went quiet, which was ideal for us.

The bar – the cheapest drinks menu in Dublin

This Dublin hotel sells the cheapest pints in Dublin.

The building opened its doors in August 2021, so it is practically brand new. It was shiny, new, and, dare I say it, classy!

We took a seat at the back and looked at the menu. Being a vegetarian, I know the struggles with eating out around Ireland, so I was really impressed with how vegan-friendly the menu was!

We ordered burgers (one vegan and one beef burger). The food was excellent, and the burgers cost €12.15 with an alcoholic drink, which is excellent value!

One downside to the bar menu is they don’t serve Guinness, only Beamish. I personally love Beamish, but if you only drink Guinness, then you might be put off drinking here.

JD Weatherspoons have opened a new Dublin hotel with the cheapest beer menu in the city centre.

Prices – reasonable room rates and unbeatable pint prices for Dublin

We got a twin room that worked out at €95 for the night, which is pretty reasonable for the area of Dublin. The other big cost to consider when staying here is the price of parking (if you have a car).

The hotel recommends parking at Stephen’s Green Car Park, which is a ten-minute walk away. It is also €20 per night, so do factor that into your costs when you are coming.

If you are here for the drinks, then you will be mind-blown when you look at the Wetherspoons menu. Most pints are around €4, and some are as low as €2.95, which is incredible for Dublin in 2022. The food is also reasonably priced.

Service – you get what you pay for?

The service at this Dublin hotel was sub-standard.

The staff at reception were excellent and helpful. We were warmly welcomed, so there are no complaints here.

However, the service at the bar was sub-standard. We had an issue with our order, and the staff member we tried to communicate with had trouble understanding English.

I ordered a drink and a different drink came out. The member of staff did not understand the issue, and after a few minutes of trying to ask to change it, I gave up and just drank it.

A diverse workforce is important, but I feel it is extremely important to have your front-of-house staff be well equipped with English in order to deal with any customer issues that arise. In addition, tables were left uncleaned with glasses and dinners around us for a considerable time.

Additionally, after the staff delivered the food, they did not check back to see if we needed anything for our meals. This meant we had to walk up and wait at the bar to ask for sauce.

Some may argue that ‘you get what you pay for’. I appreciate that point. However, this is a Dublin City Centre hotel bar in 2022. Certain standards should be expected from staff no matter what bar or restaurant you are dining in. It isn’t that difficult to do the basics.

Overall – a solid 7/10

Overall, we rated this Dublin hotel seven out of ten.


  • Brand new hotel and bar
  • Reasonably priced rooms
  • Cheapest bar in Dublin outside your room
  • Good food and drink menu
  • Excellent rooms


  • Noisy smoking area outside rooms
  • Sub-standard bar service
  • No Guinness on draft (Beamish instead)
  • Parking is €20 per night

Weighing up all the pros and cons, The Keavan’s Port Hotel is very good for the price and location. It is a decent mid-range Dublin hotel that won’t leave you disappointed. With all things considered, if I were to rate it, I’d give it a 7/10.

Booking a stay – it is worth checking availability in advance

Keavan's Port Hotel exterior on Camden Street.

If staying at The Keavan’s Port Hotel interests you, then be sure to check the prices and availability below by clicking the button below, which will bring you to

This isn’t a massive hotel, so it is worth booking in advance if you’d like to experience it.

This hotel is close to… ST STEPHEN’S GREEN! Located a ten-minute walk from Saint Stephen’s Green, this Dublin hotel is in an excellent location.

This hotel is perfect for… TRAVELLERS ON A BUDGET! The price per night is very reasonable for central Dublin.

Facilities here include:

  • Modern and cosy rooms
  • Family-sized rooms
  • Bar and restaurant
  • Family-sized rooms available

Address: 1–5 Camden Street Upper, Saint Kevin’s, Dublin 8, D02 K854, Ireland

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