32 funniest slang words from all counties of Ireland

Us Irish are known for our slang so it’s no surprise that every county has their own jargon. Here are the funniest slang words from all counties of Ireland.

Depending on where you are in Ireland, the slang – like in most places – changes. A word or a saying may mean one thing in one county in Ireland but could mean the complete opposite in another county. And, like an accent, the use of specific slang can tell a lot about a person, most notably, where they are from.

Learning new slang is difficult, no matter where you are from, and even though Ireland is a small country, a bit of help regarding slang never goes amiss.

This article is both for the Irish and out-of-towners; if you’re doing a bit of a tour around the country this summer then these Irish slang words from each county are bound to be of help! Here are the funniest slang words from all counties of Ireland.

1. Antrim – Cat

One of Antrim's strangest slang phrases is "cat", truly one of the funniest slang words from all counties of Ireland.

Meaning: “Bad” or “terrible”

Example: “Jaysus Christ almighty, cat weather today out there!”

2. Armagh – Rit off

Meaning: “Very, very, very drunk”

Example: “Sure, I was rit off on Friday, wasn’t I?”

3. Carlow – Lauder

Meaning: “A fool”

Example: “Ah she’s a right lauder anyway, don’t be worryin’”

4. Cavan – Cavan pyjamas  

Meaning: When one drinks excessively and passes out in their clothes

Example: “Sure, he was wearing his Cavan pyjamas by the time the night was over”

5. Clare – Going bovine     

"Going bovine" is a strange phrase meaning "lowering one's standards" and one of the 32 funniest slang words from all counties of Ireland.

Meaning: “Lowering one’s standards”

Example: “Screw it, lads, I’m going bovine tonight”

6. Cork – Mint

Meaning: “Cool” or “great”

Example: “That car is mint, am I right, or am I right?”

7. Derry – Are ye gettin’?

Meaning: “How are you?”

Example: “What’s up, are ye gettin’?”

8. Donegal – Full tilt  

Meaning: “To be operating at full potential”

Example: “Jesus the rain is full tilt today, eh?”

9. Down – Burnt

To be "burnt" means being embarrassed in Down, definitely one of the 32 funniest slang words from all counties of Ireland.

Meaning: “Embarrassed”

Example: “She was right burnt by yer one the other night”

10. Dublin – C’mere till I tell ya

Meaning: Nothing, this phrase merely precedes a story

Example: “C’mere till I tell  ya, Deirdre got fired the other day!”

11. Fermanagh – Awful blether

Meaning: Someone who is “wildly irritating”

Example: “Ah, she’s an awful blether, I’m tellin’ ya”

12. Galway – Chill the beans

"Chill the beans" means to calm down in Galway. It's one of our top picks for the funniest slang words from all counties of Ireland.

Meaning: “Calm down”

Example: “Don’t worry, we’ll be there on time, chill the beans!”

13. Kerry – Christ lads  

Meaning: “Oh my god”

Example: “Christ lads, I have a shockin’ hangover, I tell ya!”

14. Kildare – Decent

Meaning: “OK” or “Good”

Example: “Last night was well decent”

15. Kilkenny – The real alley daley

Meaning: “Perfect”

Example: “Yeah the job was the real alley daley”

16. Laois – Begor  

Meaning: A useful word with no meaning, it’s used to finish off most short sentences

Example: “I am, begor” or “No worries, begor”

17. Leitrim – Panelled  

Meaning: “Very drunk”

Example: “Jaysus, I was panelled last night”

18. Limerick – Baltic

If it's freezing, those in Limerick would say it's "baltic", one of the funniest slang words from all counties of Ireland.

Meaning: “Very cold

Example: “Bloody hell, it’s baltic out there!”

19. Longford – Mouldy

Meaning: “Very drunk and messy”

Example: “I was right mouldy on Friday”

20. Louth – Nay Harm

Meaning: “No harm will result from this”

Example: “Ah, nay harm in checking it out”

21. Mayo – Gossers  

If somebody calls children "gossers", they're more than likely from Mayo, a frequent slang word used int hat county.

Meaning: “Children”

Example: “Ah, I can’t go out tonight, I’m minding the gossers”

22. Meath – Gersha

Meaning: “Girl”

Example: “Where’s that new gersha from?”

23. Monaghan – Tight-fisted

Meaning: “Frugal” or “Cheap”

Example: “Ah, he’s well tight-fisted, there’s no way he’ll buy you a drink”

24. Offaly – Me ma  

Meaning: “My mother”

Example: “Gimme a second, I have to ask me ma”

25. Roscommon – Tight as a duck’s arse

If you're "tight as a duck's arse" you're considered frugal in Roscommon. It's a common slang word used in that county.

Meaning: “Frugal” or “cheap”

Example: “Siobhan won’t be out tonight, she’s tight as a duck’s arse”

26. Sligo – Grand so

Meaning: “OK” or “Yes”

Example: “I’ll pick that up for you, grand so”

27. Tipperary – Well boi

Meaning: “Hello”

Example: “Well boi, how’s it going?”

28. Tyrone – Lethal

Meaning: “Very good”

Example: “Your car is lethal, mate”

29. Waterford – Lack

A strange phrase but "lack" means girlfriend/boyfriend in County Waterford.

Meaning: “Girlfriend” or “boyfriend”

Example: “Is that her new lack, he’s well fine?”

30. Westmeath – The gawks

Meaning: “Getting sick” or “vomiting”

Example: “He had the gawks after last night on the town”

31. Wexford – Quare

Meaning: “Very”

Example: “Quare hot day out there, eh?”

32. Wicklow – Lamb a the lord jaysus

Hands-down one of the funniest slang words from all counties of Ireland is "lamb a the lord jaysus", a common phrase in Wicklow.

Meaning: “Holy mother of god” or “oh my god”

Example: “Lamb a the lord jaysus, did you see that rain last night?”

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