The 5 best breakfast and brunch spots in Belfast

Craving pancakes or an Ulster fry? Look no further than these five best breakfast and brunch places in Belfast.

The 5 best breakfast and brunch places in Belfast

It’s a tricky thing deciding what to eat when you go out for breakfast: maybe pancakes today, or a traditional Ulster fry, oh…or maybe a homemade granola yogurt pot…there’s too much choice. What makes it even worse is deciding where to eat, as the options seem endless. Well, worry no more.

Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland, is full of local spots serving delicious brunch and breakfast, and this article will help you choose the best place to grab food without sifting through menu after menu. Whether it’s Sunday brunch or a quick bite to eat before work, these best breakfast and brunch spots in Belfast are always a hit.

5. Soak up the vibe at Café Conor

Cafe Conor is one of the 5 best breakfast and brunch places in Belfast
Credit: Facebook / @cafeconor

If you’re looking for a relaxed atmosphere while you dine, be sure to check out Café Conor. Situated on the Stranmillis Road, in the Queen’s Quarter of Belfast, you’ll find this quaint café and restaurant.

The vibe of Conor is one of the best things about the place. William Conor’s art studio (the famed Irish painter) was originally located where the café is now, and you’ll find quirky art pieces decorating the walls and the menus in honour of him.

Conor is known for its wide selection of brunch options. They have everything from big breakfasts and buttermilk pancake stacks to French toast and waffles (topped with smoked bacon and Canadian maple syrup, yum!).

It’s perfectly situated next to Botanic Gardens, so once your belly is full, be sure to take a peaceful walk through the gardens and greenhouses to start your day off relaxed and calm.

Address11a Stranmillis Rd, Belfast BT9 5AF

4. Get your caffeine hit at Town Square

Town Square is one of the 5 best breakfast and brunch places in Belfast
Credit: Facebook / @townsquarebelfast

If you’re like us and you can’t even think about socialising before you’ve had your morning coffee, then Town Square is the place for you. This restaurant/café has some of the most delicious coffee you’ll try in the city.

They use coffee beans roasted in County Wicklow from Roasted Brown, a world-renowned coffee roaster. They craft the perfect cup of joe with different methods including the laboratory-like Chemex, V60 filters, Aeropress, and your standard Espressos and Americanos.

But you can’t forget about their food options; they have plenty to complement their drinks. Why not try their smoked salmon, chorizo potato hash, Town Square fry (the usual fare with a vibrant black pudding, pickled onion, and Ballymaloe relish to spice it up), or their middle-eastern tomato and onion based Shakshuka (say it aloud – it’s so much fun).

You won’t be disappointed with any of their meals.

Address45 Botanic Ave, Belfast BT7 1HZ

3. Get cosy and catch up at The Pocket

The Pocket is one of the 5 best breakfast and brunch places in Belfast
Credit: Facebook / @thepocketcoffee

Another one of the best breakfast and brunch spots in Belfast is The Pocket, one of the best coffee shops in Belfast. Situated directly across from Queen’s University Belfast (and with a new restaurant in the city centre), you’ll find a chill atmosphere and a quaint, comfortable vibe.

The food options at The Pocket aren’t your usual fare. They take creativity in cooking to a new level. We highly recommend you try something out of your comfort zone, like their Sunshine Buddha Bowl, Pea Pesto Avocado, Black Dahl and Kofte Spiced Vegetables, or their standard Big Pocket Fry (Poached Eggs, Merguez Sausage, homemade fried brioche, and creamy soy mushrooms).

Address69 University Rd, Belfast BT7 1NF

2. Grab an Ulster fry at Maggie Mays

Maggie Mays is known for its delicious Ulster fries

Maggie Mays is a local chain of restaurants known for their traditional Ulster fries. They’re highly recommended for hangover cures, budget-friendly eats, as well as weekend breakfast catch-ups.

There’re two Maggie Mays in the Queen’s Quarter and one in the centre of the city, on Castle Street, so you’re never too far from a restaurant. Maggie Mays has been a staple of the city for years, and you can’t go wrong with any of their menu items.

Options we recommend in particular would be their bumper fry (the classic combination of eggs, bacon, hash brown, beans and pancake), vegan fry (don’t knock it ‘til you try it, delicious scrambled tofu!), their avocado toast (tomato, avocado, poached eggs, need we say more?), and their cheesy beans on toast.

Address44 Castle St, Belfast BT1 1HB

1. Fill your belly at General Merchants

General Merchants is a top breakfast spot in the capital of Northern Ireland

General Merchants is not only one of the best breakfast and brunch spots in Belfast, but also one of the fastest-growing restaurant chains in the city, with four restaurants and counting. And it’s no surprise why they’re so successful, as their menu is stocked full of amazing dishes, both creative and classic.

Looking at their menu alone will make your belly grumble. They’ve got Huevos Rotos (broken fried egg with triple roasted potatoes and 15-hour slow-cooked pulled pork), the Jackaroo (Corrie’s farm butcher’s rump steak marinated in harissa), Mushroom Croque Madamé (sherry roasted chestnut mushrooms with cheese and eggs) and their handmade sausage rolls.

Address481 Upper Newtownards Rd, Belfast BT4 3LL

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