The Most Romantic Restaurants in Dundalk

Dundalk is situated on the Castletown River which flows through the town. Dundalk as Gaeilge Dún Dealgan which means ‘Dalgan’s stronghold’. Dundalk is in Co. Louth and is on the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. It is almost precisely halfway between Belfast and Dublin.

Studies suggest that the Dundalk area has been inhabited since at least 3500 BC, during what is known as the Neolithic Period. Dundalk in its modern form mostly owes its shape to a man names Lord Limerick in the 17th century. Dundalk is also home to the famous Dundalk FC, which are 1st in League of Ireland Premiership Division. Dundalk hosts the widely regarded, Dundalk Institute of Technology. The only in Louth. Dundalk is one of the biggest towns in Dundalk and a border town that brings a lot of business to its restaurant and a lot to be desired. With this Dundalk has developed various restaurants for all occasions, and below is a list of the Best restaurants for a romantic dinner for two.

4. McGeough’s Bar & Restaurant

McGeough’s Bar and Restaurant is located at Roden Pl, Town parks, Dundalk, Co. Louth. McGeough’s is one of the oldest and most well-renowned establishments in Dundalk’s history. Famous for its style, atmosphere, service and not to mention their food. McGeough’s offers the customers the option to sit either at the bar with comfortable stools for a more casual endeavour, be seated at a table or a high deck table or for a more romantic and private evening in one of their booths.

At McGeough’s, they offer separate menus for Breakfast, lunch, dinner or Tapas. McGeough’s also allows for an atmosphere where one can simply enjoy a coffee and a pastry without having to have a full meal, although the option is always there.

McGeough’s stylish interior, offers the customers the relaxation of an elegant hotel lounge, with gorgeous furniture, wooden décor and artwork and photographs that line the walls. This atmosphere itself lends this restaurant perfectly to a romantic dinner for two.

AddressRoden Pl, Townparks, Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland

3. Grande Italian restaurant

Grande Italian Restaurant is located at 60 Park St, Town parks, Dundalk, Co. Louth, A91 R657. Although unassuming with its simple black and white shop front exterior, Grande’s interior opens up into an old-fashioned Italian restaurant with exposed brick and grand black steel staircase. The restaurants interior is comfortable and quiet for those wanting to escape for a small romantic dinner.

The cuisine presented to the patron in Grande is a wide variety of traditional Italian food. The starters and mains are all exquisite. Grande do not serve much alcohol except wine but across the road is a quaint off-licence in which one can buy what they desire, and Grande has no corkage fee. Allowing you to share a bottle with your partner over amazing homemade Italian dining. The service in Grande is also fantastic with all the waitresses being extremely hospitable and friendly.

Address60 Park St, Townparks, Dundalk, Co. Louth, A91 R657, Ireland

2. Windsor bar and restaurant

The Windsor bar and restaurant is located at Dublin St, Town parks, Dundalk, Co. Louth. The Windsor offers a beautiful relaxed and comfortable atmosphere to dine in, with beautiful furniture and decoration the interior itself makes this one of the best restaurants for a romantic meal. The Windsor offers an astounding a la carte service with the staff priding themselves on the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into each and every meal.
The Windsor has a menu that ranges from a variety of seafood dishes to prime Irish steaks served with gorgeous sides. The Windsor is an establishment that has evolved over time to suit the needs and pallet of modern patrons but has kept its traditional values in service, presentation and style.

AddressDublin St, Townparks, Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland

1. The Rooftop Restaurant

The Rooftop Restaurant in part of the Crowne Plaza hotel and is located at Crowne Plaza Dundalk, Haggardstown, Dundalk, Co. Louth. The Rooftop Restaurant brings Dundalk dining to new heights. Literally. The restaurant is situated at the top of the Crown Plaza Hotel, the only high rise building in Dundalk.

This allows for unprecedented views of the surrounding areas, the Cooley Mountains and Carlingford. The Rooftop Restaurant offers signature dishes, fantastic cocktails and a Jazz night every Friday evening.

At the restaurant they pride themselves on their redesigned menu, making it more contemporary with a combination of meats and seafood dishes, all with a healthy twist. As the restaurant is just north of Carlingford, all of the seafood is sourced locally adding to the freshness.

It is clear to see why The Rooftop Restaurant tops our list for best restaurant for a romantic meal for two in Dundalk. Sitting with your partner indulging in craft beers, fine wine and exquisite food all the while looking out over on Ireland east coast natural landscape.

AddressCrowne Plaza Dundalk, Haggardstown, Dundalk, Co. Louth, A91 EF88, Ireland

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