The 5 best restaurants for foodies in Belfast

Whether self-appointed foodie or just in the mood for a good meal, Belfast has exactly what you want when your belly starts grumbling.

After a day exploring the city and its sights, you can be sure to work up an appetite. As well-known Belfast is for its history, it’s also home to some of the tastiest dishes you’ll find on the island.

From street-food inspired meals to gourmet sit-downs, Belfast has all types of restaurants for all types of foodies. It’s almost too difficult to narrow this list down to five places but if you hit up these restaurants, your taste buds won’t be disappointed.

5. Bao Bun – For a hit of culture

Bao Bun (Facebook)

Pillowy, soft, delicious and filling, all words to describe a Gua Bao, a Taiwanese street food. Bao consists of a steamed bun stuffed with meat, pickles, toppings, and sauces. 

It’s a lip-smacker of a meal that’s complete with a street-food feel and a handy pair of chopsticks. The restaurant is styled in a hybrid mix of industrial design and Taiwanese aesthetics.

Serving veggies and meat-lovers alike, Bao offers a customisable menu of fillings including shredded beef, pulled pork, or fried tofu.

There’s something for everybody on their menu. You can deck the top with pickled daikon, radish or trusty cucumber while finishing it off with a drizzling of sauces like hoisin, Korean BBQ and sriracha mayo.

Address48 Botanic Ave, Belfast BT7 1JR

4. General Merchants Cafe – For the best brunch in Belfast

With three restaurants spread across the entire city, General Merchants is never far away. And a good thing too as this eatery boasts delicious food and a great atmosphere sure to brighten any day (wet or otherwise).

Specialising in brunch and breakfast meals, GM (as the cool kids call them) are known for their global-inspired diet-friendly menu.

Delectable options include everything from Mexican Chilaquiles (tortillas dripping in black beans and cheese), the Cuban Cubano MK V (pulled pork, homemade pickles, Swiss cheese, need I say more?), Italian Duck Ragu (duck in a rich tomato sauce) and you must try their triple-baked-potatoes! Triple. Baked. Potatoes. Enough said!

Address361 Ormeau Rd, Belfast BT7 3GL

3. Jumon – for incredible Asian veggie food

emmetthassan (Instagram)

Smack bang in the centre of the city is Jumon, an Asian fusion restaurant peddling everything from Cambodian curry to Pad Thai and everything you can think of in between. Central to any visitor’s exploration of the city, this restaurant is not one to miss. 

The word Jumon itself is Japanese for “spell” and the restaurant is sure to live up to its name as their offering of food and atmosphere is spellbinding.

The restaurant’s style is dripping in comfort and industrial design with the walls pasted in artistic murals. The food itself is a work of art and some of the best Asian inspired fare in all of Belfast.

What makes this restaurant even better is the menu is completely vegetarian so nobody has to worry what to eat.

AddressUnit 6 McAuley St, Fountain St, Belfast BT1 5ED

2. Stix and Stones – for a unique dining experience

Instagram: glennstobo

Considered a ‘must-visit’, Stix and Stones allow diners a unique experience. It uses the ancient cooking method of hot rocks. You heard us right, hot rocks or stones help keep every mouthful tender and most fun of all is the fact that visitors can cook their own food.

The stones are heated and remain hot for forty-five minutes as you and your dining guests flip and toss your food as it sizzles on the rock. Whether partial to seafood or beef, the stone works for all types of food.

And don’t worry if your culinary skills aren’t the sharpest, the restaurant uses a dry-aging technique that ensures the meat remains tender as the stone itself keeps the meat succulent and leads to a more flavourful, slightly nutty, taste profile.

The steak, in particular, is a must-eat. Just make sure to have an empty belly when you turn up on their doorstep.

Address44-46 Upper Queen St, Belfast BT1 6FD

1. Holohan’s (At the Barge and Pantry) – for the best of local taste

eternallyeating (instagram)

A Belfast staple, Holohan’s has two restaurants with two different locations, boasting two different menus and two different experiences.

Holohan’s celebrates the local Irish fare with the Barge in particular (an actual boat restaurant that rocks to and fro as you dine) focusing on seafood, a speciality of Belfast.

Holohan’s at the Barge is near Titanic Quarter and offers a dining experience like no other. The Pantry, likewise, is a rustic experience set in a homely setting in the Queen’s Quarter.

Their menus’ consist of decadent meals such as lamb rump and potato terrine, roast hake with crayfish butter and, exclusive to the Pantry, sweet cured bacon chop and traditional Irish colcannon (mash and cabbage, believe us, it’s to die for).

Address1 Lanyon Pl, Belfast BT1 3LG

There you have it! Five top restaurants to quiet the rumble in your tumble. If you call into any of these places we can assure you a taste experience unique to Belfast.

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