The Five MOST TERRIFYING Ghost Stories From Cork

Cork is a charming little coastal city in the Southwest of Ireland.

Surrounded by sea and suburbs, Cork is popular for day-trippers and vacationers during the Summer months who lap up local cuisine and culture.

The county is also known to be the most haunted in Ireland.

However, not only is Cork home to “Ireland’s most haunted town”, Doneraile, but also, a whopping 15.5% of locals claim to have seen a ghost according to a study by the AA.

Care to hear some bone-chilling accounts of Cork’s supernatural residents? Here are the most terrifying ghost stories from Cork.

5 – River Lee Maid

This story tells of two servants, Amelia and Andy, worked for the well-to-do Mrs Bishop a long time ago.

As time went on the pair begin to speculate the whereabouts of Mr Bishop. Was he alive? Did he leave her? Was he living abroad?

A locked room in the house became the mysterious “question mark”, around the puzzling case of Mr Bishop.

One night the two servants broke into the locked room. It was lavish, furnished with many grand mirrors and a huge four-poster bed. On first glance, the room was empty.

However, on a second take, the pair saw a vision in the mirror: Mr Bishop resting in bed, while Mrs Bishop suffocates him with a pillow.

At that moment, the real-life Mrs Bishop arrived home. Reflexively, Andy hid before being seen, but Mrs Bishop caught Amelia in the act.

As punishment, Mrs Bishop dragged Amelia to the River Lee and drowned her.

It is said that Amelia’s ghost wanders the riverside on nights of a full moon crying out for help. With this, locals seldom walk the River Lee alone come nightfall.

4 – Cork Asylum

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Officially named St. Kevin’s Asylum, this is one of the most haunted places in Cork, without a doubt.

From 1893-2002 the institution was home to some of the country’s most mentally disturbed souls, often abandoned by their families through lack of understanding, often guilty of nothing.

Endless records report the desolate conditions and torturous treatments; the Cork Asylum was not a happy place.

Today it is said, the spirits of this institution still walk the halls. Having never found peace, they roam, tortured, seeking solace.

This site has been a focal point for paranormal enthusiasts who scour the endless abandoned rooms in search of supernatural occurrences.

Toilets flush, even though the building has ceased to have water for years. Screams down darkened dead-end hallways pierce the silence. Footsteps fall, even though the institution is empty.

Simply speaking: this place is not for the faint of heart.

3 – White Lady

It is said that a young lady married a soldier stationed long ago at Charles Fort (now, an ex-military fort). One night, on duty, the soldier fell asleep. As punished for his foolishness, he was executed.

It is said today that the “White Lady” can be spotted around the grounds, clad in her wedding dress, in search of those who stole her husband’s life.

2 – Faceless Lady


This terrifying ghost story from Cork is sure to be enough to keep you away from Belvelly Castle.

A long time ago, the beautiful Lady Margaret was a catch. In fact, her beauty was so undeniable that her vanity was founded.

She lived in the castle. She placed mirrors on every wall just so she could acknowledge her good fortune – and good looks!

When one her potential suitors finally got sick of waiting for her to commit, he decided to starve her, hoping to expedite her submission.

By the time she finally gave in, her looks had perished. No longer the most beautiful bride, her suitor retracted his advances and she was left with nothing.

It is said today that her ghost can be found roaming the halls. She appears faceless (hence her name, the “Faceless Lady”) as she vigorously rubs the walls, desperately hoping for her mirrors to appear, once again.

1 – The Hollywood Estate Haunting

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The Hollywood Estate Haunting has got to be the most terrifying ghost story from Cork on our list – and it happened as recent as 2010!

The story details a blossoming family who move into a home in Cork’s Hollywood Estate. Soon after settling in their abode, strange events began to occur.

Objects would be moved, as if by no one. Taps would turn on and off. Screams would wake the young family abruptly in the night. Religious iconography would be smashed by an invisible force.

The final straw was when the son, Kyle, was thrown – with ample force – from his bed.

As it was a council house, the option to move home easily was out of the question. Cork City Council debunked any claims there were supernatural forces present.

Finally, the family moved out, finding the unexpected and challenging living environment too much to handle.

Neighbours corroborated the events, stating they had witnessed some of these alleged supernatural occurrences, too.

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