The Best 5 Casinos in Ireland

Whilst the iGaming market in Ireland may sit in the shadow of the UK (both physically and figuratively), the Emerald Isle boasts an impressive online gambling GGY.

This is largely underpinned by the nation’s liberal regulatory approach, which sees over 40% of the Irish population gambling at least once a month.

Sites such as have also helped to drive growth in the sector, as they offer access to the very best online casinos in Ireland and enables to make informed decisions when comparing the marketplace.

Interestingly, Ireland also retains a thriving bricks-and-mortar casino scene, and one that’s home to a number of exceptional establishments.

We’ve selected five of the best below, whilst asking what makes these casinos so special.

1. The Macau Sporting Club

It’s well-known that China has a love-hate relationship with gambling, as whilst it operates state-run lotteries for its one billion residents it has largely outlawed online and mobile gambling.

However, China is also home to the former Portuguese colony Macau, which is widely considered to be the world’s largest gambling hub and one that acts as a Special Administrative Region in the heartlands of China.

Irish gamblers will also know that there’s a Macau Sporting Club located in the centre of Cork, with this large and impressive established sat just a stone’s throw from the region’s picturesque riverside.

It opens at 2pm every day and allows players to wager until the wee small hours, whilst also offering access to everything from high-stakes table games to poker and craps rooms.

There’s also a long row of slot machines available at the Macau Sporting Club, whilst players can also unwind away from the tables by shooting pool in one of the inclusive suites.

You can also enjoy some outstanding food here, so a trip to the Macau Sporting Club represents an excellent night out for couples, hens and stag parties alike!

2. The Gold Rush Casino

The Gold Rush Casino actually includes a chain of casinos in Ireland, with three locations packed into Cork’s bustling city centre.

There are also two in Dublin and several others dotted throughout a host of other Irish cities, and each of these establishments provides an outstanding casino experience to their loyal patrons.

Interestingly, the main focus on these casinos is slot machines, with the vast majority of each Gold Rush Casino packed full of slots of all shapes and sizes. These include traditional fruit machines and more contemporary video slots, so it’s a great draw for casual gamers and those in search of a fun night out.

While these certainly play a key role in the Gold Rush business model, the brand also gathers gamblers from all over the city to compete for a huge prize fund on special occasions.

These events typically host a number of different card games, and whilst there’s a nominal entry fee it’s worth noting that the last prize fund peaked at around £7,000 (which is isn’t bad for a single nights’ work!)

3. The Penthouse Casino and Card Club

Next up is the Penthouse Casino and Card Club, which boasts a slightly misleading moniker as the establishment isn’t actually a penthouse.

Situated on the outskirts of Dublin in the busy Airside Retail Park, the Penthouse Casino and Card Club is just 15 kilometres from the city and boasts the ideal balance between location and the size of the establishment.

The building itself is extremely contemporary, with the structure covered in glistening glass panels and packed full of luxury fixtures and fittings. Opening at 6pm every day, it’s main focus in table games, as players can access 13 different iterations of blackjack, roulette and baccarat at any given time.

This means that the Penthouse Casino and Card Club is generally favoured by serious gamblers, especially as some of the tables included are renowned for offering high-stakes games.

4. The Westbury Club

Now we come to a slightly more remote establishment and one that sits peacefully in the small and picturesque town of Malahide.

This may seem like an unusual location for a casino, particularly given that it’s situated so far away from Dublin, but it does stand close to the waters’ edge and provides a beautiful backdrop for gamblers across the board.

There are hotels available too, and we reckon that this casino would be ideal for couples who are fans of gambling but also want a romantic night on the town!

Whilst this establishment boasts various slots and table games, the main focus has clearly been placed on card games such as poker.

Make no mistake; this place is usually packed with poker enthusiasts during the weekend, whilst players often compete for big cash prizes in competitive tournaments.

5. Fitzpatrick’s Casino

Formerly known as the 78 Club, Fitzpatrick’s Casino is located in the centre of Dublin whilst its larger than life branding draws in players from miles around.

If you’re ever taking a stroll down Augnier Street, you’ll certainly be tempted to visited thanks to the bright red signage, whether you’re an experienced gambler or a casual player.

This is certainly a fun casino for casuals, with a host of diverse slot machines and low-stakes roulette tables that cater to up to eight players at a time.

This is also one of the few casino outlets that’s open 24/7, so you can indulge your passion for gambling at any time of the day or night!

This is a huge boon, especially if you like regular socialising or enjoy extended sessions of gameplay.

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