The 5 best Skellig Islands tours, according to reviews

The 5 best Skellig Islands tours, according to reviews

The Skellig Islands tours are one of the best Irish attractions for both foreign visitors and the Irish people themselves, so we have ranked the five best tours of the mystical islands according to reviews.

The UNESCO World Heritage site of Skellig Michael and the Skellig Islands have always been a ‘wow’ factor for anyone visiting Ireland, and even for the Irish themselves, and they are one of the most romantic places in Ireland for Valentine’s Day. They are also one of the best places to see puffins in Ireland. Home to a sixth-century monastic settlement at the very top of Skellig Michael, as well as the small island having the second largest colony of gannets in the world, this is a place not to be missed.

On top of this, since the filming of Star Wars on the island, they have become increasingly popular, with more and more people visiting each year to get a glimpse of Luke Skywalker’s Jedi temple. When it comes to exploring the islands, only Skellig Michael can be visited by foot, but you will pass Little Skellig on any tour, which will get you as close as possible.

Those who can brave it can climb the 640 steps to the monastery at the top, but this is completely optional. If you’re looking for the best guide out there, we have the 5 best Skellig Islands tours according to reviews listed here, so the adventure awaits you.

5: Skelligs Rock Landing Tour – the inside story from the Star Wars crew

The 6th century monastic site at the Skellig Islands.

Take the 50-minute boat trip to the magical islands, and upon arrival you’ll have the chance to carefully climb to the top and explore the island of Skellig Michael and get to know its history.

Get the inside scoop from this tour company, who were used during the filming of the Star Wars movie, to help transport the crew to the islands. They’re even in the end credits of the movie!

Hosted by: SeaQuest Tours

More info: HERE

4: Skellig Michael Eco Tour – one of the best Skellig Islands tours

Skellig Michael Eco Tour – one of the best Skellig Islands tours

This tour takes you from Portmagee marina, a National Tourism Award-winning village in Kerry to the Skellig Islands, focusing on wildlife spotting and discovering the historic monuments of the Great Island, Skellig Michael.

The Eco tour has multiple daily departures, while the Landing Tour, which includes access to the island, departs once at 8.30am in the morning, so make sure not to miss the alarm.

Hosted by: Casey’s Tours

More info: HERE

3: Skellig Michael Landing Tour – early morning paradise

A boat tour around the famous Skellig Islands.

This tour will leave bright and early from the marina at Portmagee and will take you to the fascinating island of Skellig Michael, giving you the opportunity to take on the steep steps to reach the mountain top monastery dating back to the 6th century.

The trip takes 45 mins to get to the island, but you’ll have plenty of time to explore the Atlantic wilderness before the returning to port, making this one of the best Skellig Island tours according to reviews.

Hosted by: Skellig Michael Boat Trips

More info: HERE

2: Eco cruise and Star Wars Tour around the Skellig Islands – may the force be with you

The Skellig Islands were a location of recent Star Wars films.

Giving you a slightly different perspective than some other tours, this one takes you past Puffin island, the Blasket Islands, Lemon Rock made famous from Harry Potter, and encourages some wildlife spotting such as dolphins, whales and basking sharks along the way. Although Great Blasket island is inhabited, it does have caretakers. In fact, a young couple landed their dream job as caretakers of Great Blasket Island!

You will sail past little Skellig and then get the opportunity to fully discover the history of Skellig Michael, a place full of mystery and wild beauty, and it has been popular to visit even before Star Wars was around.

Hosted by: Skelligs Rock

More info: HERE

1: Skellig Island Cruise – the complete tour of the Skellig Islands

The Skellig Michael, part of the ultimate Skellig Islands tour.

This popular tour is perfect for those who want to explore the islands of Skellig but do not fancy the 640 steps to the monastery (they also offer this tour, for those who want the challenge). Starting from Portmagee marina, the trip will take you to Little Skellig first, to see some seals, and the second largest colony of gannets in the world.

They will then continue to the larger island of Skellig Michael where you will get to see the bee hive huts, the monastery and the 6th century steps that were impressively carved into the rock by the monks. There is no doubt that this action-packed trip is the best of the Skellig Islands tours.

Hosted by: Skellig Michael Cruises

More info: HERE

One thing is for certain, no matter which tour you choose, you’ll be ticking off an amazing and unforgettable experience from your Irish bucket list. These islands are so unique and are only one of the three UNESCO sites on the whole island of Ireland.

Basking sharks, minke whales, dolphins and leatherback turtles are to be seen in the region, and the islands are a paradise for bird lovers. So, if you’re re heading off on a trip to see the Skelligs for their history and sheer unique structure, you’ll have the added bonus of perhaps spotting some of these creatures on your boat journey.

There’s no doubt that the Skellig Islands are a must-see destination when in the Emerald Isle, and once you catch your first glimpse of them, you’ll feel like your in a galaxy far, far away.

For those who prefer to stick to the mainland, a stellar view of the Skellig Islands can be seen from the scenic Skellig Ring drive along the coast.

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