The 10 snazziest hotels in Ireland

The 10 snazziest hotels in Ireland

Ireland is a small and mystical island located in Europe. It is home to literary greats, rich culture, folklore, and momentous history.

The Emerald Isle is also, unsurprisingly, a destination chosen by tourists from all over the world—a place where adventure and exploration are held as close as Guinness and banter.

Planning an adventure on the Emerald Isle? The accommodations you choose can add some extra excitement and even glamour to your trip. If you’re looking to visit in style, here are the top 10 snazziest hotels in Ireland.

10. The Europe Hotel & Resort, Co. Kerry

The Europe Hotel and Resort is one of the ten snazziest hotels in Ireland

Set on the stunning lakes of Killarney, the Europe Hotel & Resort is one of Ireland’s leading luxury hotels.

This five-star retreat offers its guests contemporary sophistication with classic finishes. The property is also home to a state-of-the-art spa, which is one of the major pulls for those looking to break away to a snazzy hotel in Ireland to relax.


AddressFossa, Killarney, Co. Kerry

9. Castlemartyr Resort, Co. Cork

Castlemartyr Resort is one of the ten snazziest hotels in Ireland

Dominating an impressive stretch of 220 acres, this grand five-star hotel pulls out all the stops. Expect opulence at every turn, manicured lawns, fine dining, and first-class service.

The property, located in County Cork, also has spa and golf facilities, making for the perfect getaway that caters to your every need.


AddressCastlemartyr, Co. Cork

8. Powerscourt Hotel, Co. Wicklow

Powerscourt Hotel is one of the ten snazziest hotels in Ireland
Credit: Instagram / @powerscourthotel

Set in the enchanting surroundings of Powerscourt Estate in County Wicklow, this five-star property is a playground for those who wish to seek beauty, nature, relaxation, and adventure, all in one go.

The hotel offers the best of the best in all of its pursuits: dining, accommodation, location, activities, spa—and so much more!


AddressPowerscourt Estate, Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow

7. Hayfield Manor Hotel, Co. Cork

Hayfield Manor Hotel is one of the ten snazziest hotels in Ireland
Credit: Instagram / @onthemapwithmarisa

Located in the city of Cork is the Hayfield Manor Hotel, a stately five-star estate set a stone’s throw from the city high streets.

This urban oasis will offer its residents a chance to kick back in the lap of luxury while enjoying a city break.


AddressPerrott Ave, College Road, The Lough, Cork, Co. Cork

6. Lough Eske Castle, Co. Donegal

Lough Eske Castle is one of the 10 snazziest hotels in Ireland

This five-star property in County Donegal has certainly got to be one of the snazziest hotels in Ireland. The 17th-century castle offers a fairy-tale setting perfect for a weekend away or a romantic escape.

Think classic sophistication with modern comfort. The hotel has received many accolades and is arguably the finest luxury hotel in Donegal.


AddressCastle, Lough Eske, Donegal, Co. Donegal

5. Ashford Castle, Co. Mayo

Ashford Castle in County Mayo is a luxury retreat

Set in Cong in County Mayo is this five-star luxury retreat. Sitting on 350 acres of rolling green hills, this 13th-century castle is rich in regal finishes, and you’re sure to feel like royalty in this salubrious setting.

Whether you’re after adventure or solace, you’re bound to find it all here at Ashford Castle.


AddressAshford Castle Estate, Cong, Co. Mayo

4. The Culloden Estate and Spa, Co. Down

Culloden Hotel near Belfast is a snazzy place to stay
Credit: Instagram / @cullodenestate

Set on Belfast Lough, not far from Belfast city, is Culloden Hotel in County Down. The estate has been regarded as Northern Ireland’s snazziest hotel, time and again.

The regal castle setting offers a fairy-tale atmosphere and is favoured by those with a penchant for fine dining and exceptional service.


AddressBangor Road, Holywood, Co. Down

3. Dromoland Castle, Co. Clare

Dromoland Castle is one of Ireland's most luxurious places to stay

Dromoland Castle is arguably one of Ireland’s most renowned snazzy hotels. The castle sits on an impressive estate standing strong against the backdrop of forest paths and manicured lawns.

The resort offers all you could want and more, from spa services to premium golfing, falconry, horse riding, and clay shooting (to name but a few). Not to mention it is considered to boast some of the finest dining options in the hotel sector.

AddressDromoland, Newmarket on Fergus, Co. Clare

2. The Merrion, Co. Dublin

The Merrion hotel in Dublin is a favourite of the rich and the famous

The Merrion is a Dublin five-star Georgian oasis in the heart of the city. This stunning hotel sits moments from the centre, in the prestigious setting of Merrion Street.

A favourite of touring world celebrities, the rich and the famous, this snazzy Dublin escape offers the highest standards across the board. From dining to accommodation, you won’t be disappointed.


AddressMerrion Street Upper, Dublin 2

1. Monart, Co. Wexford

Monart in County Wexford earned its five-star status for its resolute lavishness and luxury

Located in County Wexford, this tranquil oasis on the West coast of the island tops our list of the snazziest hotels in Ireland. It has earned its five-star status for its resolute lavishness and luxury.

This adults-only property promises true solace and relaxation—an escape from everyday life.

The main focus at Monart is its world-class spa facility, not to mention its fine dining and opulent accommodation. Get ready to take a load off!

AddressForgelands, The Still, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford

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