The most exciting new projects coming to Belfast in 2022

2022 is set to be an exciting year for Belfast as lots of projects are set to transform the city.

In recent years, Belfast has transformed into a vibrant and modern city with lots of developments bringing new life to the city.

In an attempt to encourage people back to the city centre, the council have approved several projects set to get underway in 2022.

So, here are some of the most exciting new projects coming to Belfast in 2022.

A brand new hotel – inviting tourism to the city


In recent years, Belfast has become a major tourist destination with new attractions such as Titanic Belfast encouraging people from all over the world to the city.

Thus, with the growing influx of tourism, city planners have focused on providing accommodation for those visiting. New hotels have popped up all over the city, and more are still to come.

One such hotel, approved for 2022, will be located on Bedford Street, close to the city centre. The 13-storey hotel got the green light last February after concerns about the impact upon listed buildings nearby.

As one of the most exciting new projects coming to Belfast in 2022, the plans will see the refurbishment of the existing Pizza Express building on the corner. The new hotel will sit behind the popular Park Inn and RGB hotels.

Exciting new projects coming to Belfast in 2022 – entertainment venues and wellbeing spaces


Accommodating for both locals and tourists, the plans for the city this year include plenty of wellbeing spaces and entertainment venues.

As people gravitate more towards online shopping, reasons to visit town centres steadily falls. Thus, the council wants to focus on other means by which to encourage people into the city.

Some of the exciting new projects coming to Belfast in 2022 will focus more on entertainment and leisure rather than consumerism.

The historic King’s Hall is set to be transformed into a Health and Wellbeing Park. Approved last March, the transformation includes plans for medical service centres, a retirement living plot, a multi-storey car park, retail centres, restaurant and cafe areas, and leisure and gym facilities.

Meanwhile, Brunswick Street will see a brand new pedestrianised entertainment space in an attempt to revitalise the city’s Linen Quarter. A new venture for the city, the space, located behind city hall, will become an outdoor hospitality and entertainment area.

Other developments we can’t wait for – transforming the city

Credit: Lacuna Developments

Northern Ireland is an increasingly popular tourist destination. Thus, councillors in Belfast are attempting to give both locals and tourists even more reason to visit the capital city.

Some more exciting new projects coming to Belfast in 2022 include the City Quays Gardens project at Belfast Harbour. This project will incorporate sustainable design and modern amenities.

Belfast Stories will transform the former Bank of Ireland building in the city centre. And, the Comber Greenway, one of the best and most scenic cycle routes in Belfast, will be updated with a brand new lighting scheme.

Other projects set for the city include residential developments, office blocks, and modern student accommodation.

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