The 5 Best Restaurants for Spicy Food Lovers in Galway

Galway is a city full of culture, historic landmarks and serene beauty. Known as a tribe city, Galway also holds some sizzling spicy restaurants in its medieval town.

Everything from spicy tacos to red-hot wings, you’ll need a glass of milk with a lot of these fiery food options! If not for the delicious factor, Spicy food is actually proven to greatly benefit your health too.

Whether you’re into mild, medium or the three-alarm hot version, Beef up your peppery food tolerance and check out the top 5 spicy food restaurants in Galway city below to see what tickles you’re fancy!

1. Tuco’s Taqueria – for a fiery feast

Some like it hot, some like it Mexican! Located near the famous Eyre Square, on Abbeygate Street, Tuco’s Taqueria is one of the top Galway restaurants that provides authentic Mexican cuisine in the heart of the city.

Tuco’s accommodates all foodies, vegan, vegetarian and hot pepper lovers and there is certainly no end to how hot the food gets at Tuco’s Taqueria so, for all of you spicy loving daredevils, this Mexican restaurant is the spot for you!

Tuco’s serves all the trustworthy Mexican favourites from Burrito’s and Tacos to Enchiladas and fajitas, however, the salsa is where Tuco’s gets hot and heavy and there is a spicy level to measure your preference on their hot flavours, everything from mild all the way to top of the scale, ‘Tuco Terror’ – my mouth is on fire at the thought!

2. Asian Teahouse Restaurant – for a flavoursome experience

This Downtown Pan-Asian restaurant, situated on Mary street in the beautiful Spanish Arch area of Galway City boasts the cosy interior of ancient walls, done up in gilded metals and woven cane.

The Asian Tea House pride themselves on their fresh and highly flavoursome cuisine which is sourced both locally and internationally and served to their diners in styles that originate in Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and China. Anything from the tasty Vietnamese Red Snapper to the mouth-watering Korean style wings, just to name but a few the hot dishes on their extensive menu to give spicy food lovers a kick and maybe in need of a glass of milk!

The Asian Teahouse won ‘Ethnic Restaurant of the Year Ireland’ in 2015 and is sure to add a flame or two to your spicy pallet.

3. Oran Tandoori – for a melody of spices

Nothing says spicy like Indian cuisine, and that’s exactly what you will get at ‘Oran Tandoori’, in Oranmore, on the outskirts of Galway City. Oran Tandoori offers a menu that is created with original Indian favourite’s and traditional classic cuisine and with a marriage of fine aromatic spices and fresh herbs including lots of gluten-free options.

From the tasty Chicken Roganjosh to the luscious Lamb Chilli Massalla, spicy food lovers won’t be disappointed with these heat inspired dishes.

The beauty about Oran Tandoori is their staff and hospitality with many hailing from India originally and holding the correct knowledge on the history of the regions, the food and the overall restaurant experience.

4. Scotty’s – for a finger-lickin’ experience

Serving food in the tribesman city for over 27 years now, Scotty’s is a household name in Galway. An American steakhouse with an Irish twist is how Scotty’s restaurant is best described with the hot and spicy wings catered to your pallet, this is a must-stop for any chicken wing lover.

They may have been around for over two decades, yet Scotty’s mission was then and is still, to serve the finest quality, locally sourced ingredients at a reasonable price and they acquire locally when possible to keep jobs within our community, which is a reason in itself to stop by this wing-tastic eatery!

5. Thai Garden Restaurant – for an authentic oriental menu

It comes as no surprise that Thai Garden is one of the most popular restaurant’s, not only in Galway but all over Ireland.

Located in the historic setting of the Spanish Arch area of Galway City, with stunning views over the River Corrib, Thai Garden offers hot and spicy dishes with a central Thai focus in an eatery with white tablecloths and Asian artefacts.

Chilli peppers originated in South America and were brought into Thailand by the European traders, it is no wonder that Thai Garden infuse the five fundamental flavours of Thai cuisine into their dishes: hot, sour, sweet, salty and bitter.

From the luscious Pad Gra Prow to the juicy Pad pet ta-lay, this spicy Asian eatery has to offer the best of Thai cuisine making it one of the top restaurants in Galway.

Written by Gráinne Gallogly.

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